Erin Lanahan Method

Signature method to get fit from the inside out!

Fitness Tips for the 4th! July 3, 2010

Here are three fitness tips to help you feel your best this July 4th weekend!

1) Start each day with no less than 30 mins of cardio, but preferably 60 mins. This will sweat out extra salt and water and will raise your endorphins and seretonin. You will feel lighter, tighter, and happier as you set out for some fun in the sun!

2) Make sure to eat at least 1 large salad a day starting today. By eating this live food, you will fill your tummy with nutrients and fiber and reduce the risk of indulging in too many sweets or fried foods. Eat your salad at least 1-2 hours before hitting the party so you have time to digest it properly and don’t go feeling too full and bloated.

3) Be sure to eat breakfast no more than 1 hour after waking up. Then be sure to eat small meals and snacks throughout the day, every 2-4 hours. By doing this you will kick your metabolism into high gear AND stabilize your blood sugar so you will feel high on life! Your mood will be great and you will be running on a ton of energy!

BONUS) Drink at least 8 oz of water between each alcoholic beverage to stay hydrated. This will also reduce caloric and sugar intake, and help you to avoid drinking and eating more than you actually need for a good time:)


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