Erin Lanahan Method

Signature method to get fit from the inside out!

“Inspiration is Within” January 22, 2010

Hey everyone. I have been thinking a lot about what keeps some people motivated, while others use anything and everything for an excuse to give up on themselves. I know that I am a person who feels and stays motivated when I feel inspired. Inspiration is when we are “In Spirit.” I stay inspired as much as I can because inspiration is the fire within me, that launches me into inspired action. When I feel aligned with the universe and my highest purpose, I am literally PULLED into action. How do I stay inspired???

I use many methods to keep me inspired. Some of which include meditation, Agape, reading books that educate me and put life into perspective for me, continuing my education in the things I’m most passionate about, surrounding myself with the people, places, and things that serve me in the highest and most beautiful way, and eating really clean so that I stay clear and alive and energized. Inspiration is there for all of us, waiting to be tapped in to. It just takes a little effort on our parts to connect with what lies within us all. If you want to get up every day and fall in love with yourself and your life, then get aligned, and tap into that inspiration that is inside of you.

How might you find ways to feel inspired? What methods do you use now? Do you feel inspired or are you struggling to find motivation that pulls you forward in your life? Please share! Leave all your questions and comments here for me on the blog! I love hearing from all of you! Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!!!


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