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Turn Your Fears Into The Strength That Paints Your Life August 17, 2011


I have pondered what I was going to write about, as my first post from Sydney, Australia, since the day I arrived. As a writer, I think it’s natural to find a message in just about everything that happens in life, and to then get caught up in delivering it perfectly. It is however, a beautiful thing, and such a gift when we learn to do that for ourselves. That is,  to find a message, a lesson, strength, insight, awareness, and a new tool for living, in all the little challenges we face each day.

So much has been happening on this journey, in such a small amount of time, I kept thinking, “where do I begin” and “how can I possibly express and share my experiences with my readers in the most effective way.” Well, the answer I came up with was….”JUST BEGIN.” Afterall, this is only one article, and one of many opportunities to write and share my thoughts and experiences with you:)

One teaching I have received as I have walked my path in life, is that of living life authentically. This word is one we tend to hear about often, but do you ever stop and really explore it, and what it means for you, for your life, and for your unique expression?

Many years ago, when I began working with my Life Coach, I was struggling with my career path. I have always had a love-hate relationships with Personal Training, because it constantly challenges me to find ways to work in my industry that feel supportive of my deepest intentions and beliefs about what Fitness really means to me and how it can play a role in healing people’s Spirits and lives. Tracy said to me “Erin, if you could do this job in a way that was unique to your expression of life and fitness and what you believe about its healing powers, how would that look for you? How might that change the way you design people’s workouts and how you speak to them about their own wellness and the choices that they make?”

When Tracy asked me these questions, I felt fear, but at the same time, liberation. I had never thought about it this way. I had never considered the option of really creating my own expression of health, wellness, fitness, and life skills. This was how my journey really began to evolve and as a result, I got to discover more and more of my authentic self and how that plays a role in the world.

When I chose to make this move to Sydney, Australia, after building a life in Los Angeles, California for the last 7  years, I knew it would come baring many challenges, and it would require more strength and courage from me than I was currently accessing. This is exactly what attracted me to making this move, for as much as I feared, what I wanted was a much greater pull than my fears. I wanted to experience true transformation, in a way I had not previously been ready for. The last seven years of my life were preparing me for this move, and I know that in my bones. I did not, and still don’t, know exactly how this will all unfold. However, I know that when we remain committed to our process and to the journey, and stay with it no matter what fears try to yank us off the path, that there is pure goodness waiting on the other side for us. Well…I want that pure expression of goodness as me and my life, so here I am.

I believe we all crave expansions, expression, to have a voice, to feel heard, to feel loved and accepted, and to know we are validated. Well, my attempts at achieving all of these things taught me, that I cannot go anywhere else to receive these gifts, but inside of myself. I now understand that challenges, change, confronting fears, and stepping into new places and roles that require new levels of strength and courage, are all avenues for us to access our inner selves, and that ultimately lead us to a place of more self-love and compassion, forgiveness, healing, self-respect, self-esteem, and the kind of  inner joy that is unwavering regardless of external circumstances.  THIS is why I do things like move to Sydney, Australia to embrace a completely different and new experience.

It is different here in ways I did not expect, and not so different in the ways I did expect. None of this is good or bad. It just is what it is. It’s funny how just not even knowing how to cross the street anymore, can really make you feel like a newborn baby, feeling everything for the first time. It can send you into a sense of  HOLY SH** or a sense of AWE, but we always get the choice.

Literally I have to check the parked cars, before crossing streets on my morning runs, so I know which way to look for on-coming traffic. I also keep finding myself on the wrong side of the running path, as everyone here does everything on the opposite side of things as Americans. I know I will get use to it, so for now, I am really embracing the childlike energy this keeps me in, as I look to the people around me, to teach me what to do. It challenges me to look outside for guidance, whilst staying completely connected to my own inner guidance to point me in the direction of the right people to ask and places to try.

I have always owned a car. Public transportation was always fascinating to me, but not something that was readily available anywhere I lived. In L.A. it was more accessible than anywhere, but still, that city really isn’t set up well for it. Here, I have been learning to catch buses, and grocery shop without a car trunk to put it all in, and to be creative with the ways in which I get my groceries home. These things all seem so small, but they inspire such BIG change as a result.

This move has required more trust from me than I had available when I got here. So this is where I am now…learning even more about trust. I am exercising a new muscle, the one that keeps me feeling the fear and doing it anyway, willing to be uncomfortable for the sake of discovering more truth and living my life in the best possible way for me. This is the kind of workout that falls under the umbrella of my unique expression and beliefs about what fitness really means 😉

Fitness is about living a Fit Life. It’s about stepping into uncomfortable situations that reveal our weaknesses to us, so we can make them stronger. Fitness is about nurturing our bodies, minds, and spirits in all the ways we can, by making conscious choices about what we eat, what we think, the words we use, how we treat others, and the way in which we spend our time. Fitness is a method, a way of life, and a philosophy that has the power to support expansion, connection, and to transform the world.

I will have you know, that although I have days that feel scary, and there are decisions I must make that I feel undecided about, and there is so much left in the unknown that it sometimes hurts and gives me a sick feeling in my stomach, I will not give up on myself, I will not give up on this journey, and I will not give up on you.

I invite you all to turn within, to be gentle with yourselves, to breathe deeply, to give yourselves the love and nourishment you deserve, and to allow yourselves to be vulnerable enough to reach out when you just need someone to give you directions, while at the same time staying connected to your truth.

I will be here, asking for directions and watching others cross the street so I learn how. I will be catching buses that may take me to an unknown destination, and I will be getting lost, only to find my way again. I will remain willing, courageous, and vulnerable. I will reach out for help, yet at the same time, I will be checking in with myself, and following my intuition, staying committed to walking this life as the most authentic expression of myself. I hope you are doing the same:-)

Please share your stories, or any questions and comments you may have for me, right here. I absolutely love hearing from you!

Sending you all so much love and light!




Living The FIT Life May 22, 2011

Fitness is not something we seek, but it's a path we choose to live.

Happy Wednesday!

We have all heard the saying “living the good life” right? Well, I don’t know exactly what that means, but I do know what “Living the FIT life” means.

To live a life with optimal health and well-being, it requires a fit mind, body, and spirit right? Therefore, living the FIT life means we are living a life that feels fit in every single way, physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and financially. In my experience, a really great place to start is with our bodies and health. It is much easier to stay mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially FIT, when we are feeling physically healthy and fit. In fact it’s pretty much impossible to get more physically fit, without also feeling more joyful, peaceful, abundant, connected, and inspired.

I am aware of how much extra energy and fitness is required of me lately. Whenever we are expanding, reaching outside our comfort zone, and stepping into new power, it requires us to have a greater and deeper amount of strength to endure the new level of intense change. If we are not strong enough for the change we seek, we will most likely not be able to go the distance.

My clients often share with me, how much stronger they feel in their bodies, and how much stronger that makes them feel when they are out in the world, in business meetings, at home with their lover or partner, and in decision making moments.

Living a FIT life means we get to have the strength we need to follow our dreams, walk through our fears, and to exercise our potential. We get to live authentically and do the things that are in alignment with who we really are. To do these things takes courage; strength; mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical fitness; and the willingness to do whatever it take to walk the path of the FIT One.

Choosing to move to Australia is turning out to be a very profitable choice, offering me many gifts. I have been faced with opportunities, possibilities, my fears, and the obstacle of having a million more things to accomplish before I leave, in a very short amount of time.

I am totally aware and in complete gratitude for my level of fitness. You see, if I didn’t live the FIT life, there is no way I could have accomplished half the things I have in my life, and I most certainly would not have the strength to move countries. Today, I get to live a life that I wouldn’t trade for anything. When I experience fear, I have the strength to move through it, and when I see and feel my dreams and possibilities, I have the courage to move toward them.

This is because I love my body. I feed it foods that nurture it rather than abuse it. I think thoughts that serve me rather than hurt me. I shift those negative conversations in my head to more positive ones. I remain willing to always see things differently, and to always feel better about my current situation. I exercise regularly, I listen to my body, and I never stray too far from the FIT path, no matter what.

When you are on the path of living a FIT life, you do not feel deprived, you feel alive. You do not feel lack, you feel abundant. You will never feel like failure is an option, because when you are fit, you know you can do anything, and you will have the strength to get through whatever you have to get through, in order to feel more joy, more peace, and more deep connection and fulfillment in your life.

So, if you aren’t already walking this path, I hope you’ll join me now 🙂




Part 2- Tools For The UNmotivated: One Thing At A Time March 31, 2011

Ok…like I said, I’m delivering a 4 part video to you, sharing with you my 4 most effective and powerful tools for busting through feeling unmotivated. These are the tools I use for my own life and with all my clients, so you are gett’n the goods;) Here’s Part 2. Check it out. Please leave all your comments here for me because I LOVE hearing from you! YOU inspire me!!!




Workout Wednesday- “Changing From the Inside Out” November 25, 2009

It’s that time of year again…the leaves are fall colors, we are almost ready to dig out our winter wardrobes, we are eating more sweet potatoes and pumpkin, and Christmas is all over the television. Personally, I LOVE this time of year. With Thanksgiving tomorrow, and Christmas not far behind it, we are faced with all kinds of temptations that make it difficult to stay healthy. It is ok to indulge in pumpkin pie or Christmas cookies and fudge once in a while, but the truth is, most of us do it more often than not, and we slowly but surely STOP WORKING OUT as well! Am I right?

My colleague Devon Crabtree and I are fully aware that our clients, as well as many others, maybe even you, need more education when it comes to food and exercise. We feel that if you all really understood how to approach nutrition and fitness, especially through the holidays, it would become a way of life that comes naturally to you, rather than a forced routine you only stick to January-April consistently, then on and off again for the rest of the year. We are doing a talk next Thursday 12/03/09 called “Changing from the Inside Out.” We will be covering 4 main topics: Prevention, Energy, Stress Relief, and Fat Loss. Our bodies and health are so important because without them, we can not have much else. Therefore we are really focused on helping those who attend, create healthier relationships with food and exercise, so that they feel more motivated internally, and therefore are pulled into action, and thus begin the journey to a healthier way of life. I do hope you will join us if you are in L.A. or the surrounding areas. We look forward to sharing this amazing information with as many people as we can, and sending you into the new year with awareness and the tools you need to live a FIT Life!

If you won’t be able to make it, we will hopefully have a recording of it (still working on the details). If that works out well, I will be posting that up here on the blog so you can purchase them for yourself as an early Christmas gift and life long blessing! Also, please let me know any questions you are having. Whether you want to join us, cannot due to location, or have other plans, please know your feedback is encouraged and appreciated. If you were going to attend, what would you like us to cover? What do you feel is something you could use some guidance on? Please leave all your questions and comments for me here on the blog! Here’s To Your Health!!!


Workout Wednesday- “No Pain, No Gain???” November 11, 2009

Ok, so we have all heard the saying, No Pain, No Gain. I cannot support this 100% of the time. There comes a point when we cross the line and pain is bad for us. Yes, one must work hard, and bare rigorous exercise and be brutally committed if loosing weight is something he/she really wants to do, or must do to live. But working hard and pushing physical boundaries must also be accompanied with myofascial release and body work, to ensure that the body is being taken care of in the process.

If we are not trained to use our bodies correctly, then any type of movement we do will just reinforce this incorrect alignment in our structure. That is why people suffer from aches and pains. If we push ourselves, or someone pushes us, to do such strenuous exercise, it can be potentially harmful if we are not conscious of the adverse effects of not training properly. I recommend those who want to train hard, also learn to train smart and do it with awareness and conscious actions. Please read my article on self-myofascial release.  Also, if you have any questions about how you can make sure you lose weight by working smarter, not harder…please leave them here for me on the blog:) Thanks so much! Here’s To Your Health!!!


Workout Wednesday- “Bringing Your Body Back to Balance” October 7, 2009


That’s right, I said bring your body back to balance. First of all, we all get out of balance at times, some of us more often than others. However, when it comes to physical activity, it is much like food. We need nutrients from a variety of foods and we also need nutrients from a variety of exercise.

So often you will see people who are already strong in a specific area, only training in that area. For example, bulky, aggressive athletes doing more weights and always aiming to lift even heavier. Or, light and thin vegetarians doing yoga all the time. I also see the cardio people, such as runners and tri-athletes doing lots of spin classes or trail runs. All of the above mentioned exercise is good! However, they have their purpose and we can all benefit from a menu using all of them.

It is so important to keep your body, mind, and spirit in balance. We tend to forget that exercise is there to support balance, not throw it off. Therefore, if you are finding yourself hooked on the same routine week in and week out, step up to the plate and change it up. You owe it to yourself. Each type of exercise will work for a period of time, really well actually. So it’s ok to continue with something until it stops working. However, it is up to you to be aware of what your body needs at all times.

If you have been doing lots of weights, and you notice you are feeling really tight and shortened, then switch to doing yoga 2-3 times a week for a while. If all you do is yoga, and you notice feelings of being too stretchy or not grounded in your strength, then add 2-3 days of weights into your week instead of yoga. If you are a big runner, and you are thin but flabby or maybe you do lots of cardio but cannot get leaner, try doing a lot less cardio, add 2-3 days of weights in and 1 yoga class per week.

Personally, what I try to do is stay balanced in my week. My typical week includes 3 days of weight training, 2 days of cardio (usually outside running), 1 day of track lunges and explosive stadium sprints at UCLA, 1 yoga class, and at least 1 day off. However, even with this schedule I find myself out of balance sometimes. When that happens, I just really tune in to my own body. Do I need less weights, more yoga, more or less cardio, maybe no weights and a dance class, with 2 yoga classes, and a kick boxing session, etc. Some weeks I find my body wants all cardio or all weights, and I play around with the combinations until I get a menu of physical activity that is working for me again.

So, what does your menu look like? Are you in tune with the exercise nutrients your body needs in order to stay in balance? Let me know your experiences and please leave all questions and comments for me here on the blog. Here’s To Your Health!!!


Workout Wednesday- “The Pain/Pleasure Dynamic” September 30, 2009

I know I know…this was the title of yesterday’s post too. However, I talked about the profound Pain/Pleasure dynamic as it applies to Nutrition yesterday, and today I want to talk about how it applies to exercise. Now, the first I ever heard of this in this way, was in the book “Awaken the Giant Within,” by Tony Robbins, who is a brilliant man. He helped me put into words, something I have been describing to clients for a long time. That’s why I am sharing this with you…because it’s awesome!

So, if you haven’t already, please read yesterday’s post. As I explained in it, everything we do is based on pain or pleasure and how we associate things with both. For example, I know some people who HATE to exercise. They associate more pain with working out, than they do with feeling overweight and unhealthy. What they are typically doing is choosing what actions they take based on short-term pleasure rather than long-term pleasure. It may feel better in the moment for them to sit on their couch eating chips rather than go to the gym, but in a month when they have a reunion or a wedding to attend, they will suffer a lot of pain when they feel bad about themselves. So, ultimately, it comes down to what causes you more pain in the long run, unless you are fulfilled by the quick fix. I find most of us are never fulfilled by the quick fix. It just leaves us more and more empty and farther from what we truly desire. So, WHAT DO YOU WANT? Do you want short-term pleasure or long-term pleasure??? Personally I want long-term pleasure because I am seeking long-term happiness, not a quick fix.

So next time you are on the fence about working out, ask yourself these questions. “In the short-term, will it cause me more pain to work out or to sit here and watch TV?”  “In the long-term what will be more painful, to be fit, feeling great, and ready to show up for anything, or to be overweight, unhealthy and feeling embarrassed about my body?” “Which do I prefer, short-term pleasure or long-term pleasure?” Once you have answered these questions HONESTLY to yourself, you will know what to do.

So any questions for me? Please leave them here. Here’s To your Health!!!


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