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Workout Wednesday- “Go Ahead…Cheat on Your Workout!” August 12, 2009


LOL, so I’m having a bit of fun with the title…so what! Ha! What I am getting at here is that, after doing the same workouts over and over, we need to step outside the box. For example, step into a boxing session, or a kick-boxing class. Maybe it’s yoga that is new for you, and others of us could benefit from something like swimming, meditation, or martial arts.

I felt drawn to this topic because I am getting a bit antsy in my own program lately. It’s definitely time to spice things up, ya know, have a little affair with something new:) This is about the ONLY time I would support or encourage having an affair people. But if you feel like cheating on your workout…GO FOR IT!!! The more different, the better.  If you’ve got a blonde, go for a red head or brunette!!! I’ve recently added yoga back into my regimen, but I’m looking for something else. Possibly a Muay Thai class or a weekly boxing lesson??? All I know is I’m ready to get dirty!!!

It’s SOOOOOOO  important to keep things fun and exciting, so instead of just getting complacent and excepting what is…DON’T! It is totally valid and OK if you are bored, but why shouldn’t you do something about it? I certainly am. I will most likely keep my 2 days of full body circuit training, my UCLA lunges and stadium sprints, but now I’ll have my yoga class and one more yummy new thing. I’ll keep you posted on what I decide to do. Hmmmmmm maybe a dance class??? SO MANY CHOICES:) BUT I will have just as much fun choosing as I plan to have doing!!!

So, what’s it gonna be for you??? I’d love to share in this process with you! Let’s talk choices:) Give me a shout out here on the blog. Here’s To Your Health!!!!


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