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WHY?????? February 13, 2010


Do you ever notice how much food convenience stores stock up on? I was in a gas station “market” today and I was hit by the shocking reality that there was so much food, but it was all CRAP. They have every kind of potato chip, candy bar, soda, and even supposedly “healthy” bars. They have nothing of any real value though. WHY??? Why is it that we have so much availability to food, but almost no availability to food that is actually food, and not just complete processed junk poison? This infuriates me! We have obviously become a society that needs convenience, but this is absurd. Why don’t we see any REAL FOOD in the gas stations and convenient stores? Something MUST be done about this. We the people, need to have access to food that nourishes our bodies and minds, yet also accommodates our busy schedules. It is my dream to make this a reality. It would make me so happy to see that myself and all of you, could grab something quick, yet nutrient filled, and not processed, to fuel our lives on a daily basis if we forget to pack food from home.

Anyway, I just needed to vent this. It really upsets me that there is so much food and temptation to eat junk that basically poisons our bodies, just because we are at the mercy of time. Something has to change. I will keep you posted on what I find out, because I am on a mission to make some real changes!!!

Please leave any comments or feelings on this topic you may have here. Thanks for reading.  Here’s To Your Health!!!


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