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What Is Abundance? November 12, 2011

I am writing to you from this window, and feeling abundantly abundant ūüôā

We hear of this word ABUNDANCE all the time. It is something we say we want, and something many of us chase and chase, but somehow always feel as though it eludes us.

I am finding that abundance is not something we can capture or achieve, but rather something we receive when we are open, willing, and present in the moment.

Abundance is a feeling within, an inside job, and not a result of any external triumph. Even when we have opened up to receive the always present and available abundance within, external triumphs become less important and we remain aware that they are only the physical manifestation of our inner state of consciousness.

I don’t know about you, but I have won things, been the best, been placed front and center, gotten what I wanted on the outside, and had my life “appear” to be perfect in other people’s eyes.

What those people didn’t know, was how much lack and limitation I was feeling on the inside.

Those short-term achievements made me feel good for a little while, but they always wore off. Do you know what I mean?

If we depend on money, cars, houses, status, property, our looks, etc, to feel ok, then we are in for a pretty hard fall or sharp wake up call. It’s the same as a drug addict depending on cocaine to function and feel ok in the world. What begins to happen is the effects he or she once got from the drugs, diminish, and then they must begin to consume more. The drug¬†addict will consume and consume, only to begin to feel emptier and emptier, and less and less. What once made he or she feel good, will stop working. This is my point about depending on “stuff” for our energy, life force, and abundance. This is what I mean about abundance being an inside job.

Abundance for me, and I will speak for myself, come from things like walking through an organic garden and witnessing the very food I eat growing all around me from the earth. I see that the plants just grow and grow, and there will always be enough.

Abundance comes from the days I sit at the beach and 3 dolphins swim right up to where we are swimming at the seashore to remind me that life is everywhere and that nature supports me. I feel abundant when a koala climbs up and down trees right before my very eyes, thus bringing me pure and utter joy, and therefore completely shifting my day.

Abundance for me, is a result of gratitude for every single day I get another chance at loving myself and others and the opportunities it brings to share even more of my gifts. 

Abundance is how I feel in this moment, as I write this to you, staring out the window at the ocean. This place I am in, at this table, on this chair, in front of this window,  is a vision I had just a couple of months ago. Abundance is the feeling I get on days like today when I find myself living my visions, and becoming aware of myself here, at my computer, doing what I love with a beautiful and inspiring view, just like the vision I had, without ever knowing until this very moment that I was on my way here the whole time. I am reminded once again, of the power we each have when we set our intentions and then let them free to unfold naturally.

Abundance is the feeling I get when I look around at the relationships in my life and feel in awe of the level of respect and support that flows freely between my loved ones and myself.

Abundance is what I experience when I let go and let God, and trust that all my needs will be met, only to go to sleep that night having had all my needs met and more!

Abundance for me, is the feeling I have when I KNOW I can walk away from the things and people who I love but do not serve my highest good, and trust that both of us will be guided to the best life for each of us as a result of my courage to stand up for myself and what matters most in my heart.

Abundance is a feeling, not¬†trophy or a¬†million dollars, unless these things are an extension and an¬†expanded expression of what’s going on inside of you.

What IS going on inside of you? If it is abundance you seek, find it within yourself first. As you make the choice to open up to feeling abundant, only then will you begin to find it everywhere.  

Please share with me what’s coming up for you right now. I am feeling so grateful today and had to share this gratitude and inspiration with anyone and everyone. This is not to brag or make anyone who is currently struggling feel bad, rather it is to help you tap into your own unlimited abundance and expanded self. Please let me know if you’d like any further support.

Lots of love and so many blessings to you all!




On The Road Again November 1, 2011

Ok, so I have some wonderful news!!! I am off¬† to study yoga on The Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia! I am embarking on¬†another journey! I have some serious traveling to do in between¬†now and when I begin my training February¬†4th and¬†I am pumped about it. I will be spending time and visiting with family all around Australia, whom I either haven’t seen in a long time or have never even met. I have just begun those plans so I will keep you posted.

I am also getting down to some serious business and putting all my time and energy into growing and expanding Erin Lanahan Method. I look forward to sharing more of that with moving forward and I appreciate all your support and suggestions.

I can proudly say, by February 1st, I will have been in Australia for 6 months, and within those 6 months I will have lived in 3 different states, and 4 different cities! This is awesome!

I know it may seem as though a lot of change has happened fast, and in a way it has. However, when we work on ourselves and our lives from the inside out, it can often appear and feel as though there is no movement, when quite the opposite is happening.

To move on the inside is the hardest and most important part of the transformation process.

What we ultimately do externally is hopefully just an extension of where we are internally.

Once we shift inside, massive shifts happens FAST on the outside, and what a joy ride it can be!

I have been working on myself from within for a long time. When I moved from Sydney to the Mornington Peninsula just recently, to help open this Health and Wellness Retreat I am working at, I knew it wasn’t going to be long-term. I felt it in my gut. But I also knew I had to come because a part of what I needed to move forward was going to emerge from my time here, and it definitely has to say the least. I have had somewhat of a breakthrough and all of a sudden I am experiencing the power of clarity, inspiration, ¬†and divine direction like never before.

How are you feeling lately? I know for me I noticed a huge shift after October 28th passed. I believe those of us who did the 3 daily practices I suggested doing on October 8th, probably have felt a deeper shift than those who weren’t preparing consciously for such an energetic shift.

It’s ok if you weren’t preparing, but it’s important to remain patient and gentle with yourself now, to allow your body the space it needs to catch up¬†with and integrate what just happened.

I have been feeling more and more pulled to the Gold Coast over the last few weeks. It was challenging for me to trust this intuition at first, but after many hours of processing feelings and confronting my fears, I am absolutely certain this is what I am being guided to do. I have always wanted to study Yoga, to add it to my knowledge base of fitness, so that is exactly what I am going to do. I am going to become a certified Yoga instructor by Essence of Living in Mermaid Beach, Australia.

I also have a few other amazing plans up my sleeve, but I’ll reveal more to you as time moves on and I¬†get solid around the details. If you follow along, you can come with me for the ride!

I am going to sign off now. Time for reflection, contemplation, and meditation before bed time. Lots of love to you. Let me know how you are doing. Thank you for being here with me.




A New Day October 30, 2011


Hey there. Man, it feels weird not having posted anything since October 27th. I actually was planning on my last blog of 21 consecutive days of blogging, to be on the 28th. However, that day was a wild one for me, and I never did get to my computer. I never did I get to my computer yesterday either.

Today however is a new day. When I woke up yesterday, October 29th, I was exhausted. I hadn’t gotten to sleep until 5am that morning due to a favor I did for a friend at 2am, and needless to say, I woke up feeling as though change was looming once again. I felt called to really turn within and to get brutally honest with myself about what my gut and my heart were saying. It was time to make a decision.

This journey for me here on The Mornington Peninsula, in Victoria, Australia, has been one of the most profound, transformational experiences I have ever been through. I have gone deeper in my own personal development than ever before, and I have come through some pretty intense emotions and decision-making processes. As a result, I have more clarity about the direction I want to move in from this point forward. I have more clarity about how to live in integrity, while still being loving, and maintaining healthy boundaries in relationships.

I am still working a few things through, but when I know more, I will share with you in detail about where this journey is taking me.

Mostly, tonight I want to talk about A New Day. We have moved into a time on the planet where we create our own destinies. Everything is available in The NOW, and we are being encouraged to learn to live in the moment, to be completely present at all times, and to surrender to what is actually showing up right NOW.

When we make decisions based on what may or may not happen in the future, it creates all kinds of drama around a decision that is really pretty simple to make. Just like relationships. If a guy has all kinds of potential that is definitely a good thing. However, if that is not what is currently showing up in your time together, then you may better off deciding what is best for you based on the present information. Do get what I am saying?

There must be space for you. There must be an opening for your gifts, and for what you are bringing to a situation or a relationship. If there is no space or opening, you can be the greatest gift in the world, but it will not matter. No one will hear you, there will never be time for what you need to express, and ultimately, what you have to offer will not have the opportunity to be given or received. That’s when I walk away. It’s not because anyone else is doing anything wrong, it’s just a decision based on the facts about where people currently are. I used to try to¬†change things, but recently I have learned the blessing available when I can acknowledge the truth, accept what is showing up right NOW, and then make a choice based on what’s best for me according to the information available to me.

There is beauty, peace, joy, and liberation in accepting what is. To accept that you will never change is a freeing thing, not a scary thing. When we realize that we are the way we are, and people are they way they are, because we all play a role and a part in the greater plan unfolding, then it makes it easier to accept the things you wish were different. It also brings you into the moment. When we are in the moment, we can finally see that there is actually nothing wrong at all.

I am feeling deeply inspired by my journey, by my purpose, and by my mission. I am grateful for my life, for my friends, for my parents, for my blog, for my work, for my clients, for my challenges, for my teachers, and I am grateful for the guidance that continues to hold a space for me and to be a presence in my life and in my heart.

I thank you all for coming here to join me, to read the words I write, and to share your journeys with me. I trust you are finding your way, and doing the best you can to make every day a new day.

Lots of Love,



Are You In The Pressure Cooker? October 27, 2011

Hey guys. I am wondering who of you are feeling some added intensity lately? The pressure¬†is on and it’s increasing daily. For me, almost every minute of every day the last couple of weeks have been the most confronting, uncomfortable experiences I think I have ever possibly had.

Whilst this may be true, I am reminding myself that there is gold in the discomfort. Some days I have literally just wanted to run. I don’t know where exactly, because ultimately I cannot run away from myself. However, it hasn’t stopped me from trying to plot my escape plans, ha ha!

How about you? Are you feeling something similar? As October 28th is coming up on us tomorrow, you may be noticing yourself and others getting more serious, more intense, and feeling almost as though there is a pressure upon you. This is because there is.

We are experiencing tough love. Tough Divine Love that is. What has been the level of consciousness¬†up to now, no longer works for the longevity of this planet or for the human race. Therefore the energies are shifting and they are not too tolerant of anyone or anything that isn’t shifting with them. Change is upon us, which is why you feel the pressure.¬†You will feel even more pressure if you are resisting the changes you are being called to make.¬†

For me it feels like I am being pushed into something I am terrified of, even though¬†I know it’s really just the unknown that scares me. I am actually well aware that where we are headed is beautiful, loving, peaceful, and connected. This does not stop me from also experiencing the fear however.

Feeling fear and discomfort is ok as long as we stay conscious about it and don’t allow ourselves to get attached to it. Just observe it. Obviously some days are easier¬†than others.

I am usually pretty good with handling my fears, insecurities, and feeling¬†under pressure, but lately it has been multiple fears and insecurities¬†confronting me almost every moment of each day. This is WAY more pressure than I’ve ever had to manage before, so it’s no wonder I’ve taken a good look around¬†trying to locate¬†the nearest exit door, LOL ūüėȬ†

¬†I have thought up all different scenarios about why I’d be better of bailing on my new endeavors. At the end of the day however, I know that anything that brings up this much stuff for me is a GOLD MINE. I can just stay with it long enough, I will be blessed with gifts. This goes for you as well.

Don’t give up before the miracle happens. I love this saying and it’s one I keep repeating over and over. I hope you’ll do the same.

I am super excited about tomorrow the 28th! I’ll be dancing¬†and basking in the presence of love with a group as we celebrate this shift in collective consciousness. I hope you grant yourself room to reflect and to be in joy during such a special time on the planet. We are so lucky to be alive right now!

Sending you love, light, and blessings!



Just A Few Words… October 26, 2011

Today was an interesting day. I am facing so much intense emotion every minute of every day lately, and today was at an all time high with regards to the peaks and valleys of my emotions.

All I can say for now,¬†because it’s midnight here and time to go to bed, is that something magical happens when we stop resisting what is and simply just show up for what’s summoning us in the moment. This has been so hard for me and I literally have been acting like a¬†2-year-old throwing temper tantrums. Thank goodness I am mostly having them internally, because otherwise my friends and co-workers would probably ask me to go home and never come back, ha ha!

Seriously though, I had something pretty amazing happen to me at the end of my day today, that confirms the power of surrender. However, as a result of this experience, I ended up working late and I’m super exhausted, so I’ll save that story for another post. I just wanted to touch base¬†tonight and at least check-in. Sending you all so much love! Let me know what’s going on for you…Nighty night!

Huge Hugs,



Dear God, Thank You October 25, 2011

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Tonight I am questioning everything, but I’m allowing that to be OK. When we arrive at a place where we cannot make a decision, it’s usually because¬†we are trying to make a heart based decision with our heads. It simply cannot be done. Therefore, I will finish this blog up quickly, as it is important for me to go process my feelings¬†now.¬†

As we process through our feelings, we can navigate our lives by feeling our way rather than thinking our way, toward the highest good for ourselves.  What is in alignment with our highest good is ALWAYS best for everyone else as well, even if that is hard to see in the moment.

I cannot possibly know or “figure out” ¬†what my next best steps should be. Therefore, ¬†tonight I will express my gratitude for all that I have, and then connect to my heart and feel into where it is guiding me. When I find myself moving in a certain direction, I’ll let you know ūüėČ

Dear God,

Thank you for my ancestors. They were courageous people and I am grateful for the lives they lived and the paths they walked that paved the way for me.

Thank you for my parents and my brothers and sisters. My family has given me a great childhood, amazing memories, and love beyond measures. Every day I KNOW how lucky and blessed I am to have them in my life. Thank you so so much.

Thank you for my friends. I have always had the best of friends, never a shortage for sure. There have been so many great women and men who have loved me when I couldn’t love myself, who have held the space for me to grow and heal, and who have supported me and cheered me on along my path. Thank you for these guardian angels.

Thank you for my husband and my children. I know I haven’t met them yet, but I feel them deeply in my heart. My heart says we will meet when the timing is right and I trust that. Thank you for¬†creating such a beautiful family for me. I am grateful that they have chosen me as their wife and their mom.

Thank you for all of my clients. I am blessed every day with the miracles their voices bring into my life, and I am so grateful they have chosen me to be their Transformation Coach. They are all truly special, and some of my greatest teachers.

Thank you for my fitness. Fitness has been such a friend, a teacher, and a lover in my life. It continues to find me everywhere I go, and I fall more deeply in love with it every day as a result my relationship with it that is always evolving.

Thank you for all of the courage you have granted me to follow my dreams. It’s not always easy to say no to things that look so close to being perfect, but that ultimately just¬†don’t feel right in my heart. Thank you for supporting me always and for guiding me and granting me all the resources I need to stay true to myself from a place of overflow.

Thank you for the relationship I have with the trees, with animals, and all of nature. I see now how they are me and I am them. I am grateful to have such a loving connection with all of life.

Thank you for the children, and the way they play such mirrors in my life, always showing me exactly who I do and don’t want to be.

Thank you for the creativity that flows through me daily. I feel honored to be your vessel for the ideas that come to me. I am grateful that you give me everything I need to carry these visions out into the world.

Thank you for this life and for your love. I couldn’t have one without the other. I am infinitely grateful for your presence, connection, ¬†and power in my life.

Dear God, I love you, and I thank you.




Life IS Relationship October 24, 2011

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Every day I realize more and more that EVERYTHING is relationship.

Life IS Relationship.

As I navigate my way through this new working environment and these new working relationships, I find myself having days where I feel less than fully expressed. Then, on nights like tonight, I realize once again that I am no longer in unconscious relationships, and I CAN speak up when things don’t feel right.

Tonight I had a long talk with my dear friend, and now co-worker, and she is managing this health retreat we are all building together. It’s so funny what happens to relationships when you start putting labels on them.

The vision behind this retreat centre, was to explore another way of working and living in the world. This vision was founded upon an inspired belief that there is a better way.

Do you believe we can can work in an environment where all parties involved, use the honor system, trust one another to WANT to show up and do a good job, and therefore give each other the flexibility everyone needs to feel as though they are really having the time to get their needs met? Do you believe you can be in a romantic relationship or a friendship like this?

I believe it IS possible.

My definition of a relationship, involves consciousness. If you are in a relationship, but there is no consciousness, then it is not a relationship, it is a prison. So many of us fear committment because of these old ideas and beliefs about what a relationship really means. For a significant amount of time in my life, I avoided long-term boyfriends and working for someone else because of these fears.

Relationship is partnership.

It’s two people who happen to be lovers, or 5 people who happen to work in the same office, or three people who happen to be roommates, that agree to work through the issues that arise as a result of the relationships.

Relationship WILL confront you, but it will be your greatest teacher if you allow it to. If we are conscious in relationships, that means we take responsibility for our part in everything.

When we feel jealous, or scared, or bitter, or resentful, or not good enough, instead of pointing fingers and blaming, or running away, we process our feelings first.

Then, after we have dissolved the charge as much as possible and taken a good look at ourselves, we go calmly to explore how we might find a solution with the other person or persons involved. Sometimes, after we process our side, there isn’t even a need to have to talk about anything.

This is what I am experiencing on so many levels in my life. The world tells us we CAN’T have our cake and eat it too, but I disagree.

On October 28th, the collective consciousness will experience a great shift. Afterwards, each one of us will begin to awaken. We will find ourselves living in a unity consciousness, where there is no longer a need for governing bodies, because we will all be governed by Source and The Laws of Divine Love.

I know the way I want to work, to love, to show up for myself, and for others. I know what I believe to be possible. Therefore, every day I will continue to express as much of my vision as I can. Relationships are so magical when you are in them with people who get you, who hear you, and who want things to work as much as you do.

Those of us here at Hummingbird Retreat do not want to feel imprisoned by a full-time job, or by a relationship, or by anything for that matter. No. We want to show ourselves and we want to show the world that it IS possible to create relationships within the work environment and everywhere, that are built on openness, consciousness, and integrity. We believe, that when all persons involved in a relationship share the same values, then it makes it possible for each person to show up when they want, at the time of morning they want, to leave when they want, to do what they have to do, while at the same time getting everything done more effectively. Trust and freedom vs. fear, control, and rules work much better in our opinion. 

This is the same for lovers and friends. None of us like doing things we are afraid not to do. We don’t want to do it just because we “have” to or “should.” Yuck. That is not inspiring at all. That is NOT relationship.

Life IS Relationship.

We are here to learn about this word – RELATIONSHIP. Whether it’s our relationship with food, with exercise, with the opposite sex, with the same-sex, with our parents, our lovers, our partner, our co-workers, with our work, etc, all such relationships require one main ingrediet…CONSCIOUSNESS.

As we become more and more conscious of our desires, intentions, motivations, and begin to take responsibility for our part and how we impact the bigger picture, relationships of all kinds on all levels will begin to heal in our lives.

I am going through this with work, with friends, with family, with lovers, and it is uncomfortable, but amazing. No more running, no more hiding, no more lying…just honesty, presence, and openness. That is what relationships are all about.

If it’s nurturing and nourishing, that’s relationship. If not…it isn’t and you may want to take another look and reassess things.

What is coming up for you lately around relationships whether it be with your partner, at work, or any kind of relationship? It is  natural to be really confronted right now. As we move closer to October 28th, the energies are increasing and life as we know it is changing and growing pretty intense as we transition.

I’d love to hear from you. If you feel like you need some extra support right now, I have a few coaching slots that just came available, so email me at¬†and we can set up our first call.

See you here tomorrow!




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