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So…What’s the Follow Through Feel Like? October 26, 2010

I was speaking with a client earlier this evening and we discussed the challenges for her around making healthy choices when she is out to dinner. It was only moments before this, that she shared with me, in detail, what she wants for her body and her life and how she wants to feel on a daily basis. Does this resonate with you? Are you out there, shooting for a healthier, fitter body, but then having trouble making choices that are alignment with what you say you want? Why do you think you do this?

I have found, that more often than not, someone who is not making the choices in alignment with what they say they want, is either unclear about what they really want or they just don’t have enough of a relationship with the outcome of their healthy and unhealthy choices. What do I mean? Well, for me, I KNOW how I will feel after a large burger and fries and a slice of chocolate cake. I KNOW how I will feel after 4 slices of pizza, a side of spaghetti with garlic bread for dinner and cheesecake and a latte for dessert. I also KNOW how I will feel if I order steamed fish, a big green salad with lots of veggies and avocado, and a side of whole wheat pasta or brown rice and fresh fruit and a small piece of organic dark chocolate for dessert. I KNOW the difference between eating the foods that match my goals and desires, and the foods that do not match my goals and desires. So what I am saying is, sometimes you just may not be conscious yet about how food makes you feel and about how it affects your mood, your day, your week, and your life.

Food literally BECOMES US. It becomes our cells, our hair, our blood, our energy, our skin, and our thoughts. This determines our relationships, our energy levels each day, our creativity or lack thereof, the way in which we experience ourselves in the world, and the way others perceive us and feel about us too. That’s right…the BEST way you can begin to change on a cellular level, in order to make positive shifts and revamp your ENTIRE life, is to change what is going into your mouth! First, you need to have the proper awareness and consciousness around food, so begin by noticing how food makes you feel and how it can positively or negatively affect your week, your interaction with others, and your life!

Here are three tips you can use daily to begin to connect to what you REALLY want and to make the choices that support that:

1) Write out what you want for your life, your body, your career, your health, your family. Get very detailed and clear until you can feel this in your body and feel deeply moved and inspired when you read it back to yourself. Bring this feeling with you to every meal. Ultimately IT will make choices for you.

2) Follow the food through. Once you have gotten more clear about HOW food makes you feel, you can then follow your cravings to the end BEFORE you give in, and see if you still feel the same way. Ex. You’ve been noticing that when you eat dairy it makes your skin break out and you get cranky by 4pm. Therefore you stopped eating all dairy a couple of days ago, and you feel AMAZING and your skin is already beginning to clear up. Then you get taken out to lunch by co-workers and you go to a Mexican restaurant. You see the caso dip and the quesadillas on the menu and think “OMG I REALLY WANT THIS, IT SOUNDS SOOOOOO YUMMY AND I’M STARVING!” But, then you remember that you want to feel full of energy when you get back to work, and that you are really loving your skin right now. You follow the caso and quesadilla option all the way through. You imagine that you’ve eaten the caso and quesadillas, and you can feel how bloated you are after lunch, and you’ve still got 4 hours back at the office and you’re suppose to workout after. However, now you are feeling fat and lazy, and really just want to go home and sleep, so you cancel with your trainer on the way back to the office and he charges you for the late cancel. You can feel the grease on your face already. You get back to the office and grab a chocolate bar out of the vending machine because you need a “pick me up.” Then you get home and yell at your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife and have no tolerance for your kids. You say things you don’t mean. You’d like to be affectionate and maybe even intimate, but you just feel too gross and tired and angry. You go to bed, feeling fat, lonely, angry, and anxious. It is hard to wake up the next morning because you slept crappy, and therefore you run late to work. On the drive to work you notice a BIG pimple coming up right between your eyes.

Cut back to you at the table. You do not get the caso and quesadillas because you followed them through and now you KNOW that is NOT what you want. What you WANT is to feel energized, sexy, patient, creative, on top of things, on time, and you want to get a kick-ass workout in later! So you go for the black beans and small side of Spanish rice, no cheese, steamed broccolli or a big green salad, and maybe some steamed fish or grilled chicken. AHHHH, you feel great after lunch. You just know you will have an awesome workout, get home with lots of energy for whomever is waiting for you, or if you will be alone, you’ll be able to rest feeling nutured and loved because you did wonderful things for yourself earlier.

3) Always do the VERY best you can. It’s about progress, not perfection. There is no need to feel guilty over eating something “bad.” Just realize it makes you feel yucky, let it go, and do something differently next time!

Ok, I wish you well! Please leave all questions and comments here for me on my blog, or contact me at if you would like a FREE Health Coaching Consultation.

Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!

xxoo Erin


I KNOW, I TRUST, I GIVE THANKS October 25, 2010

Ahhhh tonight I am just sipping tea, breathing and relaxing to the sounds of the joy calmly moving through my veins, my lungs, and my heart. Every cell in my body is full, and emanating with love, light, and pure gratitude for my life. I am realizing that no matter what challenges I face or what sadness I may tap in to from time to time, I always move through these feelings and get to the other side. Lately I have been missing someone special to me. I find myself thinking about him more than I was just a few short weeks ago. At first, I was alarmed by this, as I have been really staying focused on my own life and on healing my own wounds around this relationship. However, ultimately it doesn’t matter why I am feeling so much for him right now. It doesn’t matter why I miss him so much either, or that I wonder if he thinks about or misses me. No, it doesn’t matter that I cannot seem to let go quite yet. All that matters is that I observe that this IS the way I feel NOW. So I am allowing myself to just be with these feelings. Meanwhile, I continue to create the visions of my heart. I keep on keep’n on, and I do this for me, no one else. I do what I love and love every minute of what I do, and that saves me. I KNOW that I am blessed. I KNOW that more and more is being revealed to me every single day, and I KNOW that even though it may look like things are not going my way with this person, that there is a power greater than me with much bigger and better plans than I could ever plan for myself. So I TRUST and I TRUST and I TRUST, and I keep following the visions of my heart. As a result, I move through the temporary pain, and find more of the truth, the light, and the love that always resides deep within me. I am at peace, even when things do not look the way I think they should or want them to at times. I KNOW that I am enough, I am being taken care of, and that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and the rest is on its way. My dreams are finding me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this knowing.

Sweet Dreams,



Why Do You Want It? October 22, 2010

Today I had a pretty in-depth session with a client. She is struggling with a few things. Pretty much her entire life she has battled with feelings of unworthiness unless she can make a “BIG SPLASH” in her life. I think so many of us feel the same way. We are basically taught if we do not reach a certain level of society’s standards of “success” that we do not deserve to feel good about our lives or who we are. The biggest problem with this is, it keeps us from focusing on what’s really important and instead, we become totally obsessed with the things that ultimately don’t really matter.

For example, I asked this client “Do you think once you get the “perfect” job you will feel like all your problems are solved? Or is it possible that when you solve your inner conflict you’ll attract the “perfect job” for YOU? Why do you really want this particular job?” As she and I began to dig deep, she began to tell my her WHY behind this goal. She told me that what she really wants is happiness, freedom, safety, security, and good health. She just thinks she can’t have these things unless she has a certain job, makes enough money, has the right man in her life. For this client, she has measured her worth by the size of the “splash” she is making in the world. She is an AMAZING person, so this just made me very sad. She is suffering from the “When I have that…I’ll be happy” Syndrome.

This is the problem for most people, we all believe that once we have this or that, or him or her, we will finally be happy. But the truth is, just like the many people we know that have all those things and still remain empty to some degree, we are most likely NOT going to achieve the level of freedom, love, happiness, health, safety, and security, from these external sources. We may experience some temporary relief, and possibly things will get a little better, but eventually we will have to deal with our inner conflict. However, if we gain these things from a place of already feeling happy, joyous, and free, then it’s just the icing on the cake…but we need our cake in order to ice it! I believe, that if we switched our perception, changed the way we think, we would be much better off. Instead of waiting for the thing or the person or the job to be happy, why don’t we shoot for happiness and let the rest follow??? I can’t help but wonder…if we were already happy, would we feel as strongly about the need to make a “BIG SPLASH???” I’m just say’n. Your thoughts???

WHY do you want what you want? Figure out your WHY, and you’ll rediscover your WANT.

If you seek Coaching, please contact me at Here’s To You Health, Wellness, and Vitality!

Lots of Love, Light, and Gratitude,



YES to Today! October 19, 2010

“I am safe in the Universe and all of life loves and supports me.”

– Louise Hay

Today I must say, has been a good day. Yes, I am thankful, grateful, and appreciative for this day. I ate a nutritious shake for breakfast, I got to train a couple amazing clients, then I had a very fun, feel-good workout. After the gym, I showed up for a friend,  for his birthday lunch, and got to see lots of people who love and care about me, and whom I love and care about as well. I had a healthy and nutritious lunch, then I got to go home, to a home I love and feel comfortable in. Once I got home and relaxed for a bit, I ate a huge salad with some fruit for dinner and then got a nice, warm, cleansing shower. Following my shower I had the blessing to coach 2 very special clients. I had one client from 6pm-7pm, then I chose to give myself the gift of meditation until 745pm, and then I prepared myself for my 2nd client at 8pm. Now I sit here, to top off an amazing day, doing what I love even MORE than all those other things I love that I GOT to do today. Yes, this is my dream. I am writing on my blog, to you, and sharing my life and love for fitness with you. I have overcome so much to get to this place where I can sit down at the end of the day and, even though I have not achieved all my goals thus far, I can feel so happy about who I am and what my life stands for. This is my wish for everyone, that we all feel inspired by our own lives, to live our best life, as the best version of ourselves:) I am not saying that every day is easy, or that I do not still struggle or feel challenged in many ways at times, but I am saying that I now have the tools I need to move through it all, the inspiration to share it all, and the willingness to be transformed by it all.

You see today is the kind of day that I have been dreaming of my entire life. I can really and honestly say I do what I love and love what I do EVERY SINGLE DAY, whether I get paid or not, no matter where I am, and no matter who I am with…no matter what. The best part about that is, I get to help others do the same. I have been in a lifelong love affair with fitness my entire life, and I finally understand that being FIT is living a life full of love, inspiration, healthy relationships, support, and having a positive attitude about EVERYTHING that gets put on my path, whether I like it or not. We literally GET to choose who we are and who we want to be one choice at a time, one day at a time. Even the so-called “bad choices” are not bad when we maintain our consciousness about them. When we can take these “bad choices” and let them teach us, and help us to evolve and grow and step even more into our power, THEN we ARE living a FIT life, a life of a warrior and a hero of the heart.

I dream that one day, everyone will be healed of their eating disorders and dysfunctional relationships with food and exercise. I dream that I will be able to use my personal experiences with eating and exercise disorders and addictions to help others heal from theirs.  I dream that everyone will be able to look in the mirror at themselves and LOVE what they see, independent of what the mirror tries to tell them. I dream that we all get to a place of KNOWING we are lovable, KNOWING we are worthy of greatness, and KNOWING that we are absolutely enough, regardless of the circumstances or of our shape and size at any given moment. These are my dreams for you. These are my dreams for me. I am happy to report, that I live in this knowing more and more deeply every single day, and it feels DAMN GOOD! 🙂 It IS possible…it is.

Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!

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Thank you,

xo Erin


I LOVE FITNESS! October 14, 2010

Today I have been thinking a lot about my relationship with fitness. Essentially what this means is, I have been thinking about my relationships with food, exercise, my body, relationships with others, my career, my passions, my clients, my purpose, my message, my spirituality, and pretty much everything that makes my life a FIT life. You see, fitness to me is about so much more than just “how many calories did I eat today” or “are my abs showing.” Fitness to me, is a philosophy, a way of  life, and an approach to everything I do and create.

I remember the days when I used to count calories before I fell asleep, just like one would count sheep. Literally, I would lay there adding everything up I’d eaten for the day until I came to a conclusion about whether or not I could feel good about myself. Sometimes I got lucky and fell asleep first, but that was rare. My entire life was dependent upon how much I worked out, what I ate, what size I was wearing, what I looked like, etc. This was no FIT life I assure you. I may have been a size 2 with shredded abs, but since everything else in my life took the backseat, including my health, it wasn’t long before my life became fat, bloated, and depressed.

The truth is,  I love to move my body. I love all forms of exercise whether it be yoga, taking a dance class, running, kickboxing, weights and circuit training, whatever. But I DO NOT want to HAVE to exercise. That’s right! It’s not fun to do anything we HAVE to do. Therefore, it is so important to stay in a place of WANTING to exercise. If I force myself to go 6 days a week, I know what will happen. I will feel pressured, forced, and will end up feeling burnt out and resentful. That is no way to create a healthy relationship now is it? Nope. So instead, I go a minimum of 3 days a week, and anything on top of that is a gift to me and for me:-)

I love fitness. It has been one of my greatest teachers thus far in my life. It has taught me so much about who I am, what is important and what’s not, what I really want, and what I really am capable of creating for myself and others. What I now KNOW is, Living a FIT life is maintaining the health of everything in my life. In order to truly be HEALTHY from the inside out, I must always be willing to follow certain guidelines:

1) Stay true to who I am and NEVER dim my light in order for someone else to feel more comfortable.

2) Speak my truth, and trust that who I am and what I have to share, IS good enough.

3) Take inventory of the people in my life and make sure that I am only surrounding myself with loving, supportive friends and family.

4) Do what I love, and do it every day no matter where I am or who I am with, NO MATTER WHAT. Doing what I love IS who I am.

5) Stay really clear about what I WANT. This vision must stay clear, because this is what gets me to the gym, what chooses a salad over pizza, and what gets me working on a project I love whether I want to or not.

If you want to live a FIT life, try living by these guidelines. Apply them in your own life, in your own unique way. You are beautiful and talented and creative, and you don’t do anyone a favor, especially yourself, when you hide who you are. Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!!!

If you seek Health and Wellness Life Coaching, please email me at for a free consultation. XOXO


What’s In the Way IS the Way… October 6, 2010

To get to the other side, we must face the challenge at hand.

Well, I don’t know about you, but this weather is really resonating with me right now. After all the heat and dryness last week, this feels like such a treat! The rain feels so cleansing to the air and land, which happens to be a perfect vibrational match to the cleansing I feel inside of me. I had such an amazing weekend! It was my birthday on Saturday, and I spent the weekend at a ranch in Topanga Canyon, doing healing meditations and lots of introspection and reflection work. I feel so grateful for the information available to us within our very own bodies.

Have you ever heard the saying “What’s in the way IS the way?” I love this saying because it is so true. For example, when your kitchen is extremely clean, and a dish or two gets dirty…its pretty easy to wash them right away, and to maintain the clean state of the kitchen. However, when work gets busy, and you are out and about and running around all over the place, it doesn’t seem like it takes long for the dishes to pile up does it? When there is a kitchen full of dirty dishes, most of us will feel a lot of resistance, and try to avoid it for a while. The bigger the mess, the less we want to dig in  and do something about it. But like the saying goes…”What’s in the way IS the way.” The only thing that will get your house clean again, and create a comfortable space for you to live in, is actually doing the dishes!

This is what my weekend was like. Our bodies are like houses. It is important for us to keep them clean. I try to keep mine maintained the best I can, but there are times in my life that get very hectic, or there are transitions I am going through that make it more difficult, and as a result things will get a bit messy in my body and therefore my head. These messes are typically made up of suppressed emotions as well as less than ideal food, eaten on one too many occasions, LOL. I usually can tell things are “piling up” and getting messy, when I start feeling “dark” feelings like confusion, sadness, depression, claustrophobia, anxiety, or hopelessness, or when I begin over- thinking a lot and totally spinning out in my head. This brings me to the gratitude I feel for meditation, reflection, and introspection work. When we go within, we can take a look at what needs to be cleaned, and then, by bringing our awareness to it, and allowing ourselves to fully feel what is there…we GET to wash ourselves clean of it. So many people drink, use drugs, food, sex, or shopping, to numb their feelings out. Just like a smelly, dirty kitchen, the bigger the mess, the scarier it is to face. We are never quite sure what we may find when we stick our hands in there. However, when we use “numbing out” agents to avoid our feelings inside…we get nowhere! The only real way to heal and to feel better, is to walk into the mess and clean it up. It’s never as bad as it seems from the outside looking in. When we heal ourselves from the inside out, it makes a positive shift in our actions, and therefore we begin to make much healthier choices.

I got to clean up a lot of messes inside of me this weekend, and I am feeling extremely good about who I am. I am truly grateful for this life I GET to live, and for the journey we are all on together. Today, take 5-10 minutes to turn inward. Ask your body to show you where there are any messes that need your attention and cleaning. Then stay focused on your breath and allow the silence to love you and nurture you. You may be surprised how much relief you get from this gift to yourself.

Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!

Yours In Spirit,



The Battle of the LBs October 1, 2010

This morning I awoke to a frantic text from a client who has gained 15 pounds in the last few months. This client has been unable to keep a consistent schedule in, and outside of  the gym with me, and her eating habits have been on a roller coaster due to some family and work challenges that have kept her traveling quite a bit. She and I worked really hard to get this weight off, and she kept herself at a weight and lifestyle she was happy with for a year and a half. “Why is this happening?” “I worked so hard for so long, and now I feel terrible again.”  She is very upset and feels defeated. Does this sound familiar?

The Battle of the Lbs can be an aggressive battle if we let it…but it doesn’t have to be.  What has happened is, my client got comfortable and instead of getting more clear about her intentions for her health and fitness…she got less clear. In the beginning, she was motivated by a break-up…but eventually, external motivation WILL ware off. Also, things happen…we get called to take care of others, and it is not always going to be easy to stay committed to our healthy ways. But it ultimately comes down to this…HOW DO YOU WANT TO FEEL IN YOUR SKIN, AND WHAT IS THE BEST COURSE OF ACTION TO MAKE SURE YOU ACHIEVE IT AND MAINTAIN IT TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY? (And beware of excuses my dear friend) We must get clear about what we want, and continue to deepen that vision and tweak it with regards to new goals and desires. Ultimately, what matters most, is that we do the very best we can in every moment (because that’s all we CAN do), and obviously “our best” will look differently, depending on the day, but nonethelss…DO OUR BEST. Unfortunately, most people wait until they are in unbearable pain to change their behaviors and actions. Why? Why wait until you are in so much pain you feel defeated?

What I have learned over the years is, first of all…We are NEVER defeated. Also, just as importantly, what I want more than anything…more than abs, more than my “skinny weight,” more than ANYTHING, is to be happy and to feel comfortable, beautiful, and sexy in my own body…from the inside out, independent of anything external.  This does not mean I don’t also want to look good, it just means that I approach looking good from a different place. If we approach it from a healthy place, we get to keep the results. If we approach it from an unhealthy place, we will eventually fall back into our old ways. It is so important to really get clear about how you want to FEEL. How does it feel to try on clothes at a store, how do you feel when you are walking through the grocery store, how do your favorite jeans feel when you button them? Then get clear on your visualizations. What do you SEE when you look in the mirror? What do you see when you go to a party? How do you see the world from the eyes of a body you love? What do you hear yourself saying to yourself? Are you visualizing hearing loving words from yourself? All these things help us stay on track…so we can keep the battle of the LB’s at Bay. We are human beings…our weight will fluctuate throughout the year, as Mother Nature intended it to, however, there is an ideal minimum and maximum for each of us that we do not have to exceed if we have the proper tools to reach for.

This morning, I did a short coaching session with this client. I instructed her to do the following:

1) Write down exactly how she is feeling, so she can refer back to the pain she is experiencing right now, and therefore can use that instead of having to recreate it later. This is a helpful tool, because when you feel like you are getting off track, or you are forgetting the pain you can potentially cause yourself, you can read over this particular journal entry and it can bring you right back to the pain. This will help you make better choices in the future, so you never have to create this particular feeling again.

2) Write 3 pages of a free flow of thought this morning, followed by a list of her intentions for today and 5 things she is grateful for. This is an exercise I have assigned her to do every day. In the morning, as soon as you wake up, before doing anything else…take a mental dump! Write down anything and everything that comes to your mind, even if it is “I don’t know what to write” or “I’m so tired, this sucks.” It doesn’t matter…just keep writing and do not stop. This must be with a pen and paper, not typing. Write for 3 straight pages (front and back count as 2). Then, following the 3 pages, set your intentions and write them down. What do you intend to feel, see, create, do, ect, for today? How do you intend today to unfold? After all of that, write down 5 things you feel really grateful for…even if that is “I am grateful for this pen in my hand.”

3) I told her to write a journal at the end of the day, about how the day went, what feelings came up around each meal, when she gets the most hungry, and what foods make her feel the best and most satisfied. This is a great tool, because it tracks what actually happened throughout your day, and you can see if you are staying in alignment with your intentions you set for that day or not.  The way we do one thing is the way we do all things, so it is important to identify patterns, and then to look at what’s going on underneath the surface.

My client and I will do a coaching session on Monday, to review her writings, and, as long as she remains willing to do what it takes to feel better, and commits to the process…she will be on her way to living in a body she loves!

Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!

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Thank you 🙂



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