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Workout Wednesday- Full body circuit training for the injured fitness buff June 24, 2009


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I am dedicating this article to my friend Derek. He recently asked me to help him with his workout program. He has always been very fit and athletic, but over the last 2-3 years has suffered some pretty major injuries and physical challenges. He is getting back in the swing of things and asked if he should be lifting light or heavy, short or long sets, and what were some recommendations for rehab-like training techniques. Well Derek, I am going to of course, ask that you check with your doctor first.  If you get the green light … this is what I recommend for safe, visible results and what The Erin Lanahan Method (E.L.M.) is based upon.   In fact, even though I am currently injury free, this is the workout that I do.  It safely delivers consistent results …

As you know, I’ve been a competitive gymnast, a dancer, a competitive cheerleader, and a 6-time fitness champion. My body has literally been through the ringer. After college, I began realizing there were holes in my program, which is when I was training split body parts (ex. Monday chest/tris, Tuesday back/bis, Weds off, Thursday legs, Fri shoulders, Saturday stadiums). That was the way I was taught to train, and yes it did get me results for a while. However, I was very aware that it never trained my body as one unit, and after all, we do use our bodies functionally for everything and therefore each muscle group must work together as ONE.

That’s when I began exploring functional training, core training, and full body circuit training. Not only have I gotten much greater results, I only work out about half as much!!! It’s great for the working girl or guy or one who just doesn’t believe in spending too much time in the gym, hello, MEEE!!! I mean the whole reason behind looking hot and feeling grrrrreat, is to enjoy it…not to spend every minute inside a gym!

The foundation:  I typically do Monday full body circuit, Tuesday 40min-60min run outside, Wednesday I take off or do full body circuit again, Thursday it’s UCLA stadium sprints and track lunges and then lateral raises, arms, stability and core training in the gym, and Friday, depending on what I did Wednesday, is either off or full body circuit training. That leaves the weekends completely free, which I love, but if I get in a feisty mood and decide to do some sort of exercise, like a beach run or hike, well…it’s just icing on the cake. 

If you’d like to know the exact workouts I do…stay tuned for next Workout Wednesday’s post. I will be telling you exactly that:) If you’d like to know sooner…please leave your questions on my Q&A page and your comments below. Thanks for tuning in…Here’s To Your Health!!!


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