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What Being Fit Means To Me December 9, 2010

What Being Fit Means To Me– I have talked about this with all of you in previous posts. It seems to be something I ponder often. I think this is because I realize on a daily basis, that being “FIT” means so much more than we give it credit for. Yes, it means the obvious, like healthy eating and exercise habits, but to me, REAL FITNESS shows up in our ability to be resilient and flexible in the face of adversity, transition, and what appears to be an impossible obstacle to overcome.

Lately I have been undergoing some major changes. Some expected, some totally unexpected, some I wanted, others I wouldn’t have even considered. I am being divinely challenged to “Clean Out” my life, in order to make room for what wants to become of me. I recently was reminded of the Vacuum Law of Prosperity, which states that “Two things cannot take up the same space, and therefore we have to let something go in order for something new to replace it.” Well, I am relieved by this knowing, otherwise I may start believing that I’m loosing everything. It certainly can appear that way at times. However, I know that Divine Intervention is up to something in my life and in the lives of all of you. It is actually exciting, almost like Christmas…I know I am receiving many gifts, but I do not know what they will be just yet. I am looking forward to opening each gift, as they arrive in all their uniqueness, right in front of my face.

Being fit is having the strength and willingness to keep a constant state of awareness. Fitness is endurance for life. It’s a consciousness, a philosophy…an attitude. It’s the way in which you get up out of bed each day and move through the moments that confront you. Being fit is definitely external, but even more than that, it is internal. How internally fit are you? Remind yourself that everything in your life is meant to be there or it wouldn’t be. Think of that trust game, you know the one where you totally relax and fall backwards, trusting the person behind you to catch you? Live this way. Breathe deeply, completely relax, surrender your will and your power, and turn it all over to something bigger and greater than you. Allow yourself to take the “fall” and watch how grace steps in to catch you.

I hope you all are making the most out of your circumstances, friends and families, and every single day. Happy Holidays my friends.

Stay tuned for my next Article…”What Are You Holding On To That Needs To Be Released?”



Watch this cool Video on The Vacuum Law of Prosperity!


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