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4 Power Steps to Living a Life You Love in a Body You Love August 1, 2010

Hey guys! Here are some of the highlights of my 4 Power Steps to Living a Life You Love in a Body You Love talk I gave a couple of weeks ago. I am working on putting this information as well as some other power information into an E-Book. Stay tuned for information regarding that and how you can purchase it! 🙂

4 Power Steps to Living a Life You Love in a Body You Love- if you implement these 4 things into your life…your entire life will change

1) Vital nutrients through proper nutrition

whole and organic foods (grows out of the ground or has a mom) vs processed junk foods

– foods that fit your bio-individuality (blood type, job schedule, energy requirements, activity level)

– know your food…you are what you eat

2)Proper Exercise

– Build a solid foundation of lean muscle tissue for an efficient metabolism

– Consistency is Key… “good day show up do the work…bad day show up do the work.” Eventually, your foundation will work for you and carry you through the tough times

– Keep it interesting so you don’t get bored and so you keep shocking the body to break through plateaus

3) Get Health Coaching

– we all need help, so ask the professionals…that’s what we study all day every day! No one, not even me, can do it alone, there is always more to learn and know

– we are so pressured to look and be a certain way, especially women in LA…but as a health coach, I teach my clients to follow good health and feeling good from the inside out. The aesthetic aspect will follow if you are healthy. If we diet and exercise to please others, to be accepted, or to fit in…we will end up feeling demotivated and burnt out at some point. The number one person worth getting fit and healthy for…is YOU.

– Practice the Crowding Out Method– learn how to add healthy things in to support your goals, therefore allowing the unhealthy things to fall away more easily and naturally, rather than eliminating everything you love and reaching a place of deprivation.

4)Ask Yourself Good Questions

– it is important to ask yourself questions all the time, so that you are always checking in with what your intention is and where your motivation is coming from. In my E-Book, coming soon, I will share with you my”4 Power Questions” that will help you determine what’s getting in your way of Living the Life YOU love in a Body YOU Love.

Please email me at for a FREE Health Consultation. Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!


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