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Nutrition Tuesday- “Hottie on the Run!!!” June 30, 2009

"Hottie on the Run" must first be "Beginner Hottie Taking Baby Steps" :)

"Hottie on the Run" must first be "Beginner Hottie Taking Baby Steps" ūüôā

Yesterday I had someone ask me about one of my“Hottie on the Run”¬†¬† posts, and I answered her there, but felt she brought up a good point to shine some light upon. She admitted to being addicted to lots of sodium, high fructose corn syrup, and saturated fats LOL. Well Shannon, you are among many others for sure. She also was clear about understanding my suggestions, however she wanted some more information as to how one begins to form better habits in the beginning. She is afraid if she goes too strict on herself in the beginning, that she will be very put off and therefore discouraged out of doing anything at all.

I know what it is like to be overwhelmed by how much there is to learn about eating healthier for your body. It is very important that I make myself clear when I say, it is about taking baby steps in the beginning and always, because it IS a Lifestyle Change. ¬†Otherwise you will go into overload mode and quit for sure! I recommended to Shannon about 4-5 habit forming things she could start implementing into her days now, that hopefully don’t feel “too strict.”¬† This way she can master some simple steps first, and then she will have the ability to advance in her workouts and clean up her diet even more.

Here are some things I thought may help Shannon out, or anyone out who would like to start eating healthier, feeling better, and working out:

1) Work on drinking AT LEAST 2 liters of water at least 6 days a week.
2) Do yourself a favor and get no less than 3 days a week of at least 30 minutes of cardio. I really recommend circuit training, and I’ll be posting my exact workout on this coming Workout Wednesday’s blog. However, in my opinion, the baby steps for one not already exercising  and without a personal trainer, call for 3 days/week of 30mins of  cardio to start. Once you master that, you can advance to some more effective workouts.
3) Make sure you eat breakfast soon after you wake up, every day. You can have one 1-2 slackish days like Saturday and Sunday, but at least 5 days/week, start the day with breakfast. This is important to set the tone for a healthy metabolism throughout the day. Even if one is thin, the goal is to have a healthy body composition. I trust you know some healthy breakfast choices that you also like the taste of. If not let me know and I’ll throw some suggestions your way.
4) On those 5 days, also, do your best to eat smaller meals that consist of fruits, veggies, lean meats, grains, and eat every 2-3 hours until your bed time:) I suggest kashi cereals, Ezekiel bread, fat free cottage cheese, high fiber wraps, nuts, almond milk vs regular milk and soy milk, egg whites, turkey, fish, a variety of veggies and fruits, hummus dip, goat cheese vs. cow milk or soy milk cheese, all natural peanut butter and/or almond butter, avocados, whey protein powder, etc. There are lots of ways to eat healthier without feeling deprived and bored…I promise:)
5)Lets not worry about your sodium for now, unless you decide you wanna start paying attention at least so you can make a conscious decision to eat the 3000 mgs of sodium or not LOL.

Hopefully these tips help you as well. I am happy to address any questions you may still have or to offer any help with information you may be seeking. Just leave your questions and comments here for me on the blog!! Here’s To Your Health!!!


Spotlight Insight- “Roll With ME” June 29, 2009

This video teaches some of the myofascial release techniques we encourage you to learn:)

Hey everybody! I am blogging a spotlight post to give you some insight into a new class I will be teaching called “Roll with ME”, starting July 25th, 2009 at 10:15am-10:45am. It will be every Saturday thereafter till the end of August.¬†I am¬†teaching amazing myofascial release techniques that will keep your body lean, your muscles tension free, and in the best shape and condition of your life!

Even if you can’t come to¬†my class, I still will explain what it is to everyone, because it’s good information for you to know, if you want healthy fitness results!¬†Then you can get to rolling yourself!

What is the class? It is a class where everyone will learn how to roll out their muscles, and release certain areas such as the IT band, psoas, and piriformus muscles.  The tightening of these areas can contribute to lower back pain, knee pain, and hip pain. Rolling these areas out and releasing them will also break down fatty tissue and lean out and lengthen your muscles. Using 2 different size balls and a 2 or 3 foot roller, you can learn techniques that offer the benefits of  deep tissue massage. This form of myofascial realease can increase your range of motion so exercises are more efficient. Therefore you will be able to build a bigger chest or back, or lean out your legs. It will help those who want to build muscle, as well as those who are looking to break up fat and lengthen their muscles. If  you wanna roll with ME, you can register here!

I roll out and use my medicine ball and soft ball no less than 4 times a week. I can honestly say I have seen major changes in my body, and most importantly, I feel amazing from it. My body feels lean, strong, limber, mobile, tension¬† and pain free, which makes it all the easier to stick to an intense, enjoyable workout regimen. I would never recover as fast from my UCLA lunge and sprint workout as I do, if I didn’t use these therapeutic techniques. It’s truly¬†very effective!

I hope that you take it upon yourself to learn more about this form of myofascial release. I’d love to see you in¬†this class, but I am also happy to help you with any questions you may have or further information you may be seeking. Just leave questions/comments here on the blog for me. It is important to treat our bodies with respect. While it’s good to work them out, we must also be proactive when it comes to stress on the body, misuse and/or over training. These techniques offer you a way to take preventative rehabilitation measures. Here’s To Your Health!!!!! ¬†¬†

This video shows some other techniques we will teach that are also beneficial to know!


Holistic Thursday- “Be Where You Are, Without Judgement” June 25, 2009

"Being is Not Suffering" - Buddha

"Being is Not Suffering" - Buddha

One of the first things I introduce to my clients, is the sabotaging effects of self judgement. Just like life, getting physically fit is a process and it takes time to figure out the most effective, efficient, and natural way of accomplishing our goals. Everyone is different, therefore¬†we all have a different journey to experience¬†and obstacles to overcome when manifesting the best version of ourselves. To do something in a way that lasts forever takes longer than taking action for immediate results. However, while¬†taking time¬†to manifest good habits from the inside out may take longer to get you to your fitness goal, it will also never go away. You will create healthy, well balanced habits, that come naturally to you, so being fit comes easily forever. Taking action¬†that produces immediate results, while getting you what you want NOW,¬†will also bring you what you DON”T WANT later….right back where you started and locked in to the diet roller-coaster until you find a way off!!!¬†

BE WHERE YOU ARE. What I mean by this is that it is very important to your success that you never judge yourself¬† for just being in the place you happen to be in each and every moment. Some days you will feel strong, energetic, clear, and light on your feet. Other days you may experience fatigue, a heavier step, and not as much motivation to workout or be active. So What!!!!! None of this matters. What matters is you LISTEN to your body and DO WHAT IT TELLS YOU!!! There is a big difference between what your head or EGO tries to say you “should do” vs. what your body tells you is best for you because it feels good. What I mean by feels good, is that one vs. the other creates a good feeling deep inside and seems to resonate with your souls purpose for you. It will feel in alignment with you more so, than to push the other way. Sorry to sound airy fairy, but this is the honest truth. I have been in this industry for 15 years, and I have learned the hard way many times before I figured out the secret to success, LOL. I use to live my life beaten up by my own judgement…NO FUN ūüė¶¬† So don’t do it…it’s a waste of energy and therefore counterproductive to your progress. Just BE WHERE YOU ARE and trust your process. TRUST that if you just listen to your body that is saying “REST,” you will wake up tomorrow or next week, and feel like superman/woman because you listened to and gave your body what it needed. It will balance itself out for the down time you took, I promise you.

Also, sometimes, you feel like “If I can’t have an awesome yoga class than why even go.”¬†OR “I really don’t wanna run, should I try or not?” Here’s my advice. First of all, no one can tell you what is best for you. There is a fine line between doing and not doing something when you are feeling resistant to it. Either, rest and surrender to the decision, or go and surrender to it. The worst that can happen if you go is, you will walk in to the gym, check in, take one look at the treadmill or dumbbells, say ABSOLUTELY NOT, and turn around and go home. Or if you get¬†your running shoes on and walk out the door, you may go 10 steps and just go NOPE, or again, you may end up having a nice walk or a slow jog? Sometimes, getting there is the hardest part and if you just get there you find the energy to get a workout in. A fit lifestyle is¬†all about just doing your best in every moment:) Even the little stuff adds up!

What are some of the things you judge yourself for??? Do you feel guilty when you have a “BAD” workout? Do you tend to have trouble just getting to the gym or your running shoes on and out the door?? I’d love to hear from you! Please leave questions and comments for me here on the blog!!! Here’s To Your Health!!!


Workout Wednesday- Full body circuit training for the injured fitness buff June 24, 2009


longevity logo from flyer 

I am dedicating this article to my friend Derek. He recently asked me to help him with his workout program. He has always been very fit and athletic, but over the last 2-3 years has suffered some pretty major injuries and physical challenges. He is getting back in the swing of things and asked if he should be lifting light or heavy, short or long sets,¬†and what were some recommendations for rehab-like training techniques. Well Derek, I am going to of course, ask that you check with your doctor first. ¬†If you get the green light … this is what I recommend for safe, visible results and what The Erin Lanahan Method (E.L.M.)¬†is based upon. ¬† In fact, even though I am currently injury free, this is the workout that I do. ¬†It safely delivers consistent results …

As you know, I’ve been a competitive gymnast, a dancer, a competitive cheerleader, and a 6-time fitness champion. My body has literally been through the¬†ringer. After college, I began realizing there were¬†holes in my program, which is when I was training split body parts (ex. Monday chest/tris, Tuesday back/bis, Weds off, Thursday legs, Fri shoulders,¬†Saturday stadiums). That was the way I was taught to train, and yes it did get me results for a while. However, I¬†was very aware that it never trained my body¬†as one unit, and¬†after all, we do¬†use our bodies functionally for everything and therefore each¬†muscle group must work together as ONE.

That’s when I began exploring functional training, core training, and full body circuit training. Not only have¬†I gotten much greater results, I only work out about half as much!!! It’s great for the working girl or guy or one who just doesn’t believe in spending too much time in the gym, hello, MEEE!!!¬†I mean the whole reason¬†behind looking hot and feeling grrrrreat, is¬†to enjoy it…not to spend every minute inside a gym!

The foundation: ¬†I typically do Monday full body circuit, Tuesday 40min-60min run outside, Wednesday¬†I take off or do full body circuit again, Thursday it’s UCLA stadium sprints and track lunges and then lateral raises, arms, stability¬†and core training in the gym, and Friday, depending on what I did Wednesday, is either off or full body circuit training. That leaves the weekends completely free, which I love, but if I get in a feisty mood¬†and decide to do some sort of exercise, like a beach run or hike, well…it’s just icing on the cake.¬†

If you’d like to know the exact workouts I do…stay tuned for next Workout Wednesday’s post. I will be telling you exactly that:) If you’d like to know sooner…please leave your questions on my Q&A page and your comments below. Thanks for tuning in…Here’s To Your Health!!!


Nutrition Tuesday- “Fuel the Fire” June 23, 2009

fire pictureKeep your Fat Burning Flame Fueled!!!

When I say “Fuel the Fire,” I am¬†referring to your metabolism.¬†I use¬†this analogy with my clients because it seems to help them understand how important¬†it is to eat¬†the right amount of food, every 2-3 hours. For example, if you are camping, and you have built a fire and the flame begins to go out … what do you do? When the flame starts going out, most likely there is no wood or little wood left. Whatever the case, there isn’t enough¬†fuel for the fire! As a result, we throw more wood on it. However,¬†what happens if we throw too much wood on the fire??? We will smother it and it will definitely go out right??? YES!!!¬† Therefore, just like a burning fire, our¬†bodies need just enough fuel in them to maintain the fat burning flame. But not too much fuel (food), or we will smother the flame out, and we will no longer be burning fat.¬†¬†Does that make sense???

I eat every 2-3 hours most of the time and it comes very naturally to me these days. I use to have to make myself, but as I achieved a well balanced diet, exercise routine, and a healthy relationship with myself, it seems that I am only ever hungry for what I need, and after 2-3 hours I am hungry for more. That is the goal, that we we create the healthiest habits and that they become natural to us.

There are definitely days where I’ll go 4-5 hours between meals, but it is very rare. Usually that happens to me if I’m caught up with work, or ate a big cheat meal/meals the day before and my stomach is still very full and in need of some time to clear out LOL. In the end however, I maintain a very lean physique because the majority of the time I am doing the best things for my body, FROM AN¬†INTUITIVE PLACE.

I would love to know what your habits are with food and exercise. Do you feel balanced? Are you having trouble finding the time and energy to plan small meals throughout the day?? Or maybe you don’t know what to eat or how you can make eating healthy convenient? I’d love to help! Post your questions/comments here on the site:) Here’s to your Health!!!!!


Holistic Thursdays: Strong Body equals a strong spirit June 11, 2009


Strong body .... strong mind

Strong body .... strong mind

Being fit helps me deal with everything. ¬†So as you may know, last Sunday I was in a car accident in Topanga Canyon. ¬†I literally looked up, and saw a car coming toward me head on. ¬†With strong reflexes, I moved out of the way. ¬†It just reminds me that when challenges come at you head on — AND YOU ARE FIT — you are able to get out of the way. ¬†I had some soft tissue damage from stress injuries, and I recovered really quickly. ¬†I already feel physically okay. ¬†However, my cousin who was with me is still sore. ¬†Although she jogs regularly, she simply doesn’t have the strong, lean body mass that I have from my years of weight training.

In retrospect, every time my life gets a little rough, I always focus back on myself. ¬†I find that the more in tune I am with myself, that I am better equipped to deal with life’s challenges. ¬†I notice it with my clients as well. ¬†Some of my favorite people are going through rough break ups right now. ¬†One client started seeing me immediately after she and her fiancee broke up and she hadn’t been training in over a year. ¬†It’s been about 10 weeks now, and she has gained significant strength both internally and externally. ¬†On the phsysical level, her will to take it to the next level and go above and beyond during our workouts impresses me. ¬†I noticed her easily being able to lift 10 – 15 lbs more on each exercise. ¬†More importantly, she doesn’t say “I can’t”. ¬†She just has a core energy that gets her down into a Bosu push up or a side plank without a complaint. This is a huge shift.

This is a great analogy for where she is with her break up. ¬†She just seems to be going forward with a grounded resolve whereas another girlfriend of mine who is in a VERY similar situation seems to still seems to be focused on her break up and on her ex. ¬†I know they are both sad, but I’ve just observed that being really strong in body seems to be translating into strong spirit for my client.

I know that dealing with the aftermath of car accidents, break ups and other life challenges are inevitable, but strength training definitely helps gives me and my clients a strong foundation to deal with it all.


Workout Wednesday- “Erin Lanahan Method (ELM)” June 10, 2009

This TRX ROCKS my Workout WORLD!!!!!

OK you guys, I’m gonna try and make this as simple as¬†I can.¬†¬†ELM is based on the fundamental principals¬†I have found to be the most valuable and useful to my progression, all of which I have learned along my fitness journey. Believe me, I have tried everything at least 3 times, and then gone around in circles again and again deciding what works best for me. It is a tedious process, one I recommend, but one who too many ¬†don’t have the patience to conquer alone. Therefore, I am here to share with you — my secrets and discoveries about my favorite way of working out to shock my body and continuously encourage new, positive transformation. I love training full body, and core because it shocks my body, maintains a steady amount of lean muscle for a fast metabolism, and keeps things interesting. Plus, I don’t have the time to work out 6 days a weeks anymore, ugggh! But if we don’t have to…why should we, RIGHT?? Chicka chicka huh!!! Read on,¬† ha ha…

So, as a result of being a circus performer,¬† a gymnast who worked with Bella Karolyi, and an NPC League Fitness Champion multiple times,¬†I have learned a lot about how to train my body efficiently. Lately, I say screw all that split body part crap, 5-day a week B.S., and just GET TO THE POINT!!!!! Currently I work out 2-3 days a week of INTENSE full body/core workouts. I do 1 exercise per body part, per set, starting with the bigger muscle groups first, ending with¬†the smallest. I will also do an awesome Stadium workout 1 day at UCLA, as well as 1-2 days of running. But see my super effective, absolute favorite circuit workout example below)…..

WARM UP (ask me for details cause this is very important:)

Pull ups or lat pull downs-  15 reps (grip and rep changes depend on the workout goal, person, etc)

Decline push-ups (hands on med balls) or Push-ups with the TRX, with a plank push in between 

ACTIVE CHEST STRETCH (because active stretching in between exercises opens your body up and helps a ton with utilizing full range of motion to achieve optimum results)

Core exercise (so either side plank combination or TRX combo, or plank combo on the floor…)

Reverse Lunge with a shoulder press. (you are doing legs with shoulder press, so as you lunge back, the front leg side arm has the dumbbell.  As you step back arm is down, as you step up, you press to straight arm position.

Back Row of your choice (there are tons of options, more on this later)


Hamstring curls or dead lifts 

Biceps (dumbbell curls or straight bar are two to start with, but I have lots of suggestions!)

Triceps (rope press downs, and band extensions are two awesome starting options)


Repeat this workout 3 times through about 2-3 times a week, along with 1-3 days of cardio. The ratios best for you are based on your individual genetics, goals, intentions, etc, so see me for more specific info. I want to help you if I can!!!!!! Here’s to YOUR health:) xoxoxo )¬†

P.S.  I will be drilling down into each section of this intense full-body workout in future Work Out Wednesdays, but ALWAYS feel free to get in touch with me on my Q&A page, Facebook or Twitter if you want the 411 before then.  And of course, if you are really serious about results and live in the LA Area, call me and set up your session with me today!


Nutrition Tuesday- “Hottie on the Run” June 9, 2009


OK this week I want to¬†be short and sweet. I was in a major car accident Sunday so I have been a little bit shaken the last few days and gotten a bit off track with things in order to deal with the circumstances at hand. All is well however, life is good, and Tuesday is here and now. Just so you know and remember, I am not a nutritionist. I am however, an experienced survivor and accomplished participant of the fitness industry, but what I suggest are merely “suggestions” and I’m just telling you what works for me. Everyone is different, and ultimately to find what food combinations (example protein, carb, fat ratios) work for YOU, it does come down to trial and error, and patience with the process as you learn what works best for YOU. ¬†It’s just as important to know what DOESN’T work for you too.

What I have found to be a great daily meal plan for me is as follows. I would suggest men take in twice the serving sizes I do, but again everything does depend on the individual and his/her goals. For more individualized help, please contact me personally in the comment section or Q&A section. See below for my Monday-Friday meal faves!!!

Typically, I get up and have 1/4th cup of old fashion oats (from Traders Joe’s), with 1/4th cup blueberries, and 1 tbsp of flax seed oil, all stirred, heated, and mixed together. I also have 4 egg whites scrambled with cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and other spices/herbs of my daily choice:) This is truly my breakfast of champions, as it really gets me going. On the days I do morning cardio early, I wait to eat breakfast until after I do cardio. Stay tuned for Workout Wednesday where I will talk specifically about my weekly workout schedule and daily routines.

For my next snack I typically have a protein shake, and lately I’ve been at work and what’s been easiest for me is a half of a Muscle Milk shake (about 130 calories, 13 gms protein, 6 carbs, 4.5 gms fat)

Next, I am usually still out and about so I have the other half of my Muscle Milk.

Once I am home around 3 0r 4 pm, I typically have about 1/2 cup mixed veggies, 1/4 cup brown rice, and 4 oz of lean meat (usually tuna or white fish). I also use about 2 tblspns of olive oil, chili pepper, garlic powder, and other spices/herbs I may be in the mood for that day (as long as they don’t have any sodium).

About 2 hours later, depending on the time,¬†I either have dinner, or if its a night I’m eating dinner later, I’ll have 1/2 cup¬†fat free cottage cheese, and/or a half of an avocado.

For dinner I have about 2-3 cups of greens (example: broccoli, spinach, asparagus, green beans, etc) mixed with mushrooms, 2 tbsp olive oil, spices and herbs. I will put that with 4-6 oz of fish, or the occasional piece of meat (I typically eat mostly fish, very little meat).

Some nights I’ll eat a snack, but typically I don’t need it. I like to eat half an apple with¬†a serving of all natural peanut butter or almond butter, or a serving of low¬†glycemic milk chocolate that¬†I buy at Trader Joe’s (it’s really gooood!!!)¬†

I ALWAYS aim to drink at least 3 liters of water per day.

So this is what I do often. I also eat a lot of wheat grass when I can, as well as other healthy treats. I’d love to help you figure out things that work for you as well, so please let me know if you have questions!!! Post ALL questions/comments here on the blog please!!!!! ¬†Here’s to your health:)


Holistic Thursday- “What Are You Waiting For?” June 4, 2009

I know people and meet people all the time, who talk about wanting to get in shape or back in shape. Some are full of stories about how they “use to be in such great shape.” But ultimately it doesn’t matter about any of that. All that matters is what is here and now. What are you doing about achieving your goals and aspirations???

Getting physically fit is definitely a process or a journey if you will.¬† It takes clear vision of what¬†you want, intention¬†(awesome video to watch if you click on intention), power vs. force, and patience. First you must see the version of yourself you want to be. Then you must set your intention, for example, “I intend to feel good and act in healthy ways.” Using power vs. force means that in order to achieve long term results, one mustn’t force themselves¬†into action, but let action be a manifestation of their intention. This will happen when you are truly ready to transform. That’s when divine power will move you into action instead of you forcing yourself into it, which never lasts for very long anyway! Lastly, it’s about patience, meaning you must take it one day, one step, one moment at a time, and not rush what cannot be rushed. One of my favorite quotes is “Infinite patience produces immediate results,” by Marianne Williamson

Therefore, if you are someone who wants to feel good and get in shape, or who wants to return to that way of life, and are procrastinating, let’s look at the possibilities of why. Maybe you don’t know exactly what you want? Or have you tried setting your intention? Maybe you¬†dread exercise because you’ve forced yourself into action and routines in the past,¬†¬†that weren’t good for you long term, and you got burnt out?¬†Or possibly you have never exercised and still aren’t being pulled into action? You just might not be ready yet. Are you lacking patience and addicted to instant gratification? All of these variables are important to the recipe that will ultimately have you living a healthy, balanced, and fit life.¬†If that is what your little heart desires, then¬†start digging and looking at yourself through the eyes of awareness, and ask yourself…What Am I Waiting for??? Then just embrace the journey as it begins:) Here’s to you and your health!!!

The video below is really cool in my opinion because it goes into explanation of the book “Power Vs. Force” which I highly recommend! It’s a bit long so I didn’t upload part 2 but you can Google it if you want it or lemme know and I’ll post it.¬† Enjoy raising your consciousness:) It makes fitness easier!!! Post all questions and comments for me here and¬†on my Q&A page! ¬†


Workout Wednesdays: Stepping It Up June 3, 2009

If you read my Workout Wednesdays blog about “Aligning Ourselves With Nature” a couple weeks ago,¬†you¬†know I was¬†at UCLA¬†¬†for an outdoor workout of Stadium Sprints and Lunges. I do this workout once a week because it’s my favorite way to achieving and maintaining a¬†tight butt and sculpted legs,¬†a lean body, as well as¬†great cardiovascular health.

When I was preparing for my first fitness competition in college, my coach at the time, introduced me to lunges and sprints as a way to step my training results up a notch. I thought it was excruciating at first, but I got such quick and noticeable results, that I learned just how valuable they were to my training program.¬†¬†I use them these days to “step” my program¬†up a notch when I am training intensely.¬†They are a nice addition to my current routine of¬†¬†3 days a week full body circuit training, and 1-2 days a week of running. ¬†See below for one of my favorite UCLA stadium and track workout:

Warm up: stretch my hamstrings and quads

Start: 200 yards of walking lunges

-3 Stadium Sprints (running my fastest from bottom to top)

-200 yards of walking lunges

-3 Stadium sprints (running my fastest from bottom to top) 

-30 lateral lunges to the right

-30 lateral lunges to the left

-6 stadium sprints (running my fastest from top to bottom)

*I do different types of sprints each set, in terms of the foot work I use to get a variety of results. If you are interested in learning more about that, let me know here:)

End: Stretch

If you decide to try this workout, cater the length of it to your fitness level. Always push yourself so you get a challenge each time you do this. However, give yourself time to build up to the whole thing if you are starting from a¬†de-conditioned physical state. Please leave your comments here and direct any questions you may have to my Q&A page.¬†Now get moving!!! It’s time to STEP¬†IT UP!!!

This video is super cool. It just gives you an idea of possible Stadium workouts!


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