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Nutrition Tuesday- “The Craving Game” September 1, 2009

Happy Tuesday everybody! I hope you are having a great week thus far. I am feeling excited to be back to the blog and I’m feeling really refreshed after a week of no blogging! Instead of blogging last week, I decided to try a few new things and to explore and experiment as my research for future blog inspiration.

One thing I played around with was what to do when I just don’t want to eat the things I’ve been eating. Like, when egg whites and oatmeal and brown rice just aren’t cutting it anymore and all I want is SUGAR!!!!!! LOL, yes, this happens to even me sometimes, but what I have learned and continue to learn, is that this is not something to worry about. There is a real reason for why this happens.

My tendency is to go “OH NO…I’m loosing all control!!!” But this is not the case, especially if I really pay attention to what is happening in my body. My cravings for food and exercise were different last week. I was wanting to eat a lot more, craving sugar, and feeling more like doing long runs than doing circuit training in the gym. So, I decided to just go with what I felt. However, in the past I may have mistaken this shift in craving for depression or the need to binge on junk food and too much time in the gym. But I realize now, that actually, my body was legitimately wanting foods that satisfied a different nutrient requirement than what I’d previously been eating for the most part. At the same time, my body was craving more cardio. So in actuality, it wanted “more food” but then it wanted to use the extra food for fuel on my long runs…which makes perfect sense!

What I new I wanted was sugar, what I thought I wanted was chocolate, cookies, candy, cakes, comfort food, etc. What I did instead was a ton of fruit, prunes, high fiber cereal with agave syrup, almond milk, low glycemic chocolate, apple juice and Macro Greens, Ezekiel raisin toast with all natural peanut butter, and LARABARS🙂  

You see, my diet consisted of mostly all natural, whole, organic foods, loaded with natural sugar, vitamins, minerals, and a ton of nutrients!!! I found that by following my cravings but looking for healthier alternatives for what I “thought” I wanted, I actually didn’t gain a pound, and in fact may have lost one or two. What does all this mean??? It means that our bodies know what they need and they require different nutrients at different times, depending on what’s going on inside of us. Therefore, it is good to follow those cravings as long as you make sure to make the healthiest choices available that satisfy the same cravings. For example, prunes instead of star burst, High fiber cereal with agave vs. sugar cereals, fresh fruit vs. cakes and sweets, and a couple bites of low glycemic chocolate vs Hershey’s. I also found that by purchasing my new amazing find…MACRO GREENS, from Whole Foods, my days felt highly nourished and my body a well working machine. By Thursday I had so much energy, I actually did a 70 minute run AND a circuit workout in the gym:) I was shocked, for having such a quick turn around from what I “thought” was the beginning of me slipping back into some bad, old habits!!! Wow, its amazing what can happen if you just LISTEN to your body’s needs and realize you should always eat to feel good, energetic and nourished!!!

So, are you experiencing any major cravings, falling off your diet, or making unhealthier choices now than you were? What are some of your eating habits and challenges? Let me help you play the Craving Game!!! Please leave all your questions and comments for me here on the blog. Here’s To Your Health!!!

Stock Photo of Papayas and cherries



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