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Some Final Words Before The Big Departure To Sydney, Australia! July 28, 2011

The time has finally come to make the big move! I wanted to connect with all of you as I await my departure to Sydney, Australia tonight. Thank you for inspiring me, and for walking this path with me! Here some final words as I shoot my last video in America for a while! I will see you from down under next time!

Love and Light To You My Friends!

xo Erin



4 Responses to “Some Final Words Before The Big Departure To Sydney, Australia!”

  1. Annie Says:

    I m so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3
    so the time has come!!
    take flight!

    Love and Gratitude

  2. Annie Says:

    And Yes!!! You CAN DO ANYTHING!!!! <3<3<3

  3. Kathy Coulter Says:

    I have just read your contribution to Tiny Budda, funny how things arrive at the right time AND I am reading it in Australial.
    Welcome and I look forward to reading more of your new life and times here with us.
    Kathy, Toowoomba Qld.

    • Erin Lanahan Says:

      Hey Kathy…wow, how cool! I love it here so far. Of course any big change comes with many challenges, and although it requires everything I have to move through some days, it’s also what I love about stepping outside my comfort zone:) It only makes us stronger doesnt it. So nice to meet you and Thank You Kathy, for connecting with me here. I hope you’ll pop in every now and then. Love to you!

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