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Holistic Thursdays: Strong Body equals a strong spirit June 11, 2009


Strong body .... strong mind

Strong body .... strong mind

Being fit helps me deal with everything.  So as you may know, last Sunday I was in a car accident in Topanga Canyon.  I literally looked up, and saw a car coming toward me head on.  With strong reflexes, I moved out of the way.  It just reminds me that when challenges come at you head on — AND YOU ARE FIT — you are able to get out of the way.  I had some soft tissue damage from stress injuries, and I recovered really quickly.  I already feel physically okay.  However, my cousin who was with me is still sore.  Although she jogs regularly, she simply doesn’t have the strong, lean body mass that I have from my years of weight training.

In retrospect, every time my life gets a little rough, I always focus back on myself.  I find that the more in tune I am with myself, that I am better equipped to deal with life’s challenges.  I notice it with my clients as well.  Some of my favorite people are going through rough break ups right now.  One client started seeing me immediately after she and her fiancee broke up and she hadn’t been training in over a year.  It’s been about 10 weeks now, and she has gained significant strength both internally and externally.  On the phsysical level, her will to take it to the next level and go above and beyond during our workouts impresses me.  I noticed her easily being able to lift 10 – 15 lbs more on each exercise.  More importantly, she doesn’t say “I can’t”.  She just has a core energy that gets her down into a Bosu push up or a side plank without a complaint. This is a huge shift.

This is a great analogy for where she is with her break up.  She just seems to be going forward with a grounded resolve whereas another girlfriend of mine who is in a VERY similar situation seems to still seems to be focused on her break up and on her ex.  I know they are both sad, but I’ve just observed that being really strong in body seems to be translating into strong spirit for my client.

I know that dealing with the aftermath of car accidents, break ups and other life challenges are inevitable, but strength training definitely helps gives me and my clients a strong foundation to deal with it all.


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