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Holistic Thursday- “The What, How, and Why of Acupuncture” July 23, 2009


Happy Holistic Thursday friends! Today I want to introduce our guest blogger, my dear friend, and passionate acupuncturist, Tamara ZumMallen. I asked her if she could speak to you a little bit about acupuncture and it’s benefits. I truly believe in approaching healing with holistic and preventitive measures, which is just one of the things Tamara and I have in common. Tamara is based here in L.A., and you can find her on her blog. I’ll let her tell you more!  


The What, How, and Why of Acupuncture :

by Tamara ZumMallen, L.Ac.

Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles into acupoints throughout the body to promote the smooth flow of qi (life force). Acupuncture heals the body and calms the mind. It will give you an overall sense of well-being and bring you to a place of focus and clarity. It’s a big promise, I know, but 2,500 years of tradition has to say something about it’s efficacy.

The needles are hair-fine and do not necessarily hurt. The patient may feel the initial pinch of the needle and then feel surprisingly comfortable while the needles are in. Most patients fall asleep. Really. The patients who do not fall asleep report a feeling of deep relaxation for the duration of their 20 minute session.

A person should seek acupuncture when he/she wishes to embrace a more holistic approach to health management. One of the reasons I was so drawn to acupuncture and Chinese medicine is that the practice allows the patient to participate in the healing process. One example of that would be my acupuncture treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. With a few sessions (4 – 12) of acupuncture and light exercises to do when the patient is on his/her own, the patient may enjoy a 100% recovery. And guess what? No surgery, down time, or prescription medications required!

Some of the more popular reasons to seek acupuncture are: neck pain, low back pain, repetitive motion injuries, stress and anxiety, gastro-intestinal distress, and sleep disorders. Fortunately, health insurance carriers are starting to recognize acupuncture as a viable and inexpensive way to manage pain syndromes and are reimbursing for treatment.

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Thank you for reading.
Tamara ZumMallen, L.Ac.


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