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Where There Is Discomfort, There Is Power October 14, 2011

I have decided to talk more about this whole idea of reclaiming our power. It seems to be coming up everywhere. On my coaching calls with clients, in my own life, and I have this sense, that it is definitely a collective experience and a sign of the times.

Once upon a time, it was explained to me, that I was experiencing discomfort, because hiding behind the discomfort was my personal power, or my spiritual power. I didn’t totally get it,  but I knew it resonated with my body. It FELT like the truth. I don’t know about you, but truth is not something I can tell by the way it sounds, truth is something I know by how it feels.

When we feel the uncomfortable feelings such as fear around money, frustration about our circumstances, being annoyed by a friend who is always late, fear about running out of time or energy, lack of acceptance around our pyshical body, feeling as though we don’t have enough or aren’t enough, or can’t create what we really want, what is really happening is we are being shown where we have hidden our power. If we are conscious of this, we can do something about it. If we aren’t, we become it’s prisoner.

Where there is discomfort, there is power.

 For example, today I was annoyed at a friend who was late. I almost went here about it: “How selfish is she, and how dare her, and does she not respect my time, and what a %#@!” But I didn’t. Instead, I caught myself, and observed and felt the discomfort. Then, with consciousness I asked myself where I had hidden my power in this. A few moments later, I realized her being late was triggering my fears around running out of time,  feeling like I am not able to have what I want, feeling as though I have no power or control, and feeling like I was not being respected.

Once I realized that my power was hiding behind those fears, I was able to go to those fears and say “You are not running out of time, because there is an infinite amount. You are saying you can’t have what you want, but is there anything else you’d rather be doing right now? (The answer was no). You are saying you have no power, but you can decide right now that your power is not really gone, you have just hidden it. Is she really disrespecting you, or is she just overloaded? Ok, I recognize I have enough. I am abundant, I am blessed. All my needs are met, I am deeply loved an cared for, and there is no where else I’d rather be right now.”  Then, I felt a sense of ease come over me.

We cannot always change our circumstances right away, but we CAN change the way we feel about them. As we change our feelings about them, then our circumstances change. This is the difference between not having power, and having power. I have been healing from a huge belief, passed down for generations, that there is not enough. So I now welcome any opportunity to help me practice shifting that belief and seeing that there is absolutely always MORE than enough of everything for everyone.

Another example, is an email I got from a friend. He and I have a bit of history and I almost always feel a loss of power when he shows up in my experience. His email was about coming to visit. I was not sure how I felt about it or about him, so I sat with it for a while. I began to observe that my power was not in the not responding to his email, it was going to come from responding to it, and being ok regardless of his reaction to it. As I speak my truth with everyone, I gain power by learning through repetition, that only the people I want in my life stick around when I live my truth. The rest fall away, and that is ok by me:)

Are you experiencing a loss of power? What is coming up for you lately. It’s an intense time, but there has never been the kind of energetic support for transformation as there is right now. The time is NOW.

Let me know what’s going on for you. You can reply to this post or email me at

Love and Light,



8 Responses to “Where There Is Discomfort, There Is Power”

  1. I actually had an experience this morning that got the better of my emotions for a minute and wondered how I should deal with it. My son is Autistic and has a way of looking at the world literally without regard to people’s feeling and reactions. Apparently when the bus driver is a minute late my son gets on the bus and tells her she is late. Most that know my son know not to get sensative about the things he says and just to let it go.

    However it began to feel like she didn’t want to have a brief discussion about it, but rather talk at me about what he says to her and let me know she didn’t appreciate it. At first it robbed a good chunk of my thoughts this morning I was like what kind of bus driver isn’t patient with kids and annoyed with the fact that she didn’t let me say anyting. I started contemplating how to handle it. Then I realized I was wasting to much time over something that is remedial in the big scheme of things.

    I don’t need to go out of my way to say anything and if the subject should be broached again I can approach it in a more level headed manner. One of the things I realized about myself is I have more patience for my son than I do the rest of the world and I really need to rethink my approach because if I am getting that upset about everything then I might be the one with the problem and not them.

    • Erin Lanahan Says:

      Hey Courtnee. Thanks so much for sharing that. I think it’s awesome you are willing to let all of this show you something about yourself. It can feel like a challenging thing to do at first, that is until we discover it’s a path to freedom. Your son sounds like a little angel to me, triggering people all over the place, really causes them, and you, to be confronted with the work you all could benefit from doing on yourselves. Let him be your teacher and stay open to taking responsibility for your part in everything. I have learned that to do this, is a recipe for miracels and so much healing. By bringing light to the unconscious parts of ourselves, we begin to awaken. Big hugs and love to you!

  2. […] Tonight I am free. I have managed to stay in alignment with my values, to live in integrity, and to continue loving and accepting this person unconditionally. Up to now, I was unable to do what I felt was loving him AND stay in integrity all at the same time. This time was different because I told him I could not see him anymore if nothing had changed, whereas in the past I would’ve tried to make myself be different. I decided to love and accept myself unconditionally as well as him, and instead of trying to be different, I did something different. […]

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