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Crowding Out:Getting Fit The Easy Way January 20, 2011

When the clock strikes 12 am on January 1st, the majority of the world continues to party, knowing that once they wake up later that day, they will find themselves beholden to their New Year’s resolutions. This creates a pressure, one I’m sure we have all experienced, to “perform perfection.”

Do these look familiar…

Did you know that 95% of people give up on their resolutions by January 10th? As a long-time trainer and Health Coach, I have my own beliefs and philosophies about why this happens, based on my own life experiences and those of my clients.

One of the worst things we can do for ourselves is put loads of pressure and expectations on our every move. This is what tends to overwhelm us, and therefore causes us to give up before we even have a chance to honor our beginning. When we make out long lists of things we need to change, which somehow always seems to be everything LOL, we end up with feelings of confusion over where to even begin. So…we decide it’s just easier never to begin. Therefore, something I like to teach my clients to use as a super applicable method for reaching optimal health, hottness, and well-being, and something I also use daily, is a method called “Crowding Out.”

Crowding Out is exactly the opposite of dieting or going on some extreme exercise program. First of all, I am a huge fan of physical, mental, and emotional transformation. However, I believe in accomplishing transformation in a way we can maintain long-term, and therefore avoid the roller coaster of gaining and losing, gaining and losing our goals.

Instead of focusing on what things you must take away from yourself, Crowding Out focuses on what things you can give yourself. In other words, crowding out means you will begin to add in the habits and behaviors that support your overall goals, and thus allow the adding in to crowd out the habits and behaviors that do not match your goals.

So, for starters, take one unhealthy meal or snack, and replace it with a healthy one. The key here is to start small. You don’t want to feel too much pressure or else you risk “rebellion.” Make sure the first few healthy habits you add in do not feel too hard to maintain on a consistent basis. Remember, we want to create healthy habits that last. Make one realistic change per week for 12 weeks, and I guarantee you will feel much less pressured along the way, and will more than likely end up being able to maintain the new lifestyle you created for yourself.

Ok…here’s a good place to start…

If you’ve been eating something like this for lunch:

…try replacing it with something closer to this instead:

Do this for one week and see how you feel. More than likely, you will begin to feel more energy, vitality, and have a bit more of a bounce in your step, which will just make you crave more of that feeling. That’s how it works. After the first week, keep that one healthy shift you made, and then add one more.

For example, if you are doing something like this on your Saturday afternoon:

Try replacing it with something a bit closer to this instead:

If you are adding in one healthy habit a week for 12 weeks, that’s 12 more healthy things you are giving yourself in 3 months. That’s a lot! Also, it’s good to acknowledge that as a result,  you will experience many of your  unhealthy habits falling away just because there is no longer any room for them. It’s practically magic:) Keep your focus on the new things you get to GIVE yourself rather than what needs to fall away, and as you begin to feel better and look better, you will find it easier and easier to continue doing more of the things that support your overall goal.

That’s it…that’s all you have to do to experience physical and habitual transformation. Too many people get caught up in the negative aspects of reaching health, hottness, and optimal well-being, and that can be extremely counterproductive. It’s ok to have goals, and to make lists…just don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to change everything at once. Changing your body, means changing your mind and your perception about what feels good to you. It is a process, and one that can be deeply profound and beautiful if you are gentle and loving towards yourself along the way. Your journey towards living a life you love in a body you love can begin right now. All you need is the willingness to commit to one healthy addition to your life per week. Those who commit, get fit!

I encourage you to begin your first week of crowding out. What healthy habit are you going to add in first? I’m exciting to find out! Please share with me here!  Here’s to your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!


Use What You Got To Get What You Want January 13, 2011

Use What’s Available To You Now, To Be Available For New Possibilities.

Wow, I have been loving this new way of looking at things lately “Use What You Got To Get What You Want.” This is the most current lesson I have been putting into practice in my life. How it began? Last week, I was on the phone with my life coach, and I was explaining to her that there are certain ways in which I want to expand my business and my life. I told her that  receiving ideas and inspiration were not the problem,  but that my circumstances were.  More often than not,  I feel like I get stuck due to my current access to resources, and therefore I do not end up following through on the ideas and inspiration. In other words, I have a story in my head, and what happens is, I get all inspired and excited about life and then ideas begin to pour in from the ethers. What happens next however, is I begin to feel super frustrated and bad because it appears as though I do not currently have the resources it will take to move forward with my ideas. My life coach explained to me that this simply is not true.

Our higher selves KNOW and are aware of what our current circumstances are. Therefore, if our intuition urges us in a particular direction, that means there IS A WAY. If there weren’t, we wouldn’t get the intuition to begin with. It is very important to follow our intuitive ideas and creative flow. Our bodies are brilliant, and they send us powerful messages about where to go and what to do. If we pay attention, and follow these messages, we will experience amazing things unfolding in our lives. The problem I’ve been suffering from however, is that I keep telling myself that I cannot follow through due to this, that, or the other circumstantial reason.

My life Coach shared a really cool story with me, that has been useful ever since. It’s about Moses. When Moses knew he was supposed to lead his people across the Red Sea, he had no idea how he was supposed to do such a thing. But he knew he had to right? He was being guided to do so. So he asked, “How will I ever get us across this sea?” God said to him, “Pick up a stick and hold it high.” So Moses picked up a stick from the ground beside him, lifted it high above his head, and the Red Sea parted down the middle and they were able to cross through it. So, what was the point of the stick? Why couldn’t Moses have just lifted his arm above his head really high? The moral of the story is, when you are being divinely guided, and it appears as though you do not have a way to follow through with the guidance you are receiving, all you have to do is pick up something you already have and use it to take you to the next place. Infuse what you got, with God Power, divine knowing, and use it to get what you want.

If we can remember this, than nothing can stop us from moving forward. For me, I have had a strong intuition to do a bunch of things lately. Some of which are things like,  investing in seminars for my business, attending Kundalini yoga classes on a regular basis, and going to dance classes on a weekly basis! What has been happening is, I get these strong messages to do these things and then the story follows immediately saying, “How can I do all these things with no extra time” or “It’s too expensive” or “I can’t get to the classes I like because work conflicts,” and so on and so on. Then, the inner child, my spirit, gets really sad and begins to feel defeated. So I go from feeling really good and inspired, to immediately feeling bad and defeated.

Not anymore however!  Hearing that piece of the story of Moses, with that perception, has helped me tremendously. We don’t always have to do things the way we think they should look like. The point is to just do them the best way we can with regard to our current circumstances. What’s important is that we don’t deny our Spirit of the freedom and expression it is currently seeking. By allowing our Spirit these things, we allow ourselves to move closer to having and becoming everything our hearts desire. Like the old saying goes…”Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

As a result of this new perception of mine, I have been doing this. I have been using what I’ve got to get what I want. Example: Yesterday I was on my usual run in West Hollywood and an awesome song with a good beat was playing on my I-Pod. I just wanted to break it down…to dance right there, as I ran down the street. So… I DID. As I was running, I was dancing and popping, and just moving my body freely to the beat and it felt AMAZING! I felt completely and totally fully expressed and in alignment with Source. Of course my head wanted to get me all afraid of looking stupid, but I ignored it because I was way too committed to letting my Spirit have the freedom and expression it was demanding of me right then and there. I may not have had the time to hit a dance class yesterday, but I sure had the time to dance!

As far as Kundalini yoga goes, I intend to pick up a DVD I can do from home in the early morning before my day begins. I also had an awesome client send me information on a scholarship program for an entrepreneurial conference in February. Once again I picked up What I had, which was the opportunity to go for a reduced admission, and I got the scholarship! So now I will be attending a conference, that is a HUGE investment for my business, and I was only required to pay a minimal fee to attend.

So, Dancing…Check. Kundalini Yoga…Check. Investing in my business…Check!

That’s right…it’s that easy. Use what you ALREADY have to move you closer to what you want! You will surprise yourself as you begin to experience more freedom and self-expression.

What are you currently wanting to move toward? What can you pick up right now, to act as the bridge to get you closer? Please share your story with me here.

Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!

Thanks for being you,


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Align With Nature: Retire When the Eating is Done January 5, 2011

To keep on filling is not as good as stopping.  Overfilled, the cupped hands drip, better to stop pouring.  Sharpen a blade too much and its edge will soon be lost.  Fill your house with jade and gold and it brings insecurity.  Puff yourself with honor and pride and no one can save you from a fall.  Retire when the work is done; this is the way of heaven. 9th Verse Tao Te Ching

I decided to share the above with you,which is the 9th verse of the Tao Te Ching as spoken on Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life Audio Book,  because it touches on something that we all experience or have experienced at one time or another. We live in a society that is addicted to more, more, more.

We have become disconnected with the ALL THAT IS within us.

Deep within ourselves, we know when enough is enough,and that we actually already have everything we could ever need. Connecting back to this, is to be like the Tao, knowing exactly when to stop, and to just let go and enjoy the fruits of our labor, knowing that all is already perfect.

There was a time in my life when I could never get enough anything. There was never enough love, enough money, enough weight loss, enough food, enough alcohol, enough drugs, enough attention, enough validation, enough achievements, enough success, enough beauty, enough fun, enough freedom, enough talent…never enough anything! In fact, the more I consumed of these things or of the things I thought would bring me happiness, the more I wanted, and although I became satiated quickly, I continued to over consume. It was a very ugly and vicious cycle. The more I consumed, the more I wanted. I was desperately seeking everything outside of myself to make me feel better, to tell me that I was doing a good job, and to give me some kind of anchor or feelings of safety in the Universe. I was so far removed from the truth that resides within me, that I was actively participating in the “more is better” and “more will bring happiness” movement. I got sicker and sicker as a result.

My life became extremely unmanageable, and ultimately, I was no longer able to live in the world and function healthfully.

When it became too difficult for me to show up for my family and friends, and for my own life, in a way that felt honest and authentic, I knew it was time to take a real look at what I was allowing into my experience. My obsession with the overconsumption of everything had its hold on me, and I was no longer an active participant in the creation of the life I came here to live.

Overconsumption was my solution, and I’d been consuming whatever I could to relieve me of the feelings I didn’t feel strong enough to face. I was trying to avoid what awaited me, and I finally realized that it would continue to wait for me until I confronted it. Afterall, my solutions were not working anymore, and therefore it was time to deal with the real problem…me and my stinking thinking.

You see, I had to come to terms with my own abusive behavior and lack of self-love before I could be available for healing. I had to come to terms with the “radical concept” that  Enough IS Enough, and that we can never get enough of what we DON’T actually want, so we must find what we are really looking for. If it’s happiness and freedom we seek at our core, then money, relationships, beauty, and success, will never feel like enough, because ultimately they cannot bring us those feelings of peace, joy, and freedom within. We must arrive at those places within ourselves FIRST, and let the rest manifest from there. Otherwise, we end up with a whole lot of stuff on the outside, with nothing but pain, suffering, and feelings of being broken on the inside. Hence, stuff does NOT bring happiness, but happiness certainly can manifest great stuff.

I needed something much bigger than myself to help me see things differently, because I was screwing things up nicely trying to do things on my own, and in my own way. Therefore I landed in a place of pure and utter humility. Coming from a place of ostentation and overconsumption, humility was actually the perfect place to begin a transformation. As a result of this humility, I was willing to do whatever it took to get better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Only then did a paradigm shift begin to take place in my life.

Here are 5 things I did to embrace this shift in consciousness and to support total transformation in my life:

1) I stopped the use of all mind altering substances. For me, I just cannot stay connected to Source when I am using something outside myself to cope with life. Therefore, it was my path to seek help so I could begin to make different choices. Staying connected to Source means, I remember daily who and what I am, and what my purpose is in this life. It means that I live in alignment with nature and the Tao as best I know how on any given day, because for me that is living in accordance with my soul’s plan.

2) I began to seek the tools I needed to help me reconnect with the ever-present, ALL THERE ISness, inside of myself. I used and still use meditation, prayer, different forms of yoga, a life coach, lots of self-development and spiritual books, and became a part groups of people who were involved in the community and sharing a similar healing and spiritual path as me. I find community is a huge resource for healing and I truly believe that if we stay connected to others, we stay connected to Source.

3) I made a committment to CONSTANT and CONSISTENT Awareness. I began looking for answers in every conversation, every experience, and everything that crossed my path. Healing takes true courage and commitment, to stay with your process even when you don’t want to or it feels way too intense. I just kept asking for guidance, and then I opened myself wide open to receive it. I also had to work on, and still have to work on, practicing patience, so I can wait for that which I want from a state of excitement and anticipation, rather than focusing on it not being here yet. This helps me enjoy the ride, just like I would on a plane 🙂

4) I began to find ways that allowed me to feel more fully self expressed. I knew that a large part of my addiction to more, was because I was not in alignment. I was out of balance with Source, and with my purpose and passions. So I started blogging first and foremost. I also made sure to honor my body, eating only the foods that nourish and nurture me, and I stayed committed to exercising regularly. Feeling healthy and being creative were the best ways for me to feel fully expressed in the beginning, and those loving acts toward myself lead to many other outlets for me to be even more fully expressed. Being fully expressed is what our hearts and souls long for, because this is our birthright. By taking one small step at a time, I was able to express myself in small ways, slowly getting more connected to who I am, my truth, and the message that resides within me. I gave myself permission to listen to the language of my heart, and to speak from that place. It just gets easier and easier to connect to your heart, which leads you to who you are, the more you allow yourself to do it. ”


“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” -Lao Tzu


5) I got brutally honest. I just stopped. I called it complete. Enough was enough. Through my committment to awareness, I began to realize how bad I felt when I over consumed things. Even after I stopped the use of mind altering substances, I was still over consuming in lots of ways. I was using things like sugar, caffeine, food, work, and I was interacting and engaging way too much in unhealthy relationships. However, awareness took the numbness away that had previously allowed me to ignore the pain and destruction that resulted from my behaviors, and I could no longer continue. So I got brutally honest with myself and with others, and that was the beginning of my reconnection with Source and the remembrance of who and what I truly am.


“The only way to get what you really want, is to know what you really want. And the only way to know what you really want, is to know yourself. And the only way to know yourself, is to be yourself. And the only way to be yourself, is to listen to your heart.” -The Universe

What the 9th verse of the Tao Te Ching is helping us see, is that we must “Retire when the eating is done.” Eat, but stop when you are full.
“To continue stuffing food into a satiated body, is to be trapped into believing that more of something is the cause of your happiness.” -Wayne Dyer
The same goes for stuffing yourself and your life with any false sense or artificial symbol of success.
Be like the Tao:
1) “To keep on filling, is not as good as stopping.” Enough is not only enough, it is in alignment with the total perfection of the eternal Tao.
2) “Seek the joys of your activities without focusing on the ego’s agenda.” Ego will have you imprisoned in gathering more, more, more for your actions, for as long as you allow it. Shift. If you are in a loving state and feeling appreciation for all that is, then you are in a state of letting go of worrying about how everything might ultimately benefit you. This is true freedom.
Do the Tao- Practice with your food. Practice portion control and pay attention to your motivations behind eating, or consuming anything for that matter. After several bites, ask yourself if you are still famished and if not, just stop and wait. If no hunger appears, then call it complete, and practice humility rather than overconsumption. At this one meal, you will have practiced the last sentence of the 9th verse of the Tao Te Ching. “Retire When the Eating Is Done, this is the way of heaven.”
Are you struggling with the more, more, more mentality? Are you using food, work, alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, or something outside yourself because you still believe that is the answer? Enough is Enough. I am here to listen to you, so please leave your questions and comments below for me. Thanks for visiting. Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!

Happy New Year:5 Things I Wish I Had Known Earlier In Life January 1, 2011

Hi! I am reporting here from the California coast, and we have exactly 6 hours and 50 minutes, and counting down, until we transition into 2011.

I have been inspired by a personal development blog to write about some of my Life Lessons and things I wish I’d known earlier in my life. I feel like this is the perfect time to reflect on the past, as I make a conscious decision this New Year’s Eve, to feel gratitude for all that has been, to bless it with love, and to let it all go, putting it all behind me.

Tonight I contemplated going out on the town with friends, and believe me, there was no shortage of options for me to choose from. However, when I really got quiet and tuned into my own gut, heart, and listened to my intuition, I was able to feel certain that tonight is a night for me, to sock in, to get clean and dressed in my comfy pj’s, with a notebook and pen. I plan to write a letter to all the things I’m letting go of, and then I will move to my next lists that will acknowledge all my accomplishments in 2010, and list out my intentions and goals for 2011. Then, I will make a vision board, exercising my creativity of course :), and finally, end the night deep in meditation as the clock turns from 11:59pm 12/31/10 to 12:00 am 1/01/11.

Tonight I plan to get super clear about my vision for this coming year because I feel the excitement as it nears closer. I know that I have so much to look forward to and I am already welling up inside with gratitude.

I have grown into a place in my life, where I really have no regrets anymore, because I truly believe that everything up to now needed to happen exactly how it did. However, life would have been a lot easier for me in the past had I known the things I know now.

Here are 5 things I wish I would’ve known earlier in my life, that if I had known, would’ve saved me lots of suffering.

I wish I’d known…

1) That my body is sacred. I did not feel this way about my body as a child or teenager, or even up until recently (and I’m 31 now). If I had known just how sacred my body is, I wouldn’t have treated it the way I did, or allowed others to treat it the way they did. I am grateful that I finally do know that my body is beautiful, wonderful, and a sacred place for me to live in and inhabit, and therefore, I will treat it so. I will feed it foods that nurture it, I will give it exercise, I will only engage with people who treat it with love and respect, I will keep it free of emotional, physical, and mental toxins, and I will appreciate it exactly the way it is every day.

2) That I AM love and deserve nothing but love. Most of my relationships were not very healthy. I have always had good friendships, but romantic relationships are a different story. I have come to learn that they were a mirror for me. They were showing me where I did not respect or love myself, and however painful it was at times, I know that I learned from all of it. It would have been nice to know this earlier in life, but I am just happy that I know it now, and moving forward, I will recognize when someones treatment towards me doesn’t feel right in my body. I will pay attention and I will use it as a tool, to ask myself what it is showing me about myself. Where do I still judge myself or where am I still unable to feel validated and good enough? Then I will let that person go who does not have my best interest at heart, and I will do my own work on why I even attracted them in the first place.

3) That life is happening for me. I use to feel like a victim a lot. It always felt like life was happening to me. This disempowered me in a huge way. This is the perception that there is no higher meaning or purpose or plan behind the things that happen in life. For me, I just cannot live that way. I have to believe there is more, there is depth, purpose, meaning, and a reason for all things. So I choose to know life as happening FOR me and FOR us. This perception allows me to see all things, whether they are scary, painful, challenging, joyous and amazing, or less than ideal…as opportunities for me to continue to break down the barriers within myself that keep me from fully showing up in the world as my truest, most authentic self, living my most amazing and best life. These opportunities give me the inspiration I need to continue searching for meaning and helping others do the same. Some days, that’s all we have. I choose to be inspired vs. intimidated.

4) That I AM worthy of great things, and if I believed that, then I wouldn’t be trying so hard to prove it to others. My entire younger years were spent running around, winning this or that, accomplishing, achieving, proving, and at the end of the day…I still didn’t feel like enough. I blamed others for a long time for not granting me the validation I longed for, poured my heart out for, and gave my blood, sweat, body, and tears over for. Then, recently, I woke up. I realized that I am the ONLY person who can validate me and allow myself to feel worthy of great things. The fact that I was trying so hard for others to do this was the evidence I needed to show me I did not believe it to be true within myself. Now, as soon as I see myself people pleasing and looking outside myself for validation, I know right away that I am really seeking my own validation, and I actually have an inside job to tend to 🙂

5) That ultimately everything we do, mistakes or not, will be used by a power greater than us, for the greater good…the bigger picture plan. I use to feel so much guilt or regret or suffering over choices or decisions I made, or about things I did that I was not proud of. I spent years of my life feeling shame, self-loathing, and disappointment over “who” and “what” I was, defining myself by how perfect or imperfect I was in my own eyes. I don’t do this anymore. I have learned, or chosen to believe, as a result of my own journey and self-development path, that EVERYTHING gets used to heal the whole. Even if we do something awful or terrible, just to learn never to do it again, there’s a source bigger than me that will make it good, and all is always forgiven. This helps me forgive myself and others, because I know it is not up to me to understand everything, except that all will be made good.  I know this in my heart of hearts, that all is always made good.

So these are some of the things I’ve learned, and although I may have saved myself suffering had I known earlier in life, I consider myself to be blessed and lucky to know what I do know now. I am grateful.

Thank you all for participating with me here. I appreciate you. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2011, filled with all our hearts desires.

5 hours and 40 minutes and counting…

I love you,



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