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Holistic Thursday- “Ahhhh Yoga” July 16, 2009

AHHHH, something that looks so hard never felt sooo good!!!


Today I took yoga with one of my all time favorite yoga instructors, Stella Valente. I train her and she gives me private yoga, and we do it as trade (gotta love the barter system:). This is so amazing for me, as I truly believe yoga brings a perfect balance to my life and workout program.

 I use to take her class twice a week at Equinox, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1230-130, but then my schedule changed and I was no longer able to see her then. I have been inconsistent with doing yoga now for almost a year and a half, and it definitely showed today lol. However, I am feeling so much more opened up, and my breath is a lot deeper, and those are just some of  the things I have been missing so much. Yoga really slows me down, brings me back into the moment, and forces me to just breath very deep into each pose, and I am invigorated as a result.

I really recommend finding a yoga class that suits your schedule and your energy. I believe that yoga is good for everyone, as it helps with stress relief, mind/body/spirit connection, flexibility, detoxing the body, core strength, patience, and much more. Make sure you find an instructor you resonate with and a level of difficulty that is aligned with your fitness levels. Personally I prefer a more gentle class that focuses on twists, shoulder and hip openers, and breath. Others like lots of difficult poses, etc. I will probably start changing it up a bit as I get back to being yoga-conditioned, as I also love Kundalini yoga. Bottom line is, we all can benefit from every type of training and every type of yoga, and finding a good balance between all of them can help us reach a more well rounded fitness level. Like I said before, I truly believe, everyone, no matter what body type or fitness goal, can reach their potential faster, if they are doing at least 1 yoga class per week.

Do you do yoga? Have you ever tried? Are you curious about the diferent types available to you? I would love to help guide you into a yoga room for a good practice. Just leave your questions/comments here for me on the blog:) Here’s To Your Health!!!!


2 Responses to “Holistic Thursday- “Ahhhh Yoga””

  1. Tamara Says:

    I’ve taken yoga with Stella numerous times over the past few years. She is knowledgeable, wonderful, and she always keeps it fresh. I never get bored in her classes. I would recommend Stella to all types of yogis, from beginners to advanced.
    Please never stop teaching, Stella. I don’t know what I would do without you!!!!

  2. Stella Says:

    Thank you Tamara. I always hope that my teaching is exciting and transformative but it’s always great to get to hear it.


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