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Holistic Thursday- “What Is Ego?” July 9, 2009

If it doesn’t bring you peace, let it go!!!


Today I am feeling like talking a little bit about the Ego. We all may have different definitions of what that means to us, but I want to share my definition and understanding of it with you. We all have an ego, but we are not our ego. Our ego is that little voice inside our heads that encourages us to do things for the wrong reasons. It can be very convincing in it’s manipulative ways, for example making you believe it’s best to show someone up to spite them because you are upset about something they did that hurt you. However, it is never the best choice to act from spite or anger. It only makes us feel worse in the end. To act from a place of love is always best, but the ego will never encourage that. So think twice before you act, and ask yourself where your motivation is coming from. Is it anger or love?

Our ego can obviously play a big role in the gym. We see a lot of egos pumping iron, grunting and showing off in the mirrors. In fact I always remind myself of this when I am working out. You see, when others admire you or watch you because they are intrigued by what they learn from you, it is easy to get a big head or become full of yourself. However, if we fall victim to our ego, we will become one of those people who stop acting out of love and instead act from a place of feeling better than everyone else.

I choose to always check myself and make sure I don’t let things go to my head too much. It doesn’t feel good at the end of the day, to put others down or show them less respect because I think I’m so great. I make a concerted effort to remain in a place of gratitude every moment for all that I have achieved, and continue to achieve. When others admire me, it makes me happy, but only because my goal in life is to inspire others to be the best they can be. My ego tries to get me all wrapped up in the attention I get sometimes, but instead of riding that wave of conceit, I choose to idle in appreciation.  People admire others who have something they want. So I can treat them as if I have something they can’t have, or something they can have. I would rather shine my light to give others permission to shine theirs, than shine so bright only to steal everyone else’s light from them because they don’t know any better. “No thanks” I tell my ego, “I got it covered. There will be no need for you today, so you can just have a seat.”

What experiences have you had where something has gotten to your head? Or, have you ever felt like someone thought they had more power than you? No one is better than anyone. We are all equal and on our own unique journeys and, in my opinion, we should show respect to everyone, no matter what, and give others equal chances to be the greatest they can be. That feels much better to me than trying to hold them back for fear of their success. Only our ego gets threatened. Our true selves, the part of us that is pure love, would never take anyone’s power from them out of fear. That is who I choose to be. How about you?  

I would love to hear anything you feel like sharing. Please leave all questions/comments for me here on the blog!!! Here’s To Your Health!!!


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