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Life IS Relationship October 24, 2011

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Every day I realize more and more that EVERYTHING is relationship.

Life IS Relationship.

As I navigate my way through this new working environment and these new working relationships, I find myself having days where I feel less than fully expressed. Then, on nights like tonight, I realize once again that I am no longer in unconscious relationships, and I CAN speak up when things don’t feel right.

Tonight I had a long talk with my dear friend, and now co-worker, and she is managing this health retreat we are all building together. It’s so funny what happens to relationships when you start putting labels on them.

The vision behind this retreat centre, was to explore another way of working and living in the world. This vision was founded upon an inspired belief that there is a better way.

Do you believe we can can work in an environment where all parties involved, use the honor system, trust one another to WANT to show up and do a good job, and therefore give each other the flexibility everyone needs to feel as though they are really having the time to get their needs met? Do you believe you can be in a romantic relationship or a friendship like this?

I believe it IS possible.

My definition of a relationship, involves consciousness. If you are in a relationship, but there is no consciousness, then it is not a relationship, it is a prison. So many of us fear committment because of these old ideas and beliefs about what a relationship really means. For a significant amount of time in my life, I avoided long-term boyfriends and working for someone else because of these fears.

Relationship is partnership.

It’s two people who happen to be lovers, or 5 people who happen to work in the same office, or three people who happen to be roommates, that agree to work through the issues that arise as a result of the relationships.

Relationship WILL confront you, but it will be your greatest teacher if you allow it to. If we are conscious in relationships, that means we take responsibility for our part in everything.

When we feel jealous, or scared, or bitter, or resentful, or not good enough, instead of pointing fingers and blaming, or running away, we process our feelings first.

Then, after we have dissolved the charge as much as possible and taken a good look at ourselves, we go calmly to explore how we might find a solution with the other person or persons involved. Sometimes, after we process our side, there isn’t even a need to have to talk about anything.

This is what I am experiencing on so many levels in my life. The world tells us we CAN’T have our cake and eat it too, but I disagree.

On October 28th, the collective consciousness will experience a great shift. Afterwards, each one of us will begin to awaken. We will find ourselves living in a unity consciousness, where there is no longer a need for governing bodies, because we will all be governed by Source and The Laws of Divine Love.

I know the way I want to work, to love, to show up for myself, and for others. I know what I believe to be possible. Therefore, every day I will continue to express as much of my vision as I can. Relationships are so magical when you are in them with people who get you, who hear you, and who want things to work as much as you do.

Those of us here at Hummingbird Retreat do not want to feel imprisoned by a full-time job, or by a relationship, or by anything for that matter. No. We want to show ourselves and we want to show the world that it IS possible to create relationships within the work environment and everywhere, that are built on openness, consciousness, and integrity. We believe, that when all persons involved in a relationship share the same values, then it makes it possible for each person to show up when they want, at the time of morning they want, to leave when they want, to do what they have to do, while at the same time getting everything done more effectively. Trust and freedom vs. fear, control, and rules work much better in our opinion. 

This is the same for lovers and friends. None of us like doing things we are afraid not to do. We don’t want to do it just because we “have” to or “should.” Yuck. That is not inspiring at all. That is NOT relationship.

Life IS Relationship.

We are here to learn about this word – RELATIONSHIP. Whether it’s our relationship with food, with exercise, with the opposite sex, with the same-sex, with our parents, our lovers, our partner, our co-workers, with our work, etc, all such relationships require one main ingrediet…CONSCIOUSNESS.

As we become more and more conscious of our desires, intentions, motivations, and begin to take responsibility for our part and how we impact the bigger picture, relationships of all kinds on all levels will begin to heal in our lives.

I am going through this with work, with friends, with family, with lovers, and it is uncomfortable, but amazing. No more running, no more hiding, no more lying…just honesty, presence, and openness. That is what relationships are all about.

If it’s nurturing and nourishing, that’s relationship. If not…it isn’t and you may want to take another look and reassess things.

What is coming up for you lately around relationships whether it be with your partner, at work, or any kind of relationship? It is  natural to be really confronted right now. As we move closer to October 28th, the energies are increasing and life as we know it is changing and growing pretty intense as we transition.

I’d love to hear from you. If you feel like you need some extra support right now, I have a few coaching slots that just came available, so email me at and we can set up our first call.

See you here tomorrow!




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