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How Bad Do You Want It? February 5, 2010

Whether it’s fat loss, muscle gain or better health…HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT???

Do you ever get sick of hearing yourself  talk and talk about all the things you plan to do, and then never do? Or maybe you know someone like that. I am working on a big project right now, and one thing that came up at a meeting yesterday, was that gap that so many people suffer from. It’s the gap between, what we know and what we do. You probably know how to eat healthy, what to eat, what exercises to do. I mean, I know some of the most unfit people, who know what to do but just don’t do it. What’s up with this? If you know what to do, why aren’t you doing it? You must not really want to do those things or to reap the benefits from doing those things. That’s sure what it seems like right???

So the million dollar question…HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT??? I have found in my experience, that when I really want something, I am willing to go to ANY lengths to get it. Are you willing to go to any lengths to live in a body you love, so you can feel fully expressed as your true self?

I have a client that kept saying she wanted to lose weight. She lost over 50 lbs a couple years ago, but she’d been hanging around the same weight for about a year, and so obviously she’d hit a plateau. As her trainer, it is my job to get inside of her head and figure out what is blocking her. I asked her why she was not making the choices that are in alignment with her goals. What we finally figured out was that she had a conflicting intention. She wanted to lose weight, but she was also in fear of loosing weight. She fears that if she looses the next bunch of weight, her skin will sag, her breasts will droop, and she will look old. I said to her, well how do you expect to lose weight, if you have these conflicting intentions going on. She was sending out mixed signals to the universe and the universe was not able to bring her back anything except more of where she already was, hence the plateau.

Secretly, my client was happy enough where she was to risk loosing her beautiful skin and perky breasts for the next 30 lbs of weight loss. So, therefore, she wanted to lose weight but she didn’t. That’s why she just stayed exactly the same for a whole year!!! Once we were able to dig this up and bring her awareness to it, she could make a conscious choice about what it is she really wants. I told her to just get the weight off, and then go from there, because most likely none of her fears will even happen, and meanwhile she is living in a body that could be MUCH healthier. So now that she has been able to clear that up, she is clear about what she wants and unafraid of losing the weight. I have never seen her so motivated!

It all comes down to HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT??? If you aren’t doing what it takes, then some part of you doesn’t want it and you should take a new look at things. I would love to hear from you if you relate to this at all. Are you struggling with conflicting intentions? Please share with me here on the blog! Here’s To Your Health!!!


3 Responses to “How Bad Do You Want It?”

  1. Hey Erin,
    I am so glad I said hello to you today. Seeing you inspired me to do the uncomforatble, saying hi…
    As you see I’m on your site, very kool. So I’m at that point of doing whatever it takes to get what I desire. Tag your it.
    I like that topic, I know that plateau stage.
    So thank you for being present.


    • Erin Lanahan Says:

      Hey Jonny. Thanks for saying hi and putting yourself out there. It always pays to be courageous. Im glad you were able to get onto my site to check it out. If you wanna email me your email address, i’ll add you to my newsletter list. It wasnt on your card. I hope you find some inspiration here that can assist you on your fitness journey. See you soon I’m sure, here’s to your health!!!

  2. Erin Lanahan Says:

    Oops, I apologize for mispelling your name “Johnny.” 🙂

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