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NutritionTuesday- “Eating to Feel Good” September 9, 2009


Well, hope you had a great Labor Day weekend and wore all the white in your closet just one last time LOL 🙂 I actually got confused by the holiday yesterday and was thinking today was Monday, and therefore am just now getting this post up at 7:45 pm Tuesday. Sorry, I’m a bit late but at least it’s up!

Lately I have been researching all different kinds of diets, and philosophies because I have been very aware of the importance in eating the right foods for my individual body. One persons food is another persons poison. Also, certain diets such as Macrobiotic or Raw, as amazing as they are and as much as I recommend them, are just not good to do year round, for most people. I find that cycling these different theories based on bio-individuality, is the best solution for health and vigor.

For me, I am intuitively able to tell when my body needs me to be eating more protein, or when I am requiring lots of fruit or none at all. I go through phases of being really hungry all the time, and then there are times when I barely think of food. So it has been very helpful for me to learn how to keep a healthy diet throughout every phase my body’s cycle is in.

I am also becoming more and more aware of the quality of food I put into my system, and the energetic difference it makes on my daily life. Whole and/or Organic foods have a lasting effect on how good I feel overall, where foods that are somewhat processed can make me feel good for a little while, but eventually begin to drain me of my positive energy. For the most part I avoid eating meat because it is hard on the digestive system and it is a very low energy food. Let’s face it, meat is something that is DEAD, so you take on that DEAD ENERGY when you eat it. It’s not that I never eat it, just rarely. I choose to eat fish for my animal protein when I do, because it’s a little easier to process, but it tends to be high in mercury. It’s best to eat as much live foods (from sprouted grains, raw fruit, veggies, nuts, etc) as you can each meal, and we all need a certain amount of protein to sustain our strength, but again, the combination of these foods considered to be beneficial, vary for the individual. Every body has different needs.

I still eat a big steak every now and then, when my body tells me to. I have gotten my instrument so clean, that I am able to tell what my body needs and when, based on the cravings I am having. I also have learned to pay close attention to my cravings in order to differentiate from the things I think I’m craving vs. what I am actually craving.

The bottom line is, eat food to feel good. If you want to feel good for a few minutes or and hour or so, and that’s it…well, then go for the foods that do that for you. I personally like to feel good all day every day, and therefore choose to eat the foods that do that for me. Of course I am not perfect and therefore basically stick to a 90/10 rule, eating good energy foods 90% of the time and whatever I want for the other 10% 🙂 Luckily for me I typically WANT to eat what make me feel good!

I know learning how to eat better can feel very overwhelming, but if you want a better life, you gotta start somewhere. Why not start with what you eat??? Eating clean will lead to an overall better life! I am happy to help you on your journey. Please leave all your questions and comments here for me on the blog. Here’s To Your Health!!!


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