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Nutrition Tuesday- “Fuel the Fire” June 23, 2009

fire pictureKeep your Fat Burning Flame Fueled!!!

When I say “Fuel the Fire,” I am referring to your metabolism. I use this analogy with my clients because it seems to help them understand how important it is to eat the right amount of food, every 2-3 hours. For example, if you are camping, and you have built a fire and the flame begins to go out … what do you do? When the flame starts going out, most likely there is no wood or little wood left. Whatever the case, there isn’t enough fuel for the fire! As a result, we throw more wood on it. However, what happens if we throw too much wood on the fire??? We will smother it and it will definitely go out right??? YES!!!  Therefore, just like a burning fire, our bodies need just enough fuel in them to maintain the fat burning flame. But not too much fuel (food), or we will smother the flame out, and we will no longer be burning fat.  Does that make sense???

I eat every 2-3 hours most of the time and it comes very naturally to me these days. I use to have to make myself, but as I achieved a well balanced diet, exercise routine, and a healthy relationship with myself, it seems that I am only ever hungry for what I need, and after 2-3 hours I am hungry for more. That is the goal, that we we create the healthiest habits and that they become natural to us.

There are definitely days where I’ll go 4-5 hours between meals, but it is very rare. Usually that happens to me if I’m caught up with work, or ate a big cheat meal/meals the day before and my stomach is still very full and in need of some time to clear out LOL. In the end however, I maintain a very lean physique because the majority of the time I am doing the best things for my body, FROM AN INTUITIVE PLACE.

I would love to know what your habits are with food and exercise. Do you feel balanced? Are you having trouble finding the time and energy to plan small meals throughout the day?? Or maybe you don’t know what to eat or how you can make eating healthy convenient? I’d love to help! Post your questions/comments here on the site:) Here’s to your Health!!!!!


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