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Erin’s Adventures- “Food, Entertainment, and Paris!” September 5, 2009

Well, I’m feeling really inspired. I just saw the movie Julie and Julia and it was absolutely amazing. I’ve been feeling a longing for travel and some adventure in my life, you know…a bit of an escape from my everyday routines. However, since I am not able to jet off on a plane right this moment, I decided to loose myself in a movie for a couple hours instead, LOL. I have had the travel bug for a while now and it is creeping up on me BIG TIME, so I was very grateful that the movie gave me a little trip to Paris and a visit with some of my favorite things…FOOD, ENTERTAINMENT, and EUROPE:)

You see, when I started this blog, the main reason for it was to express with my readers, all the adventures I take in my life (hence the the blog address Whether it be adventures in Fitness, in Spirituality, with Food, Traveling the world, or Exploring Art, Self, and Love, I want to share my experiences with you in all of them! These are ALL the things I love and feel very passionate about. As I have mentioned in my fitness blogs…it is very important for one to be following their heart if they expect happiness, joy, and freedom in their lives. This is something I cannot deny and will never try to in my own life. Fitness is a major part of who I am, but I am made up of many other things that truly make my heart smile as well.

Today I made a decision. That I would continue to keep you all posted on my journeys and adventures with fitness, as well as my explorations and adventures outside of fitness. I plan to have at least one date with myself each week. I have been told this can be called an an artists date, and whether that be a trip to the museum, a couple hours at the movies, going to see a play, or taking a road trip to somewhere, it is a day in honor of some part of me that has the right to be validated and nurtured, and expressed, and that is completely separate from the fitness part of  me.

I also plan to travel the world, blogging about the food, the art, the scenic paradise, how I stay fit and healthy through it all, and how my dreams continue to unfold in the process of me following my heart and true, inner nature. Today I went to a movie, and it was the best date I have had in a long time. I look forward to a second date with myself next week. Until then, I will be blogging about all things fitness:) I hope you too, are with me on this journey, exploring and following your heart and souls most passionate desires. Here’s To Your Health!!!

A fun tour of the streets in Paris and it’s finest foods 🙂 Bon Appetit!



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