Erin Lanahan Method

Signature method to get fit from the inside out!

Holistic Thursday- “Dream Yourself into a Fit Life” September 3, 2009

Today I am inspired by a friend of mine, Susan Baker, who owns her own company called The Escape Hatcher. She helps people figure out their true passions and purpose in life and then guides them toward hatching their dreams into reality.

Susan and I both believe that having the ability to express yourself in the way you crave to, or to get to do what your heart desires on a daily basis, is a MAIN INGREDIENT in the recipe for happiness, joy, and freedom.

One of the things I like to focus on with my clients is getting them fit in every part of their life. The happier they are in their lives outside of the gym, the easier it will be for them to keep up with a good, healthy, well-balanced fitness routine. When people are inspired by their own life experiences, they leap into inspired action that helps them grow in every area of their lives.

If you are currently struggling with feeling bored, lost, hating your job, and/or stuck doing what you are doing, or if you LONG for a way out, to feel some purpose for your life, and/or dream of having an opportunity to do what you love AND make money at it…I suggest giving Susan a call:) At least check out her website. We are blessed to have the chance to get to have the life we have always wanted, with the help of The Escape Hatcher!

Please leave any questions or comments you may have on this topic here for me on the blog!!! Here’s To Your Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, AND Physical Health!!!


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