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Holistic Thursday- “The Observer Self” November 12, 2009

Heron by ajagendorf25

Be the Observer Self

Woooooo Hooooo, Today was an intense day for me! It was one of those days where I felt like I was being tempted into battle with my own head. Have you ever experienced what I am talking about, you know, all that chatter in your head telling you a million different things that have one intention…to make you feel like crap? Yes, I admit it…I still have to work hard at feeling and thus radiating joy some days. Days like today are a constant struggle to shift my thoughts, remind myself to be gentle and loving towards myself and others, and to not entertain, or give power to, the thoughts that do not serve my highest good. Even when I know what I need to do, it can feel so bad to feel so much resistance toward doing the best thing for myself, which is not feeding into the lies and b.s. in my head.

Our ego voice can speak so loudly sometimes. It is important that we recognize the difference between it and our true selves. Our most authentic self is one that only loves all people and things unconditionally. My highest self intends peace and happiness for me, so anything that causes chaos, stress, and pain is not coming from a good place. Therefore, as we begin to hear these chattering voices tell us very discouraging things, it is up to us to have a default mode of shifting into our observer self, so we can just observe what is happening without getting caught up in it.

Today I realized that my default mode is still somewhat in victim mode, or in other words, “poor me” mode 🙂 It was not easy to accept, however, at least I am aware now. By tonight, I can feel grateful that all the yuck of today actually created a lot of awareness for me. Now that I see I am still defaulting into old habits that do not serve me, I can work on changing them. Once I really got the hang of this today, I remembered everything I know about the observer self and ego self relationship. I simply observed my ego trying with all its mite to take me down, ruin my day, and send me home all beat up. Instead of allowing it to or trying to fight back, I just softly said, “Thank you for your advice. I know you are just trying to help me, however I do not need your help. You can take a seat. I got this covered today.” At first I had to say it over and over, but overall, I won. I got through this day with integrity, I had some good laughs with a good friend, and actually had an enjoyable day.

Next time you are all up in your head, beating yourself up for something, or listening to the voices calling you bad, not good enough, stupid, whatever…take a pause. Take a few deep breaths, and then simply and calmly tell that voice and its negativity, that you acknowledge it, but do not need its help. See what happens. Be the observer self! Let me know your thoughts and questions! Leave them here for me on the blog. Here’s To Your Health!!!

Check out this link as well as the one above (click on Be the observer self), for some cool insight into what the Observer self is vs. the Ego self, and how to become more of the observer. Cheers!


One Response to “Holistic Thursday- “The Observer Self””

  1. Blessings for sharing your experience! Your consciousness of your divine consciousness shines affirming light!

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