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Holistic Thursday- “Kundalini Yoga” October 1, 2009

Ahhhh, it’s 11:05 pm on Wednesday night and I feel amazing. I just got home from a kundalini yoga class I took at Golden Bridge. Dr Gurudev Neil taught this evening. He is so healing and he focuses the class mostly on shifting our limiting thinking, healing wounded places in the body where we store emotional pain, and releasing resentments and ill feelings toward ourselves and others. I really needed his help tonight because I have definitely been letting go of a lot lately. So thanks to you Gurudev! I am honored and grateful!  

So many of us walk around with pent up emotions or thoughts that rush through our minds a million miles an hour that do not serve us. These feelings and thoughts do not go away on their own. It takes conscious effort to shift our thoughts and energetically clear our emotional karma, if we desire all the happiness we deserve and are entitled to. For me, there are lots of different ways for me to shift my thoughts. When I have a negative thought, I either immediately think of something that creates positive emotions, or I say an affirmation. Another thing I can do is GET OUT OF MY OWN HEAD and call someone else to see how they are doing. Being of service is such a great way to shift from a negative place to a positive place.

When I am full of painful emotions like fear, anxiety, anger, resentment, and loneliness or sadness, which can be kicked up by running into an old fling, going through a break-up, fighting with someone I love, etc, there are a few things I can do for this as well. In order to help me feel through them fully, in order to process them so I can move on in my life without the weight of such things holding me back, I find that meditation helps a lot. This gives me an opportunity to be still and silent, and to go into my body to be alone with my feelings. When you bring attention to something, and once it’s acknowledged…it goes away and you are left with only space, light, peace, and pure joy. Also, yoga of all types, especially kundalini yoga, helps me with both shifting my thoughts and clearing unhealthy emotions.

I can definitely feel all the released feelings floating around in my body ready to be flushed right now from class tonight. I’ll be drinking lots of water tonight and tomorrow to flush the toxicity out of me. I feel great, tired, a bit sick in the tummy from all the intensity, and ready for bed. I hope you all have a great weekend. I am turning 30 Friday!!! Yay! Here’s to OUR Health 🙂 Night!


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