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Workout Wednesday- “Missing the Gym” November 18, 2009

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Yep, that’s what I said…I am MISSING the gym. I have been so busy with school, work, artistic workshops, coaching, and expanding my business, that I have found little time or energy left over for me and my own health and workouts. I find that what has happened, is I’ve overloaded myself with so much “to do” that I have trouble resting. I am learning once again, the hard way, that not enough rest, will keep me out of the gym.

Last week I was so exhausted I hurt my back. Therefore, not only was I already not getting my usual workouts in, but for the last 5 days now, I’ve been pretty much immobile. I will finally go back to work tomorrow. My whole point here is…if you like to feel good, then treat yourself well. If I took rest when I really needed it, then I wouldn’t be forced to take rest as well as forced out of the gym for a week.

I am missing the gym because I know it is what I need to feel good. I have better energy, I feel cleaner, lighter on my feet, and happier when I am getting in my workouts. Knowing this, I will remember next time, to rest when I feel tired, because if  I don’t…my body will make me!

Work Smarter, NOT harder 🙂 What’s going on with you lately? Spill it here! Here’s To Your Health!


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