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Spotlight Insight- “Roll With ME” June 29, 2009

This video teaches some of the myofascial release techniques we encourage you to learn:)

Hey everybody! I am blogging a spotlight post to give you some insight into a new class I will be teaching called “Roll with ME”, starting July 25th, 2009 at 10:15am-10:45am. It will be every Saturday thereafter till the end of August. I am teaching amazing myofascial release techniques that will keep your body lean, your muscles tension free, and in the best shape and condition of your life!

Even if you can’t come to my class, I still will explain what it is to everyone, because it’s good information for you to know, if you want healthy fitness results! Then you can get to rolling yourself!

What is the class? It is a class where everyone will learn how to roll out their muscles, and release certain areas such as the IT band, psoas, and piriformus muscles.  The tightening of these areas can contribute to lower back pain, knee pain, and hip pain. Rolling these areas out and releasing them will also break down fatty tissue and lean out and lengthen your muscles. Using 2 different size balls and a 2 or 3 foot roller, you can learn techniques that offer the benefits of  deep tissue massage. This form of myofascial realease can increase your range of motion so exercises are more efficient. Therefore you will be able to build a bigger chest or back, or lean out your legs. It will help those who want to build muscle, as well as those who are looking to break up fat and lengthen their muscles. If  you wanna roll with ME, you can register here!

I roll out and use my medicine ball and soft ball no less than 4 times a week. I can honestly say I have seen major changes in my body, and most importantly, I feel amazing from it. My body feels lean, strong, limber, mobile, tension  and pain free, which makes it all the easier to stick to an intense, enjoyable workout regimen. I would never recover as fast from my UCLA lunge and sprint workout as I do, if I didn’t use these therapeutic techniques. It’s truly very effective!

I hope that you take it upon yourself to learn more about this form of myofascial release. I’d love to see you in this class, but I am also happy to help you with any questions you may have or further information you may be seeking. Just leave questions/comments here on the blog for me. It is important to treat our bodies with respect. While it’s good to work them out, we must also be proactive when it comes to stress on the body, misuse and/or over training. These techniques offer you a way to take preventative rehabilitation measures. Here’s To Your Health!!!!!   

This video shows some other techniques we will teach that are also beneficial to know!


2 Responses to “Spotlight Insight- “Roll With ME””

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