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Thank Goodness for Humility! November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you are enjoying this day, wherever you may be, whether you are surrounded with loved ones or by yourself. This morning I spent a good few hours with a couple different families, neither one of which are my birth family. In the time I spent with them, I was reminded of the POWER of community. We shared with each other everything we are grateful for, and although I AM SOOOO grateful for so much…what I am most thankful for today is humility. I was reminded of this as I took part in a group consciousness that is aware of what it really means to live with humility.

You see, for me, if I do not live each day humble, in humility, then I am not teachable or in receiving mode.  I can really want something, but until we have the WILLINGNESS to do whatever it takes, we will not achieve the things we desire. I talk to my clients a lot about willingness, but today it hit me. We cannot even get to a point of being willing, until we have humility. Humility is the key that unlocks willingness, and willingness is all the Divine needs to enter our lives and to begin transforming us. I use to live life from a very ego place, and I made many attempts to create a life that felt good to me. I also failed many times. I still try this sometimes, and fail every time, but then the POWER of community helps me remember this main ingredient to living a happy life, which is HUMILITY. Today, I connect with other people who live their lives with humility. I reach out and help someone else. I pray, meditate, and look for reasons to be grateful. Today I GET to feel excited about embracing my reality, whatever it looks like, and appreciating the current moment. Today I am HUMBLY grateful for all that I experience…the good, the bad, and the ugly…because ultimately there is no suffering in pain. There is only suffering in our perception of the pain. What we feel is merely a fact. Suffering only occurs in our judgement of the fact. This keeps me humble, because I know happiness is a choice I must make. Happiness comes from a shift in my perception of the fact, and community reminds me of this daily and helps me shift my perception. I can choose to accept my feelings at face value, allowing me to actually feel them and have the experience of them, and be in the moment… or I can believe the story my ego wants to make up about what I am feeling, and get transported out of the present moment. There is no suffering in the NOW, there is only suffering when we are not living in the NOW. I am humbled by this knowing. I am humbled by the knowing that I cannot remember these simple things without community. Thank Goodness for Humility! Because I am humble, I am open, teachable, connected, and willing to do whatever it takes to live a good life. I will spend the rest of my day writing, enjoying my family, and eating food that loves me back. Here’s to HUMILITY!

Gobble Gobble,



2 Responses to “Thank Goodness for Humility!”

  1. Jan Says:

    Hello Erin, I thought about you often this week. As usual, I appreciate the connection and inspiration I feel by reading your social networking words and the way you share your life to help others.

    Today, especially, I was so gifted to be included for TG dinner fellowship with families of my church and my mentor. Humbled to be surrounded by People of like mind, of precious shared faith. Loving each other as we should. So pure and unconditional.

    As we gave thanks, each in his or her own way, I included you. It’s as if you joined us, and we shared our blessings back and forth. I truly hope this day, and all days bring you all you search for towards your optimum. Blessings, Jan

  2. Erin Lanahan Says:

    Hi Jan! Thanks so much for thinking of me and bringing me into your blessings and gratitude. It sounds like you had a beautiful experience, and I enjoyed very much to read about it. Here’s to a heart felt holiday season for us, and everyone:)
    Big Hug,

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