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Holistic Thursday- “Ups and Downs” July 2, 2009

Palm tree blowing in the wind in the Florida Keys photo


Today has been a lower energy day for me. I don’t have them often, and I am still learning how to be ok with them. You know, the days you just want to curl up, sleep, and watch movies? I use to have a lot of guilt about letting myself take the time every now and then, when I needed it, to rest and be hidden from the world a bit. Since I am very energetic, productive and visible most of the time, I felt there was something wrong with me if I had a day where I felt like doing nothing and seeing noone! I am much better than I use to be, but working on accepting this more and more.

I am finding that if I just let myself take the time to be alone, sleep, watch movies, read, meditate, or whatever, that I bounce back very quickly with even more spring in my step. It’s when I don’t lay down or chill when my body, mind, and spirit want me to, that I get depleted and easily overwhelmed by life. That’s when depression or anxiety may sneak in the back door and get the best of me.

This week I have had a lot of things happening that have really re-arranged the schedule I’m use to. It’s made it difficult for me to get in my workouts, and that could really bother me OR I could let it be a good opportunity to learn how to go with the flow and use it to rest my body. I am now able to trust this process, and I know I will bounce back stronger next week if I take this week off with no guilt trips. I used to really stress over missing workouts and having my schedules and routines interfered with, but I have learned and still learning how to bend like a palm tree in the wind. I am mastering the art of FLEXIBILITY, and it is a very liberating feeling.

I am looking forward to a good workout tomorrow at UCLA, and I’ll probably workout with my brother Friday. But for the most part I’m just doing what I can, the best I can, each day until Sunday. It’s just one of those weeks where it’s better to veg on the couch watching TV, then going to kundalini yoga🙂 because there are many weeks when that is not the case. Next week will reap all the benefits of this weeks down time:)

Do you know what I am talking about? Do you have guilt about down times vs up time? Do you give yourself time to rest and recover equal to all the work you do? what do you do for down time? I’d love to hear what you have to say! Leave any questions/comments here on the blog!!! Here’s To Your Health!!!


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