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Workout Wednesday- “No Pain, No Gain???” November 11, 2009

Ok, so we have all heard the saying, No Pain, No Gain. I cannot support this 100% of the time. There comes a point when we cross the line and pain is bad for us. Yes, one must work hard, and bare rigorous exercise and be brutally committed if loosing weight is something he/she really wants to do, or must do to live. But working hard and pushing physical boundaries must also be accompanied with myofascial release and body work, to ensure that the body is being taken care of in the process.

If we are not trained to use our bodies correctly, then any type of movement we do will just reinforce this incorrect alignment in our structure. That is why people suffer from aches and pains. If we push ourselves, or someone pushes us, to do such strenuous exercise, it can be potentially harmful if we are not conscious of the adverse effects of not training properly. I recommend those who want to train hard, also learn to train smart and do it with awareness and conscious actions. Please read my article on self-myofascial release.  Also, if you have any questions about how you can make sure you lose weight by working smarter, not harder…please leave them here for me on the blog:) Thanks so much! Here’s To Your Health!!!


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