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Holistic Thursday- “Living a Fit Life” September 10, 2009

I hope you all know just how much I truly enjoy writing to you and sharing my life with you. This blog is an outlet for me to do something that I love a lot. I am such a believer in people doing what they love in life. It is so important, and is a main ingredient to living a fit life. Fitness comes through exercise, eating healthy, and making choices that honor every part of ourselves. I’m talking about  following that voice within, that urges us to try new things and take chances even when we are scared or don’t know how.

You see, working out and eating in a way that respects your emotional, mental, and spiritual well being is a piece of living a fit life. The other piece is exercising your ability to evolve, grow into the best version of yourself, and experience a happy, joyous, and free life. We need all of it if we want to be living a fit life.

A dear friend of mine, and colleague, Margalit Ward and her partner Shannon Bindler, run a company they call Get Up Girl, which is a women’s coaching group. They “offer inspirational programs, such as, coaching, workshops, and retreats, that help women create an ideal vision for their personal and professional lives. These dynamic group and individual settings encourage participants to honor themselves, remove obstacles, and create a clear action plan for achieving success.” (Don’t worry guys…if you are interested in this kind of support, let me know and I can direct you to the right people:)

I am a big fan of Get Up  Girl,because I am a big fan of YOU. We all need help sometimes, getting to where we know and feel in our hearts we want to be. That is what I do. I help you get closer to living a fit life, as the highest, most authentic you. Working with people like Margalit and Shannon brings me tremendous joy because together we can truly make a difference in each others lives. (Yes…you help us as well, as we all learn from each other:)  

If you are feeling a bit lost, or need a change in direction in life, or are feeling blocked from achieving your goals and dreams, I strongly suggest signing up for one of Get Up Girl’s workshops or events. They even have a free workshop tonight at 7pm-9pm and next Thursday at 7pm-9pm, called “Take Charge of Your Success.” Check them out on their amazing web site for more details: @  Make sure to read their rock’n blog too 🙂 They can truly help you shape your life into a Fit Life! Please leave all questions and comments for me here on the blog. Here’s To Your Health!


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