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Asking, Allowing, Seeking, Accepting…Surrendered November 18, 2010

Hi friends. I hope this blog entry finds you well. When I say “well” I do not necessarily mean “happy,” or smiling, or free of all things that feel difficult. I just mean I hope this finds you in  a place where, regardless of what you are currently experiencing, you are actually in a place of asking, allowing, seeking, accepting…surrendered. This is my current state. I have deep knowing that “wellness” is a direct result of BEING IN YOUR EXPERIENCE. Just let yourself HAVE your experience…whatever it is. As soon as we ask for what we want,  allow what is happening to just happen, seek out that which is in alignment with us, accept the reality, and surrender to the moment…we get to move past any and all limitations we once had. You see, for me anyway, when I resist my experience, it never has a chance to be heard and therefore just worsens my current condition. You know that saying “whatever you resist persists?” That’s exactly what happens. Your experience wants a voice, just like you do…it’s kind of like a child who really wants to tell you something. The more you ignore them, the louder they will scream. If you ignore them long enough, they just might kick a temper tantrum, demanding that they have a chance to be fully expressed. This is what happens in our lives if we do not SURRENDER.

Recently I have been going through many different emotions and transitions, both internal and external. At times, it can feel overwhelming, as if I couldn’t possibly survive. This is when I just know that there is NOTHING else I can do but to Ask for what I want, Allow myself to be where I am and have my experience, Seek out that which I need in the moment, Accept the reality of what is, and to Surrender to a power greater than myself, knowing all is being taken care of. Over the last week or so, I honestly didn’t have it in me to do anything more than lay on my couch, listening to music, while I let my deepest fears, wounds, and sorrow, bleed out of my body through the tear ducts in my eyes. It felt really good…to just let it happen. The good news is…once we HAVE our experience, we can get on with things…and we get to move on with a lighter step, and with greater awareness and internal integrity. I have found that external integrity is also very healing. We all to often walk around pretending things are better than they are, in fear of being “Debbie Downer.” I am not saying we should walk around complaining or playing the victim…I’m just saying, that by having both  internal and external integrity, we get to heal. Internal integrity is being honest with ourselves about what is happening inside of us and allowing it, and External integrity is being honest with others about what is happening inside of us. The more I do these things, the better I get, and the more my life becomes a manifestation of my highest truth and best self. For me, this is the only way to live…with authenticity, integrity, and love.

So I have been Asking, Allowing, Seeking, Accepting…Surrendered. How about you? I would love to hear from you about how your journey is unfolding. Please share with me here:)

So much light and love to you all…thank you for being you!


Here’s a great song that helped me get through a really hard week 🙂

P.S. A great website a dear client of mine introduced me to recently is This has great inspiration and wisdom available for you. Thanks Marcy for this gift 🙂


5 Responses to “Asking, Allowing, Seeking, Accepting…Surrendered”

  1. Jan Says:

    There is great power and value to your words here! So true the illustration of internal AND external integrity. That you allow your vulnerability to show, and let us walk with you as you EXPERIENCE is a gift you are giving the world of those that read and also permission and hope to EXPERIENCE for ourselves, if not today, then tomorrow. WISE words, thanks for allowing us to be REAL and PRESENT with you in word, deed, and song. Trust and have faith! Blessings, Jan

  2. Erin Lanahan Says:

    Once again…thank you Jan, for your kind, beautiful words, and for tuning in to my site. I appreciate you.
    😉 Erin

  3. Jan Says:

    Ma’am, you are welcome. My situation is that I deal with moderate to severe pain daily, and have for years. I am very ready for relief, whether it be by remission again, healing, or release. I have peace and contentment either way. The only choice that is true to me, is to live Life by faith and courage! Grateful for hand tools, and the know-how to use them, that I can crawl under my semi at midnight on the interstate in SoFL and fix broken brake lines to keep rolling. See? Determined to LIVE FULLY and FEEL and EXPERIENCE regardless “limitations”. Encouraged to read your accounts of the LIVING! Sharing Journeys.

  4. You’re a gift Erin 🙂 You inspire SO much in me…and I am so grateful for you!!!

  5. Erin Lanahan Says:

    Ditto, ditto, ditto Miss beautiful Marcy. We are blessed 🙂

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