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Workout Wednesday- “Erin Lanahan Method (ELM)” June 10, 2009

This TRX ROCKS my Workout WORLD!!!!!

OK you guys, I’m gonna try and make this as simple as I can.  ELM is based on the fundamental principals I have found to be the most valuable and useful to my progression, all of which I have learned along my fitness journey. Believe me, I have tried everything at least 3 times, and then gone around in circles again and again deciding what works best for me. It is a tedious process, one I recommend, but one who too many  don’t have the patience to conquer alone. Therefore, I am here to share with you — my secrets and discoveries about my favorite way of working out to shock my body and continuously encourage new, positive transformation. I love training full body, and core because it shocks my body, maintains a steady amount of lean muscle for a fast metabolism, and keeps things interesting. Plus, I don’t have the time to work out 6 days a weeks anymore, ugggh! But if we don’t have to…why should we, RIGHT?? Chicka chicka huh!!! Read on,  ha ha…

So, as a result of being a circus performer,  a gymnast who worked with Bella Karolyi, and an NPC League Fitness Champion multiple times, I have learned a lot about how to train my body efficiently. Lately, I say screw all that split body part crap, 5-day a week B.S., and just GET TO THE POINT!!!!! Currently I work out 2-3 days a week of INTENSE full body/core workouts. I do 1 exercise per body part, per set, starting with the bigger muscle groups first, ending with the smallest. I will also do an awesome Stadium workout 1 day at UCLA, as well as 1-2 days of running. But see my super effective, absolute favorite circuit workout example below)…..

WARM UP (ask me for details cause this is very important:)

Pull ups or lat pull downs-  15 reps (grip and rep changes depend on the workout goal, person, etc)

Decline push-ups (hands on med balls) or Push-ups with the TRX, with a plank push in between 

ACTIVE CHEST STRETCH (because active stretching in between exercises opens your body up and helps a ton with utilizing full range of motion to achieve optimum results)

Core exercise (so either side plank combination or TRX combo, or plank combo on the floor…)

Reverse Lunge with a shoulder press. (you are doing legs with shoulder press, so as you lunge back, the front leg side arm has the dumbbell.  As you step back arm is down, as you step up, you press to straight arm position.

Back Row of your choice (there are tons of options, more on this later)


Hamstring curls or dead lifts 

Biceps (dumbbell curls or straight bar are two to start with, but I have lots of suggestions!)

Triceps (rope press downs, and band extensions are two awesome starting options)


Repeat this workout 3 times through about 2-3 times a week, along with 1-3 days of cardio. The ratios best for you are based on your individual genetics, goals, intentions, etc, so see me for more specific info. I want to help you if I can!!!!!! Here’s to YOUR health:) xoxoxo ) 

P.S.  I will be drilling down into each section of this intense full-body workout in future Work Out Wednesdays, but ALWAYS feel free to get in touch with me on my Q&A page, Facebook or Twitter if you want the 411 before then.  And of course, if you are really serious about results and live in the LA Area, call me and set up your session with me today!


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