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Holistic Thursday- “Vacation Energy All Year Long” October 7, 2009

Hey everyone, I’d like to introduce a special guest today, Jan Elpers. Jan is a friend and colleague of mine and I’ve asked her to share with us some of her insight based on the experiences she has had in her career and personal life.  Jan has a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology and is a Certified Massage Therapist and Health Coach.  She does a variety of therapeutic treatments for body and mind.  For over 20 years she has assisted people toward having greater health and well being.  Her specialties include Aromatherapy, Detox Body Wraps, Reflexology, Spiritual Counseling, and Coaching people on their journey to achieving their highest health. I feel she is an inspiration to us all and has something to offer that everyone can benefit from. Please read below! Here’s To Your Health!!!


By: Jan Elpers, M.A.

Ever notice how great people look in their vacation photos?  They seem so relaxed and tan with generous smiles. They look younger, happier and healthier.  Why?  One reason is the power of relaxation, laughter and FUN!  I know many stories of good things happening to people upon returning because of that “vacation magic” at work. 

Many years ago I went to Mexico with a girlfriend for vacation.  This was after a challenging couple of years completing my master’s degree while working full-time.  In that time I was longing for a nice relationship, but didn’t have much time to date and not many offers were coming my way anyway.  So off we went to Puerto Vallarta to enjoy the things we love. After all, I love the ocean, sun, sights, water skiing, dancing, music & great meals. What could be better.  After just one week I returned tanned, relaxed, happy and more connected to my true self and my femininity.  I was just beaming with happiness!  I got asked out 4 times that week!  My sense of fun and playfulness was infectious.

I’ve seen this renewal in many others as well.  My sister returned from a Florida vacation looking absolutely beautiful and rejuvenated, as did other friends.  I think a huge percentage of Facebook “personal profile photos” must be a vacation pic, mine included.

Let’s face it, most of us feel good on vacation.  We’re doing things we love (hopefully), playing, nurturing ourselves with lots of FUN, exercise, and hopefully some lovin’ too.  And it looks good on us!

So why not cultivate that vacation energy all year long?  I know – we work, have obligations, chores, kids, deadlines, goals, homework and more.  Keeping on top of our busy lives can be challenging in itself – and I’m suggesting vacation energy?  It can be easier than you think.

What is it about a vacation that encourages our creativity, refuels our energy, and nurtures our spirit.  Is it being in nature?  Seeing interesting or historical sites?  Eating at wonderful restaurants? Experiencing a great concert or show?  Dancing with abandon?  Those all sound good to me.  So why not try to import some nurturing fun into our daily lives?

Just pick 1 or 2 or 3 activities and see if you can fit them into your week or day off.  Pick something that is appropriate to the season and your budget.  Be creative.  Find ways to vacate & rejuvenate.

For example, I just LOVE the sun and water.  When I was back from my vacation this summer I didn’t have time to take a whole day to swim and lay by the pool with a good book, but I did have time to go to my local pool for an hour and a half to swim laps and rest in the sun a bit.  I chose this instead of going to the gym.  I got my exercise in and tuned up my fading tan.  I got a little of that vacation glow.

I believe that when you really tune in to your Self, choose what nurtures you on a basic self level, and do that as a conscious reward, the payoff will be huge.  When we listen inside and come up with a creative solution to nurturing ourselves, it can bring greater happiness and health.  I find I am more willing to work and be productive when I’m listening to my-Self and taking care of me.  By filling up my own tank with a few rewarding activities, specifically chosen for me on a particular day, its value is priceless.  A well
chosen hour and a half can go a long way in energizing ourselves. Moments on track can be more valuable that a double espresso or a handful of vitamins to perk us up.

What we want and crave will change from day-to-day.  Next week I might
want to see a chick flick with my Mom & sister, or maybe go to a rock concert with my sweetie.  So here’s to continuing that vacation energy all year long!

In good health,
Jan Elpers,  M.A.

(310) 850-7366


Workout Wednesday- “Bringing Your Body Back to Balance”


That’s right, I said bring your body back to balance. First of all, we all get out of balance at times, some of us more often than others. However, when it comes to physical activity, it is much like food. We need nutrients from a variety of foods and we also need nutrients from a variety of exercise.

So often you will see people who are already strong in a specific area, only training in that area. For example, bulky, aggressive athletes doing more weights and always aiming to lift even heavier. Or, light and thin vegetarians doing yoga all the time. I also see the cardio people, such as runners and tri-athletes doing lots of spin classes or trail runs. All of the above mentioned exercise is good! However, they have their purpose and we can all benefit from a menu using all of them.

It is so important to keep your body, mind, and spirit in balance. We tend to forget that exercise is there to support balance, not throw it off. Therefore, if you are finding yourself hooked on the same routine week in and week out, step up to the plate and change it up. You owe it to yourself. Each type of exercise will work for a period of time, really well actually. So it’s ok to continue with something until it stops working. However, it is up to you to be aware of what your body needs at all times.

If you have been doing lots of weights, and you notice you are feeling really tight and shortened, then switch to doing yoga 2-3 times a week for a while. If all you do is yoga, and you notice feelings of being too stretchy or not grounded in your strength, then add 2-3 days of weights into your week instead of yoga. If you are a big runner, and you are thin but flabby or maybe you do lots of cardio but cannot get leaner, try doing a lot less cardio, add 2-3 days of weights in and 1 yoga class per week.

Personally, what I try to do is stay balanced in my week. My typical week includes 3 days of weight training, 2 days of cardio (usually outside running), 1 day of track lunges and explosive stadium sprints at UCLA, 1 yoga class, and at least 1 day off. However, even with this schedule I find myself out of balance sometimes. When that happens, I just really tune in to my own body. Do I need less weights, more yoga, more or less cardio, maybe no weights and a dance class, with 2 yoga classes, and a kick boxing session, etc. Some weeks I find my body wants all cardio or all weights, and I play around with the combinations until I get a menu of physical activity that is working for me again.

So, what does your menu look like? Are you in tune with the exercise nutrients your body needs in order to stay in balance? Let me know your experiences and please leave all questions and comments for me here on the blog. Here’s To Your Health!!!


Nutrition Tuesday- “Primary Food/Secondary Food” October 6, 2009

You may have heard me talk a little bit about this before in previous posts, primary food and secondary food, and I bring it up again and again because I think it’s helpful. Once you have awareness that our bodies never lie, and that when we have cravings there is a legit reason for it, then you can start to deconstruct your cravings and feed yourself with what you really need instead of what you THINK you need.

We all are fed by Primary food as well as Secondary food. Primary food consists of Relationships, Career, Exercise, and Spirituality. Secondary food is the actual food on our plate. When a client is craving chocolate all the time, I usually start asking them questions about their primary food. Usually when someone is having massive cravings they feel they are being controlled by, it is more than likely because they are out of balance with something in their primary food. Bottom line is, we can eat all the food in the world, but if we are not being fed enough by our primary foods, we will never stop feeling hungry.  

Cravings can also be a result of  an imbalance in secondary food, for example too much salt or meat, causing a craving for colder, more liquid, sweet things. Our bodies are perfect instruments, that will always send us messages when we are out of balance, that make us do things to bring our bodies back into balance.

I urge you to look at every aspect in your life. Are you fulfilled in the relationship category? How’s your career and are you happy with it? Where are you spiritually? Do you have an outlet for practicing some form of spirituality or religion? Lastly, are you moving your body? All of these things will contribute to your overall sense of fulfillment. When fed by these things you will find you think of food a whole lot less.

At the same time, when you are really craving something in particular, like chocolate, or salty and/or savory snacks, start to deconstruct your cravings for such foods with awareness. Notice what you are  craving and also notice how you are feeling in that moment and what you are expecting that certain food to do for you. You must find out if you are eating because you need nutrients or if you are just trying to fill a void.

I hope I didn’t confuse you. If I did, please leave your questions and comments for me here. Here’s To Your Health!!!

Just to reinforce what I’ve said, see this short video


Holistic Thursday- “Kundalini Yoga” October 1, 2009

Ahhhh, it’s 11:05 pm on Wednesday night and I feel amazing. I just got home from a kundalini yoga class I took at Golden Bridge. Dr Gurudev Neil taught this evening. He is so healing and he focuses the class mostly on shifting our limiting thinking, healing wounded places in the body where we store emotional pain, and releasing resentments and ill feelings toward ourselves and others. I really needed his help tonight because I have definitely been letting go of a lot lately. So thanks to you Gurudev! I am honored and grateful!  

So many of us walk around with pent up emotions or thoughts that rush through our minds a million miles an hour that do not serve us. These feelings and thoughts do not go away on their own. It takes conscious effort to shift our thoughts and energetically clear our emotional karma, if we desire all the happiness we deserve and are entitled to. For me, there are lots of different ways for me to shift my thoughts. When I have a negative thought, I either immediately think of something that creates positive emotions, or I say an affirmation. Another thing I can do is GET OUT OF MY OWN HEAD and call someone else to see how they are doing. Being of service is such a great way to shift from a negative place to a positive place.

When I am full of painful emotions like fear, anxiety, anger, resentment, and loneliness or sadness, which can be kicked up by running into an old fling, going through a break-up, fighting with someone I love, etc, there are a few things I can do for this as well. In order to help me feel through them fully, in order to process them so I can move on in my life without the weight of such things holding me back, I find that meditation helps a lot. This gives me an opportunity to be still and silent, and to go into my body to be alone with my feelings. When you bring attention to something, and once it’s acknowledged…it goes away and you are left with only space, light, peace, and pure joy. Also, yoga of all types, especially kundalini yoga, helps me with both shifting my thoughts and clearing unhealthy emotions.

I can definitely feel all the released feelings floating around in my body ready to be flushed right now from class tonight. I’ll be drinking lots of water tonight and tomorrow to flush the toxicity out of me. I feel great, tired, a bit sick in the tummy from all the intensity, and ready for bed. I hope you all have a great weekend. I am turning 30 Friday!!! Yay! Here’s to OUR Health 🙂 Night!


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