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Holistic Thursday- “What Are You Waiting For?” June 4, 2009

I know people and meet people all the time, who talk about wanting to get in shape or back in shape. Some are full of stories about how they “use to be in such great shape.” But ultimately it doesn’t matter about any of that. All that matters is what is here and now. What are you doing about achieving your goals and aspirations???

Getting physically fit is definitely a process or a journey if you will.  It takes clear vision of what you want, intention (awesome video to watch if you click on intention), power vs. force, and patience. First you must see the version of yourself you want to be. Then you must set your intention, for example, “I intend to feel good and act in healthy ways.” Using power vs. force means that in order to achieve long term results, one mustn’t force themselves into action, but let action be a manifestation of their intention. This will happen when you are truly ready to transform. That’s when divine power will move you into action instead of you forcing yourself into it, which never lasts for very long anyway! Lastly, it’s about patience, meaning you must take it one day, one step, one moment at a time, and not rush what cannot be rushed. One of my favorite quotes is “Infinite patience produces immediate results,” by Marianne Williamson

Therefore, if you are someone who wants to feel good and get in shape, or who wants to return to that way of life, and are procrastinating, let’s look at the possibilities of why. Maybe you don’t know exactly what you want? Or have you tried setting your intention? Maybe you dread exercise because you’ve forced yourself into action and routines in the past,  that weren’t good for you long term, and you got burnt out? Or possibly you have never exercised and still aren’t being pulled into action? You just might not be ready yet. Are you lacking patience and addicted to instant gratification? All of these variables are important to the recipe that will ultimately have you living a healthy, balanced, and fit life. If that is what your little heart desires, then start digging and looking at yourself through the eyes of awareness, and ask yourself…What Am I Waiting for??? Then just embrace the journey as it begins:) Here’s to you and your health!!!

The video below is really cool in my opinion because it goes into explanation of the book “Power Vs. Force” which I highly recommend! It’s a bit long so I didn’t upload part 2 but you can Google it if you want it or lemme know and I’ll post it.  Enjoy raising your consciousness:) It makes fitness easier!!! Post all questions and comments for me here and on my Q&A page!  


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