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Nutrition Tuesday- “What’s in Your Kitchen?” August 11, 2009

Hey everyone, sorry I was M.I.A. for last Wednesdays and Thursdays blogs.  I took some time off to be with my cousin who was in town from Australia! Sure did miss you all though:) So let’s get down to health and fitness already!


As for this week…the topic is “WHAT’S IN YOUR KITCHEN????” I ask you this because I have a very simple yet powerful point to make. If  it’s not there, you are less likely to eat it!! If you don’t stuff your cabinets with it, you won’t stuff your mouth with it!!! One thing I have learned over the years of grocery shopping for myself, is that when I buy things that are not on my list of things that are good for me, I will eat them anyway, IF THEY ARE THERE. Also, I know I have a sugar weakness, so I purposely keep cakes, cookies, and chocolates out of my house. Why would I want them around when they are not going to support my goals of living a healthy life? They are not part of a well-balanced, nutritious diet. So why keep them in the house??? Now, of  course there are special occasions where I do not worry about it, but day to day, I do not create temptation for myself where I can avoid it.

Fortunately , I have overcome most of my food addictions and bad habits, so I can actually have a chocolate bar in the fridge, and take a week to eat it in small doses. Even so, I still usually only buy the low glycemic chocolate bars from Trader Joe’s, and eat a small piece here and there when I get a sweet tooth. This, I might share, is major progress for me, when I come from being a girl who would easily eat that entire candy bar in about a half a second if it were in my fridge. However, until I had overcome that urge, I did not stock my kitchen or house for that matter, with ANYTHING I may binge on.

What I hope you are getting from this, is that it’s important to know what goals and intentions you have for yourself. Then, you must also be honest and realistic with yourself about what’s in alignment with your goals and intentions, so you can make sure you act in ways that are supportive to your plan. Otherwise, you just set yourself up for failure. It’s one step at a time. If you can control your portion sizes, you can have a treat or two laying around, but remember, if you want a healthy body, there are just certain things you will stay away from no matter what, BECAUSE YOU WANT TO.

I hope you will share with me if you are still struggling with food in any way at all. I am hear to listen and to make suggestions, and to help you in any way I can. Please leave all your questions/comments here for me on the blog 🙂 Here’s To Your Health!!!!!!


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