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Workout Wednesday- “The Pain/Pleasure Dynamic” September 30, 2009

I know I know…this was the title of yesterday’s post too. However, I talked about the profound Pain/Pleasure dynamic as it applies to Nutrition yesterday, and today I want to talk about how it applies to exercise. Now, the first I ever heard of this in this way, was in the book “Awaken the Giant Within,” by Tony Robbins, who is a brilliant man. He helped me put into words, something I have been describing to clients for a long time. That’s why I am sharing this with you…because it’s awesome!

So, if you haven’t already, please read yesterday’s post. As I explained in it, everything we do is based on pain or pleasure and how we associate things with both. For example, I know some people who HATE to exercise. They associate more pain with working out, than they do with feeling overweight and unhealthy. What they are typically doing is choosing what actions they take based on short-term pleasure rather than long-term pleasure. It may feel better in the moment for them to sit on their couch eating chips rather than go to the gym, but in a month when they have a reunion or a wedding to attend, they will suffer a lot of pain when they feel bad about themselves. So, ultimately, it comes down to what causes you more pain in the long run, unless you are fulfilled by the quick fix. I find most of us are never fulfilled by the quick fix. It just leaves us more and more empty and farther from what we truly desire. So, WHAT DO YOU WANT? Do you want short-term pleasure or long-term pleasure??? Personally I want long-term pleasure because I am seeking long-term happiness, not a quick fix.

So next time you are on the fence about working out, ask yourself these questions. “In the short-term, will it cause me more pain to work out or to sit here and watch TV?”  “In the long-term what will be more painful, to be fit, feeling great, and ready to show up for anything, or to be overweight, unhealthy and feeling embarrassed about my body?” “Which do I prefer, short-term pleasure or long-term pleasure?” Once you have answered these questions HONESTLY to yourself, you will know what to do.

So any questions for me? Please leave them here. Here’s To your Health!!!


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