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Nutrition Tuesday- “Primary Food/Secondary Food” October 6, 2009

You may have heard me talk a little bit about this before in previous posts, primary food and secondary food, and I bring it up again and again because I think it’s helpful. Once you have awareness that our bodies never lie, and that when we have cravings there is a legit reason for it, then you can start to deconstruct your cravings and feed yourself with what you really need instead of what you THINK you need.

We all are fed by Primary food as well as Secondary food. Primary food consists of Relationships, Career, Exercise, and Spirituality. Secondary food is the actual food on our plate. When a client is craving chocolate all the time, I usually start asking them questions about their primary food. Usually when someone is having massive cravings they feel they are being controlled by, it is more than likely because they are out of balance with something in their primary food. Bottom line is, we can eat all the food in the world, but if we are not being fed enough by our primary foods, we will never stop feeling hungry.  

Cravings can also be a result of  an imbalance in secondary food, for example too much salt or meat, causing a craving for colder, more liquid, sweet things. Our bodies are perfect instruments, that will always send us messages when we are out of balance, that make us do things to bring our bodies back into balance.

I urge you to look at every aspect in your life. Are you fulfilled in the relationship category? How’s your career and are you happy with it? Where are you spiritually? Do you have an outlet for practicing some form of spirituality or religion? Lastly, are you moving your body? All of these things will contribute to your overall sense of fulfillment. When fed by these things you will find you think of food a whole lot less.

At the same time, when you are really craving something in particular, like chocolate, or salty and/or savory snacks, start to deconstruct your cravings for such foods with awareness. Notice what you are  craving and also notice how you are feeling in that moment and what you are expecting that certain food to do for you. You must find out if you are eating because you need nutrients or if you are just trying to fill a void.

I hope I didn’t confuse you. If I did, please leave your questions and comments for me here. Here’s To Your Health!!!

Just to reinforce what I’ve said, see this short video


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