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Letting Go: Be A Vessel February 2, 2011

Hi there! How are you? Things over here are definitely moving along and many cool doors are opening. I am now writing regularly for Tiny Buddha and Positively Celebrity, and you can check out some of those articles to your right, in the green column under “My Articles-Inspirational and Educational.”

I am really excited about writing for these sites and for the projects that I am working on launching over the next few months, and I apologize if all the extra new work has pulled me away from here a bit lately. I am still getting used to all the new work and my new schedule and deadlines LOL! I’m sure you can relate, there can be days that feel really overwhelming. Every day, but especially on those days, I really work at maintaining focus on all the good that is happening. When we begin to receive more of what we want, it comes with new responsibility and it requires us to step outside of our comfort zone too. I just wanted to write this today, to remind both you and myself, that we must not forget that life comes through us.

When I remind myself that I am a vessel, a channel, and messenger, then it allows me to get present and to get out of my head and focus on how I may be of service in the world rather than what I can take from the world. It also takes off some of the pressure of feeling like I have to know all the answers or have things figured out. Instead, I can just do the next indicated action, and take my life one day at a time. This helps me a lot. I hope it helps you too.

I am going to start video blogging soon! Hopefully by next week:) This way, you will get to see me face to face, as well as enjoy written articles. I am looking forward to getting my first vlog up. Keep checking back, because I’m hoping to have my first one up by Monday. Also, I just added a new page up top called “Welcome To E.L.M.” where I posted a welcome video to you. It’s my first video up on this site so I’m excited. I feel like it’s a good way to connect with you…and hopefully you enjoy this new way in which I will be communicating with you! Here’s the video:

Todays Lessons: Just for today, let go of everything you think you know. Let go of everything you think you are, and just allow yourself to be a vessel. Let the wind blow you, and feel what wants to come through you. Let inspiration fill you up and pull you into your next indicated action 🙂

Thanks for dropping in here at Erin Lanahan Method. Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!


2 Responses to “Letting Go: Be A Vessel”

  1. Jan Says:

    Hi Erin! AWESOME!!! Love the new video additions! I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the growth and transformations through your site and blog! I hope many people in various stages of their own Journey will tune in and be encouraged, inspired, and blessed. I know for myself, my life will forever be better by the challenge to become my best self. Always inspired by the love shown by your commitment to yourself and your Passions. Keep on keepin’ on! Cheers to the new day!

    • Erin Lanahan Says:

      Thanks Jan. It’s so great to feel so supported by you…really means a lot:-) I’m so happy I get to be a part of your journey!

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