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Create A Quality Life, One Bite At A Time: Organic vs. Non-Organic March 17, 2011

Living an Organic Life, means living a FIT Life, that’s honest, authentic, and in alignment with who YOU really are, not who you think other’s want you to be. I use to try to be what I thought other’s wanted me to be, and I ended up unhappy, unhealthy, and my relationship with food and exercise was more abusive to me than it was helpful.

I have since discovered my longing and passion to live an Organic, FIT Life. In the process of creating a FIT Life, I have learned that my thoughts, my relationships, the food and drinks I put into my body, the choices I make, the words I speak, and the actions I take, ALL affect the quality of my life.

Therefore, I now CHOOSE to create a life I LOVE and a body I LOVE, one meal, one thought, one word, one relationship, one choice, one action, one moment, one day, at a time:)

I have mentioned to you all how important it is to eat organic foods. Some exclaim, that this is too expensive. I believe, that ultimately, we find the money for the things we really want. However, I also understand that things can get tight, and it’s good to be able to cut corners where we can 🙂 That’s why I have posted this video for you, listing the 12 most contaminated foods and the 12 least contaminated foods. This will provide the information you need to know about which foods to definitely switch over to organic, and which ones aren’t as important to switch over.

I hope you enjoy, and please let me know if you have any questions!

Here’s to living Organically!

Love YOU,




4 Responses to “Create A Quality Life, One Bite At A Time: Organic vs. Non-Organic”

  1. Alethia Says:

    Awesome! Informative & a great twist on how toxins of any kind (relationships, etc) can effect us!

  2. Courtnee Says:

    Found your vlog very interesting, it makes perfect since, money is tight for my household since my husband is the only working but here and there we have made changes trying to buy products without high fructose corn syrup and if we have pasta we now eat whole grain. Baby steps, which honestly I am doing better in trying to eat healthier than the way i was raised. I always make a well balanced meal, this organic thing has me a bit confused since i usually buy my produce at a produce stand cause it is significantly cheaper than the grocery stores cause alot of these places dont have sku numbers and i know most of the produce comes from a local farmer, so how do i know if it’s organic or does that mean i have to start shoping at publix for their greenwise if i want to try and implament some of these changes in my diet? I’m not looking to be thin, just healthly.

    • Erin Lanahan Says:

      Hi Courtnee. You bring up a great question, and I am grateful you have shared it with us here. First of all, it sounds like you are making amazing changes and learning a lot. Good for you! Your family is lucky to have a mother and wife who is aware, and doing what she can to feed them with good quality food:) Your husband sounds like a good man and father as well.

      Also, please know this…eating vegetables that are not organic, is WAY better than not eating them at all. Buying from farmer’s markets and veggie stands are great too, because the produce is definitely local, which is a very good thing. You can usually ask the farmer if the fruits/veggies, are organic are not. However, I find that the smaller the farms, the less toxins they have to use because they are not producing mass quantities of food. What you are doing is great.

      What you can do, IF you can, is if you are eating lots of the “most contaminated” foods, then buy those somewhere that you can get them organic. Apples and strawberries are pretty important to eat organic. However, don’t concern yourself too much with the “least contaminated” foods. Just do what you can, and KNOW, that baby steps are good enough. A little bit of change in the right direction, is WAY better than none at all:) You will be surprised at how it gets easier and easier, the healthier you all become.

      Yes, happy you are focused on health rather than weight loss. That is very smart. If we just shoot for being healthy and feeling good…the rest will follow:) Here’s to you and your family living a long beautiful life with optimal health, wellness, vitality, and well-being!


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