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Clearing the Path for Wellness! November 10, 2010

Pictures of People RunningPictures of People Running

Hello there! What is new and good? I must say, in my line of work, there are many areas of my client’s lives that must be addressed in order to achieve a certain level of health and wellness. It is true for all of us. Being healthy and living a FIT life takes much more than just clean food and exercise. We must be willing to take a look at anything toxic in our lives that creates “dis-ease” for us. This could mean our careers, our relationships with friends, family, partners and lovers, our spiritual practice or lack thereof, or even just our perception and/or thoughts around these things. Whatever it is in our lives that is out of alignment with who we really are and what we really want, WILL bring us pain and suffering if we continue to do what we always do (or don’t do) about them. These obstacles are always a blessing however, because once we resolve them, we get all the beautiful gifts that await us on the other side.

For example, I have been in and out of a relationship with someone who ultimately never left me feeling very good or healthy about myself. This relationship created a lot of toxicity in my life and in my mind, body, and spirit. As I have stayed committed to living a FIT life, and to moving through each day with optimal wellness, I have been able to reach a level of consciousness that provides me an awareness when things do not align with my bigger picture. I finally did what I had to do to get resolution around this relationship and I feel fantastic! I haven’t felt this FREE and energized in two years! I am here to report, that you will not die if you speak your truth and say what you need to say in your life to take care of YOU.

You see, if we want to live a life of Optimal Health…than we must be willing to clear the path for wellness. The longer we continue to engage in negative relationships, thoughts, patterns, habits, behaviors, and activities, the longer we will keep ourselves from living in the energy and love that we so deserve and so desire. I have learned that it is by TAKING RIGHT ACTION, that declares to the universe that we ARE worthy of better and that we do love ourselves enough to do whatever it takes to create a healthy life for ourselves, and it is when we do this that we get to receive all the gifts that are waiting for us on the other side of such warrior courage and committment. I finally decided to feel through my feelings of rejection and abandonment and shame, so that I could clear the path for Divine Wellness in my life. I knew it was time to do something different unless I wanted to keep getting the same results, and that was NOT an option for me this time.

Ultimately you have to decide what it is you want for yourself and for your life. You ARE worthy of everything your heart desires. You ARE enough, and you CAN create anything you want. I know this to be the law, and the truth. What are you willing to do to clear the path for Wellness in your life? Is there a relationship that needs closure? Do you need to speak to your boss about a way to make things more comfortable for you at work? Are you struggling with an addiction and need to seek help? Do you maybe need to shift your thoughts or your perception about something so you can feel grateful instead of resentful? What is it? You deserve to feel fantastic…so what is worth putting that off any longer?

For me…I am going to greet mother nature for a run in the morning because I feel so energized and free. I am here for any questions, comments, or support you may need 🙂 Please reach out to me here on the blog.

Also, if you seek Coaching, please email me at for a FREE consultation.

xoxoxoxo and good night,



4 Responses to “Clearing the Path for Wellness!”

  1. I love this, and needed this. Thank you SO much for always being so honest and open in your blog. You are really an inspiration to me. We are not alone in our feelings and that is so comforting.

    • Erin Lanahan Says:

      Yes, what we so often think we are experiencing alone, is actually the collective we are tapping in to. It is a pleasure to be on this journey with you Marcy:) Thanks for your love and support!
      xoxo Erin

  2. Jan Says:

    Hi Erin,
    You ask what is new and good? Each day is such a blessing and offers so much NEW and GOOD! Recently through your blog and other internet sources, I have been opened to meditation. I already am a spirit-filled praying person, so this was an amazing key unlocking new realms of inspiration and possibilities. I feel like you people through your positive words handed me a gift -wrapped entity of unending potential and benefit! Being good to myself, is a Journey. I am certainly a Traveller. Keeping an open mind, heart, and spirit. Thank you for the gift of your blog, newsletter and burden to reach the ones in need of inspiration. You are AMAZING! ~JAN~

    • Erin Lanahan Says:

      Wow, thank you Jan. I am so happy that you now share the gift of meditation with those of us who have been lucky enough to discover it and make it a regular and consistent practice in our lives. It definitely IS a gem:) It is a wonderful thing to be journeying with you…thank you for your loving energy and kind words.

      So much love,

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