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One Man’s Food is Another Man’s Poison. May 28, 2010


Some people can eat animal protein, some cannot!

Yep…that’s right…one man’s food is another man’s poison. What does this mean? I am talking about BIO- INDIVIDUALITY. We are all unique and therefore each one of us require something a little different from the next person. This goes for anything really, but today I am talking about how this relates to the food we eat and the exercise we do. For example, there are over 125 different dietary theories, and guess what…they are all right in some way or another, for one person or another. However, what I have found, in my experience with my own diet, as well as the diets of my clients, is that it is very important that we eat right for our unique type or bio-individuality.

I like to learn about all the different dietary theories, and then apply the pieces of each one to my life that feel right to me. For example, one website I highly recommend is “Eat Right for Your Type.”  This is Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s site that offers tons of insight as to what foods and exercise best supports your blood type. I found this fascinating. I am a Type A, and we are better off as vegetarians according to this theory. That IS true for me, but that does not mean it will be true for EVERY Type A out there. Lots of other things factor in when choosing the foods that best support your optimal health, however, this give you a good place to start. Do you know your blood type? That’s something we should all know. Then we can begin with the blood type diet and change things up based on our bio-individuality. That’s what I tend to do with all my clients. Their blood type gives me good insight as to what foods to begin them on, and then we go from there.

How do you go from there? I suggest, clicking on the link that says “About the Diets” on D’Adamo’s site. Then choose your blood type, and read up on the suggested foods that are good for you, as well as the suggested ones to avoid. Try this out for a couple of weeks. Some Type A’s find that they just have no energy whatsoever without meat in their diets, and then there are Type O’s (meat eaters), who thrive on a vegetarian diet. The goal is to find sufficient amounts of protein, coming from the sources (plant or animal) that support your body’s functionality. When you eat lots of fruit do you feel good or bad inside your body? When you eat meat, do you get energy or feel sluggish? The same goes for exercise. It is suggested that Type A’s stick to light and gentle forms of exercise, however, I know for me, I thrive on a balance of gentle exercise AND intense circuit training. Do you feel better when you do yoga, when you run, or lift weights? Maybe you need one day of each or three days of the same thing. Follow the way in which things make you feel on the inside. This will help you gain clarity on what’s best for YOU, however, I do find the blood type diet to be pretty accurate about most things, most of the time. I encourage you to find your version of it nonetheless, so you can look great, feel great, and perform at your best!

Also, just a side note*** If you are someone who must eat meat, make sure it is organic, free range, and grass-fed, all, or at least most of the time. This will ensure you are avoiding anything toxic, so you can have vibrant health:)

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