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Nutrition Tuesday: Hottie On the Run!!!!! May 26, 2009


This convenience store is a Hottie on the Runs BFF!
This convenience store can be a Hottie on the Run’s BFF!

I am a girl on the run and my weeks can get very hectic, therefore making it challenging to eat meals that are healthy. Over the years I have really mastered what I can eat to feel good and therefore manifest my best physical self. I aim to be prepared going into each week with meals and shakes from home. However, sometimes life gets hectic and I find myself  unprepared. “On the road” to fat loss it’s difficult to maintain a balanced diet when one is unaware of some pit stop options for snacks and meals. Therefore, I have found ways to improvise on such days. To keep myself  in peak condition, I keep my metabolism running as fast as possible, by eating small meals every 2-3 hours throughout the day. I also make sure to drink at least 3 liters of water per day as well. I suggest buying a case of water at Trader Joe’s if you have one near you, because its A LOT more cost effective, and ensures you will have water available to you at home. I am gonna tell you 10 convenient, quickie meals/snacks that work in a pinch for hotties on the run.

1) 7-11: Muscle Milk protein drink, my favorite is the chocolate YUM!!  (For gals — only drink 1/2.  Guys, you can drink the whole thing).

2) Carls Junior: Low carb burger (no bun, its wrapped in lettuce, no cheese or mayo)

3) 7-11: Pure Protein Bar, Strawberry filled or blueberry filled. (Eat only half at a time for females)

4) 7-11: 2 Hard boiled eggs (Only eat one entire egg and just the white part of the other, guys can eat 1 whole eggs and 3 whites)

5) 7-11: Bag of almonds, just eat about 10 almonds out of it for females and about 20 for guys.

6) In and Out: Hamburger, protein style (no bun, wrapped in lettuce, no cheese or mayo)

7) Power Zone (or your local smoothie shop): 1 scoop of Whey protein, 4 oz almond milk, 4 oz water, blueberries and rasberries, and a vitamin, or fiber boost. Blend with ice to taste. (For girls: 15-20 gms of whey protein, For guys:  25-30 gms of protein per shake) 

8) 7-11: South Beach Diet bar: the rice crispy kind, and my fave is the chocolate peanut butter, mmmmm! (Only eat half at a time girls.)

9) 7-11: Atkins Bar, I suggest the chocolate chip:)

10) 7-11: Lean Body shake (girls just drink 1/2 at a time)

As I said before, ideally I choose to stick to eating meals I prepare from home (mostly veggies, fish, brown rice, oatmeal with blueberries and flax seed oil, egg whites, and whey protein shakes). However, it’s good to know how to eat in a pinch when you  find yourself “on the road” to fat loss without any food to fuel your metabolism. 

Anyone who is here to learn more about the detox I am starting today (Tuesday)  for the next 7  days, per my Facebook satus, please see below.

Fruits: as much as I like, except citrus, although lemon and kumquats are encouraged (but not required)

Vegetables:As much as I like. All are ok except starchy veggies like potatoes and yams. No Nightshades, like tomatoes, bell pepper, egg plant, black pepper, Chile pepper, cayenne pepper. Must eat cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, etc) frequently. Watercress is also an important food to consume often.

Fats: Use only Flax, Olive Oil, and ONE AVACADO  a day.

NO Grains, (if essential for hypoglycemia, use millet and/or brown rice), NO dairy, NO meat, NO legumes

Water: at least 3 liters/day

Rice or Hemp Protein Shakes: 1-2 scoops each morning with rice milk

Colonic (not required but encouraged) – 1 time during the 5 day cleanse

Bath: 2/3 carton of Epsom salt in very warm water. Soak while taking small sips of a detox tea (the detox yogi tea is a good one). Careful getting up, as one may experience light headedness.

Journaling: open up the emotional detox pathways.

Normal course is 2 weeks with a GENTLE re-introduction of healthy and whole foods back into diet. I find that 5-7 days is enough for me, especially on the first time.

Since this diet obviously requires some preparation, I reccommend planning ahead a week or so. Be prepared for a food crisis where all you want is comfort food, as its normal and often a frequent component of a cleanse. 



Workout Wednesday: Aligning Ourselves with Nature May 21, 2009

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This gorgeous flower never says, I think Ill eat pizza all day.

This gorgeous flower never says, "I think I'll eat pizza all day."

I was at UCLA today doing lunges and stadium sprints (I wasn’t doing this, but am including this link because I thought it was cool).  Anyway, I became very aware that there happened to be more people there exercising than usual. I started to get a big smile on my face because I thought it was such a beautiful thing to see. There I was, on a perfectly sunny day, with a slight breeze running through my hair, surrounded by lots of people who shared the same gratefulness to be where we were in that moment. I decided to turn my i-pod off to be in silence, and then I started to hear all the different birds singing their songs as they flew around and played from tree to tree. Amongst such awesome scenery and sound, it hit me that there were lots of people also flying high on life, singing our songs as we played.

I cant help but see how much nature is right in front of us to teach us things — even in the heart of LA!  Like those birds, everyone at that stadium was happily jumping around and flying to and fro. It seemed as though we were all there willingly and effortlessly because we understand its good for us to engage in things that benefit our growth and beauty inside and out. The birds, bees, flowers, and trees don’t have to try to be beautiful or to grow, they just ARE and DO. Humans are gifted AND cursed with a choice to be the best version of themselves, or not to be. I encourage my clients to always be their best, which sometimes means teaching them how to connect with their true nature. Our true nature is to be active and act in healthy ways. Our birthright is to be GREAT.

You see, a bird doesn’t wake up in the morning and say “I think I’ll just sit on the couch all day and eat pizza.” Nor does a tree say “I think I’ll do something to stunt my growth today.” I mean, does a flower ever say “I’m really depressed therefore too tired to soak up my daily nutrients?” In fact those things sound ridiculous to us, because they are. We have the choice to feel good and to be the best version of ourselves, whereas other living creatures don’t. They just are the best version of themselves naturally. However, it is equally as ridiculous for us to say those things as it is for birds, flowers, and trees to say those things, because it is not our best interest to not be the best versions of ourselves everyday.

Therefore, start to look around you, listen to the birds and observe how easily they play, take note of a garden and the beautiful flowers that don’t have to do a thing to grow and be beautiful. Wake up to your true nature. It wants to grow and be beautiful, but its up to you to let it. What are you waiting for??? Move that body!!!!!


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