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Workout Wednesdays: Stepping It Up June 3, 2009

If you read my Workout Wednesdays blog about “Aligning Ourselves With Nature” a couple weeks ago, you know I was at UCLA  for an outdoor workout of Stadium Sprints and Lunges. I do this workout once a week because it’s my favorite way to achieving and maintaining a tight butt and sculpted legs, a lean body, as well as great cardiovascular health.

When I was preparing for my first fitness competition in college, my coach at the time, introduced me to lunges and sprints as a way to step my training results up a notch. I thought it was excruciating at first, but I got such quick and noticeable results, that I learned just how valuable they were to my training program.  I use them these days to “step” my program up a notch when I am training intensely. They are a nice addition to my current routine of  3 days a week full body circuit training, and 1-2 days a week of running.  See below for one of my favorite UCLA stadium and track workout:

Warm up: stretch my hamstrings and quads

Start: 200 yards of walking lunges

-3 Stadium Sprints (running my fastest from bottom to top)

-200 yards of walking lunges

-3 Stadium sprints (running my fastest from bottom to top) 

-30 lateral lunges to the right

-30 lateral lunges to the left

-6 stadium sprints (running my fastest from top to bottom)

*I do different types of sprints each set, in terms of the foot work I use to get a variety of results. If you are interested in learning more about that, let me know here:)

End: Stretch

If you decide to try this workout, cater the length of it to your fitness level. Always push yourself so you get a challenge each time you do this. However, give yourself time to build up to the whole thing if you are starting from a de-conditioned physical state. Please leave your comments here and direct any questions you may have to my Q&A page. Now get moving!!! It’s time to STEP IT UP!!!

This video is super cool. It just gives you an idea of possible Stadium workouts!


4 Responses to “Workout Wednesdays: Stepping It Up”

  1. Tamara Says:

    I’m going to do this workout. It looks killer. And if it gives me legs like yours I’ll be one happy girl!

  2. […] the easier to stick to an intense, enjoyable workout regimen. I would never recover as fast from my UCLA lunge and sprint workout as I do, if I didn’t use these therapeutic techniques. It’s truly very […]

  3. […] everyone! Hope you had an awesome weekend!!! I know I did! I did UCLA on Saturday morning before training a couple awesome clients:) I’m up to doing almost 700 […]

  4. […] Which brings us to Erin’s stadium workout.  200 yards of walking lunges, stadium sprints up and down some ENDLESS stairs and then walking around the track.  By the time Erin was done with me, my legs were like jello.  Literally, shaking like Santa’s belly.  You could see the tremors through my pants for God’s sake!   Despite the pain, I am grateful to Erin.  She, too, pushes me to do my best work.  For more on the stadium workout she’s devised visit […]

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