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Nutrition Tuesday- “Hottie on the Run” July 21, 2009

This is a really cool You Tube video talking about ways to eat healthier when On the Run!!!


Hey everyone! Hope you had an awesome weekend!!! I know I did! I did UCLA on Saturday morning before training a couple awesome clients:) I’m up to doing almost 700 yards of lunges now (100 are lateral lunges, 50/side), and 12 stadium sprints! It felt really good, even though it was boiling out there.

On Sunday I saw a client, went to the beach, and cooked dinner for my family. Since I was on the run pretty much all weekend, it was up to me to plan my meals, and make sure I was prepared with food all day long.  I prefer eating whole, organic foods if and when possible, but sometimes a girl, or guy, just needs a shake to keep the engine running when he/she is on the run! I was drinking muscle milk a lot for a while, and still love it when in a pinch, however, it can get expensive buying 1 per day. A more cost effective and a less preservative and caloric option, is buying your own supply of a good, quality whey isolate protein powder.

Recently I went to Power Zone, in West Hollywood, and purchased MRM’s ISO-BOLIC protein powder. It’s 100% whey isolate, hormone free, anti-biotic free, aspartame free, and BSE free. I prefer the chocolate flavor. It’s great on the run, because you can just put as many scoops, as servings you need throughout the day, into a tuppeware thermos, mix with water, and drink a serving size at a time in between meals (15gms for girls is a serving size). I usually drink about 2 servings per day, typically for my 2nd and 3rd meal since I am training clients and it’s easy.

I have a photo shoot in 2 weeks, so I’m doing an extra clean diet, cutting out all sugars, and taking out my 1 serving of brown rice, and adding green veggies instead. I have been extra busy lately, so having my own protein powder that I can just throw in a plastic mug and mix to drink when time to eat, is very convenient. Also, me using a more pure form of protein, as well as eating less sugars and carbs, will be a great way to lean out just a bit more, to be looking hot for the photo shoot! I don’t recommend eating like this always, as it’s good to have a very balanced diet, including lots of fruits and colored veggies. These are some of the types of sugars that are good to have in your diet.

So remember, when you are an On the Run person, or are having a busy week, it helps if you keep protein powder on hand. You will be way more likely to get in nutrients every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism burning fat and your body building muscle!

Where are you on your weight-loss/muscle building journey? Do you have any events, photo shoots, weddings, reunions, TV appearances to get looking hot for???? Or what are your personal fitness goals? Leave all your questions/comments for me here on the blog. I’d love to help you along if I can! Here’s To Your Health!!!!


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