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Life Is Like A Bowl Of Trail Mix… December 6, 2011

…you never know what you’re going to get in each handful!

I know, I know…you think I made a mistake right? It’s suppose to be a box of chocolates, not a bowl of trail mix! What ever am I thinking??

Well let me tell you. First of all, I removed the box because I really prefer not to purchase any of my food in boxes. Typically boxed or packaged food means low quality and highly processed. These days, I get a kick out of making my own trail mix by wisely choosing the yummy ingredients one by one and placing each one into their separate little recycled baggies until I can get them home to mix them.

You see, the thing about trail mix is, I can take the bits and pieces of wisdom I have collected over the years, from schools I’ve graduated from, certifications I have completed, experiences I have had, teachers I have met, and personal trial and error, to successfully combine a mix that is yummy in every bite, balances out my blood sugar, and keeps me excited about the next handful. Now THAT is talent 🙂

In life, it is important to remember that we don’t have to take things as they come. We can choose not to take the pre-packaged experiences, and instead, create our own! We can take pieces of this philosophy, that belief system, and few dashes of our own intuition, and create something balanced, colorful, full of all the nutrients we need, and most importantly, something that is FUN and feeds us in every way!

I love creating my own recipes because it reminds me that life is my greatest recipe, and it teaches me that I can mix whatever ingredients I feel would make a yummy experience. I can make the same trail mix every time OR I can try different ingredients just because I CAN!

So, are you buying pre-packaged experiences or are you creating your own?

Don’t worry, there are no wrong choices. Some will appear to taste better short-term and create discomfort long-term. Others will taste healthy now, and perhaps feel a bit uncomfortable in the short-term, yet they will create energy, vitality, and soul-full expansion in the long-term. Some will just taste like ecstasy now and bring nothing but joy to your day, every day, while others just won’t do anything for you, never have, and never will. It’s all a matter of preference and YOU are the Head Chef.

You get to choose the ingredients of your life. You get to have fun doing it and enjoy every bite of it. Therefore make the most of your power to create your wildest recipes!

Happy Eating!!



P.S. Here’s one of my most favorable trail mix recipes…although I invite you to create your own 😉

-*goji berries




-*dried cranberries

-*incan berries

-*dried blueberries

-*pumpkin seeds

-*sunflower seeds

*organic, raw, sulphur free, gluten-free, vegan

I prefer to mix it up so the fruit laces every bite, but is a lesser proportion than the nuts and seeds, to create a higher protein, lower sugar combination. Again, I am always trying something new depending on the day!


Girls (and guys) Just Wanna Have Fun! December 1, 2011

Aint that the truth!!! We all just wanna have fun! Am I right?

What if having fun WAS the goal for every day?

What if I told you that nothing else matters but how much fun you are actually having playing this game we call LIFE? I mean they even made a game about it just as a subliminal reminder not to take ourselves or this experience too seriously!

But seriously, I am not saying to be “irresponsible,” however I AM saying to treat all of it like a game. In the Board Game Of Life, you pick an SUV, hop in, and enjoy the ride. You can choose marriage, babies, college, a great career, a big house full of kids, a gigantic salary, and you can potentially get rich or end up bankrupt. You can choose revenge, chance, you can retire in style, and make millions if you want to. There are NO LIMITATIONS. So why wouldn’t you live life to the fullest right? Regardless of the outcomes along the way, do you find yourself actually believing at any point that the game is real?? I think not.

If you could go to work each day, engage with your friends and family, and make choices in each moment, based on the fact that you are just playing a game and it is meant to bring you great fun and joy…how might that affect the way you see and do things?

Having fun yet??

Perhaps you think I’m crazy? If so, that’s ok because I sure am having fun with this 🙂

Really though, what if you could make each move in life, with the same ease and non-attachment that you use while playing the board game? It’s fun to strategize right? It’ exciting to take risks. It’s an adrenaline rush to win a lot of money, loose it, and then win it again. Why?? Because you KNOW that none of it can hurt you. You KNOW that the pink, green, blue, and yellow money is fake, and not really your SOURCE of abundance right? It’s just there to PLAY with. Nothing that happens can actually have a real negative effect on who and what you truly are.

This is the SAME in real life.

We have all just forgotten that we are playing a game.

Not just any game though…an AMAZING game filled with so many options and opportunities to experience ups and downs, and to hop on extreme rides every single day! Have fun with it!

When you aren’t having fun, you are probably feeling discomfort of some sort, just like we do in  a game when we are being a poor sport.

You know those people who take game playing, winning, and loosing so seriously they miss the entire point of the game (which is to have fun by the way)? Don’t be like them!

Just like you would laugh at them and tell them to “chill out, it’s just a game,” do that to yourself every time you catch yourself feeling less than your infinite, unlimited, and abundant self!! Remember, if you are feeling discomfort, it’s only because you are forgetting that you are playing a game that is meant to be FUN. Snap out of it! Wake up!

If  you’d like to know more about how to have more fun playing the game of Life, then I trust you and I can have some real fun together. I am offering a special coaching program for the first 5 people who contact me about this. 6 weeks of one-on-one phone coaching, 3 videos offering  different FUN workouts, and 30 of my top tips for living a life filled with MORE FUN! All for $500.00!

If you feel pulled to connect more deeply with me about coaching together, please send me an email at  introducing yourself. Tell me one thing you would do if you could do anything you wanted, and I will email you the details about how to proceed.

Are you ready to play the game??

Let’s Go!

Enjoying Life,



Are You In The Pressure Cooker? October 27, 2011

Hey guys. I am wondering who of you are feeling some added intensity lately? The pressure is on and it’s increasing daily. For me, almost every minute of every day the last couple of weeks have been the most confronting, uncomfortable experiences I think I have ever possibly had.

Whilst this may be true, I am reminding myself that there is gold in the discomfort. Some days I have literally just wanted to run. I don’t know where exactly, because ultimately I cannot run away from myself. However, it hasn’t stopped me from trying to plot my escape plans, ha ha!

How about you? Are you feeling something similar? As October 28th is coming up on us tomorrow, you may be noticing yourself and others getting more serious, more intense, and feeling almost as though there is a pressure upon you. This is because there is.

We are experiencing tough love. Tough Divine Love that is. What has been the level of consciousness up to now, no longer works for the longevity of this planet or for the human race. Therefore the energies are shifting and they are not too tolerant of anyone or anything that isn’t shifting with them. Change is upon us, which is why you feel the pressure. You will feel even more pressure if you are resisting the changes you are being called to make. 

For me it feels like I am being pushed into something I am terrified of, even though I know it’s really just the unknown that scares me. I am actually well aware that where we are headed is beautiful, loving, peaceful, and connected. This does not stop me from also experiencing the fear however.

Feeling fear and discomfort is ok as long as we stay conscious about it and don’t allow ourselves to get attached to it. Just observe it. Obviously some days are easier than others.

I am usually pretty good with handling my fears, insecurities, and feeling under pressure, but lately it has been multiple fears and insecurities confronting me almost every moment of each day. This is WAY more pressure than I’ve ever had to manage before, so it’s no wonder I’ve taken a good look around trying to locate the nearest exit door, LOL 😉 

 I have thought up all different scenarios about why I’d be better of bailing on my new endeavors. At the end of the day however, I know that anything that brings up this much stuff for me is a GOLD MINE. I can just stay with it long enough, I will be blessed with gifts. This goes for you as well.

Don’t give up before the miracle happens. I love this saying and it’s one I keep repeating over and over. I hope you’ll do the same.

I am super excited about tomorrow the 28th! I’ll be dancing and basking in the presence of love with a group as we celebrate this shift in collective consciousness. I hope you grant yourself room to reflect and to be in joy during such a special time on the planet. We are so lucky to be alive right now!

Sending you love, light, and blessings!



Dear God, Thank You October 25, 2011

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Tonight I am questioning everything, but I’m allowing that to be OK. When we arrive at a place where we cannot make a decision, it’s usually because we are trying to make a heart based decision with our heads. It simply cannot be done. Therefore, I will finish this blog up quickly, as it is important for me to go process my feelings now. 

As we process through our feelings, we can navigate our lives by feeling our way rather than thinking our way, toward the highest good for ourselves.  What is in alignment with our highest good is ALWAYS best for everyone else as well, even if that is hard to see in the moment.

I cannot possibly know or “figure out”  what my next best steps should be. Therefore,  tonight I will express my gratitude for all that I have, and then connect to my heart and feel into where it is guiding me. When I find myself moving in a certain direction, I’ll let you know 😉

Dear God,

Thank you for my ancestors. They were courageous people and I am grateful for the lives they lived and the paths they walked that paved the way for me.

Thank you for my parents and my brothers and sisters. My family has given me a great childhood, amazing memories, and love beyond measures. Every day I KNOW how lucky and blessed I am to have them in my life. Thank you so so much.

Thank you for my friends. I have always had the best of friends, never a shortage for sure. There have been so many great women and men who have loved me when I couldn’t love myself, who have held the space for me to grow and heal, and who have supported me and cheered me on along my path. Thank you for these guardian angels.

Thank you for my husband and my children. I know I haven’t met them yet, but I feel them deeply in my heart. My heart says we will meet when the timing is right and I trust that. Thank you for creating such a beautiful family for me. I am grateful that they have chosen me as their wife and their mom.

Thank you for all of my clients. I am blessed every day with the miracles their voices bring into my life, and I am so grateful they have chosen me to be their Transformation Coach. They are all truly special, and some of my greatest teachers.

Thank you for my fitness. Fitness has been such a friend, a teacher, and a lover in my life. It continues to find me everywhere I go, and I fall more deeply in love with it every day as a result my relationship with it that is always evolving.

Thank you for all of the courage you have granted me to follow my dreams. It’s not always easy to say no to things that look so close to being perfect, but that ultimately just don’t feel right in my heart. Thank you for supporting me always and for guiding me and granting me all the resources I need to stay true to myself from a place of overflow.

Thank you for the relationship I have with the trees, with animals, and all of nature. I see now how they are me and I am them. I am grateful to have such a loving connection with all of life.

Thank you for the children, and the way they play such mirrors in my life, always showing me exactly who I do and don’t want to be.

Thank you for the creativity that flows through me daily. I feel honored to be your vessel for the ideas that come to me. I am grateful that you give me everything I need to carry these visions out into the world.

Thank you for this life and for your love. I couldn’t have one without the other. I am infinitely grateful for your presence, connection,  and power in my life.

Dear God, I love you, and I thank you.




Life IS Relationship October 24, 2011

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Every day I realize more and more that EVERYTHING is relationship.

Life IS Relationship.

As I navigate my way through this new working environment and these new working relationships, I find myself having days where I feel less than fully expressed. Then, on nights like tonight, I realize once again that I am no longer in unconscious relationships, and I CAN speak up when things don’t feel right.

Tonight I had a long talk with my dear friend, and now co-worker, and she is managing this health retreat we are all building together. It’s so funny what happens to relationships when you start putting labels on them.

The vision behind this retreat centre, was to explore another way of working and living in the world. This vision was founded upon an inspired belief that there is a better way.

Do you believe we can can work in an environment where all parties involved, use the honor system, trust one another to WANT to show up and do a good job, and therefore give each other the flexibility everyone needs to feel as though they are really having the time to get their needs met? Do you believe you can be in a romantic relationship or a friendship like this?

I believe it IS possible.

My definition of a relationship, involves consciousness. If you are in a relationship, but there is no consciousness, then it is not a relationship, it is a prison. So many of us fear committment because of these old ideas and beliefs about what a relationship really means. For a significant amount of time in my life, I avoided long-term boyfriends and working for someone else because of these fears.

Relationship is partnership.

It’s two people who happen to be lovers, or 5 people who happen to work in the same office, or three people who happen to be roommates, that agree to work through the issues that arise as a result of the relationships.

Relationship WILL confront you, but it will be your greatest teacher if you allow it to. If we are conscious in relationships, that means we take responsibility for our part in everything.

When we feel jealous, or scared, or bitter, or resentful, or not good enough, instead of pointing fingers and blaming, or running away, we process our feelings first.

Then, after we have dissolved the charge as much as possible and taken a good look at ourselves, we go calmly to explore how we might find a solution with the other person or persons involved. Sometimes, after we process our side, there isn’t even a need to have to talk about anything.

This is what I am experiencing on so many levels in my life. The world tells us we CAN’T have our cake and eat it too, but I disagree.

On October 28th, the collective consciousness will experience a great shift. Afterwards, each one of us will begin to awaken. We will find ourselves living in a unity consciousness, where there is no longer a need for governing bodies, because we will all be governed by Source and The Laws of Divine Love.

I know the way I want to work, to love, to show up for myself, and for others. I know what I believe to be possible. Therefore, every day I will continue to express as much of my vision as I can. Relationships are so magical when you are in them with people who get you, who hear you, and who want things to work as much as you do.

Those of us here at Hummingbird Retreat do not want to feel imprisoned by a full-time job, or by a relationship, or by anything for that matter. No. We want to show ourselves and we want to show the world that it IS possible to create relationships within the work environment and everywhere, that are built on openness, consciousness, and integrity. We believe, that when all persons involved in a relationship share the same values, then it makes it possible for each person to show up when they want, at the time of morning they want, to leave when they want, to do what they have to do, while at the same time getting everything done more effectively. Trust and freedom vs. fear, control, and rules work much better in our opinion. 

This is the same for lovers and friends. None of us like doing things we are afraid not to do. We don’t want to do it just because we “have” to or “should.” Yuck. That is not inspiring at all. That is NOT relationship.

Life IS Relationship.

We are here to learn about this word – RELATIONSHIP. Whether it’s our relationship with food, with exercise, with the opposite sex, with the same-sex, with our parents, our lovers, our partner, our co-workers, with our work, etc, all such relationships require one main ingrediet…CONSCIOUSNESS.

As we become more and more conscious of our desires, intentions, motivations, and begin to take responsibility for our part and how we impact the bigger picture, relationships of all kinds on all levels will begin to heal in our lives.

I am going through this with work, with friends, with family, with lovers, and it is uncomfortable, but amazing. No more running, no more hiding, no more lying…just honesty, presence, and openness. That is what relationships are all about.

If it’s nurturing and nourishing, that’s relationship. If not…it isn’t and you may want to take another look and reassess things.

What is coming up for you lately around relationships whether it be with your partner, at work, or any kind of relationship? It is  natural to be really confronted right now. As we move closer to October 28th, the energies are increasing and life as we know it is changing and growing pretty intense as we transition.

I’d love to hear from you. If you feel like you need some extra support right now, I have a few coaching slots that just came available, so email me at and we can set up our first call.

See you here tomorrow!




Letting Go: Be A Vessel February 2, 2011

Hi there! How are you? Things over here are definitely moving along and many cool doors are opening. I am now writing regularly for Tiny Buddha and Positively Celebrity, and you can check out some of those articles to your right, in the green column under “My Articles-Inspirational and Educational.”

I am really excited about writing for these sites and for the projects that I am working on launching over the next few months, and I apologize if all the extra new work has pulled me away from here a bit lately. I am still getting used to all the new work and my new schedule and deadlines LOL! I’m sure you can relate, there can be days that feel really overwhelming. Every day, but especially on those days, I really work at maintaining focus on all the good that is happening. When we begin to receive more of what we want, it comes with new responsibility and it requires us to step outside of our comfort zone too. I just wanted to write this today, to remind both you and myself, that we must not forget that life comes through us.

When I remind myself that I am a vessel, a channel, and messenger, then it allows me to get present and to get out of my head and focus on how I may be of service in the world rather than what I can take from the world. It also takes off some of the pressure of feeling like I have to know all the answers or have things figured out. Instead, I can just do the next indicated action, and take my life one day at a time. This helps me a lot. I hope it helps you too.

I am going to start video blogging soon! Hopefully by next week:) This way, you will get to see me face to face, as well as enjoy written articles. I am looking forward to getting my first vlog up. Keep checking back, because I’m hoping to have my first one up by Monday. Also, I just added a new page up top called “Welcome To E.L.M.” where I posted a welcome video to you. It’s my first video up on this site so I’m excited. I feel like it’s a good way to connect with you…and hopefully you enjoy this new way in which I will be communicating with you! Here’s the video:

Todays Lessons: Just for today, let go of everything you think you know. Let go of everything you think you are, and just allow yourself to be a vessel. Let the wind blow you, and feel what wants to come through you. Let inspiration fill you up and pull you into your next indicated action 🙂

Thanks for dropping in here at Erin Lanahan Method. Here’s To Your Health, Wellness, and Vitality!


Fitness Tips for the 4th! July 3, 2010

Here are three fitness tips to help you feel your best this July 4th weekend!

1) Start each day with no less than 30 mins of cardio, but preferably 60 mins. This will sweat out extra salt and water and will raise your endorphins and seretonin. You will feel lighter, tighter, and happier as you set out for some fun in the sun!

2) Make sure to eat at least 1 large salad a day starting today. By eating this live food, you will fill your tummy with nutrients and fiber and reduce the risk of indulging in too many sweets or fried foods. Eat your salad at least 1-2 hours before hitting the party so you have time to digest it properly and don’t go feeling too full and bloated.

3) Be sure to eat breakfast no more than 1 hour after waking up. Then be sure to eat small meals and snacks throughout the day, every 2-4 hours. By doing this you will kick your metabolism into high gear AND stabilize your blood sugar so you will feel high on life! Your mood will be great and you will be running on a ton of energy!

BONUS) Drink at least 8 oz of water between each alcoholic beverage to stay hydrated. This will also reduce caloric and sugar intake, and help you to avoid drinking and eating more than you actually need for a good time:)


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