Erin Lanahan Method

Signature method to get fit from the inside out!

Rates & services May 7, 2009

E.L.M. Special-

This 6 week plan includes:

-12 Personal Training Sessions– Erin will design 45 minute workouts that are fun, effective, and perfect for whatever results you desire for your health, body, and life. Each session ends with 15 minutes of gentle stretching and massage techniques that Erin has been practicing for over 10 years. You will leave feeling strong, connected, inspired, fit, energized, and relaxed!

-6 Health Coaching Sessions (Health Coaching sessions are an hour-long each and done via the telephone or Skype, so anyone, anywhere can work with Erin to improve their lives and work toward optimal health and well-being!) Erin helps her client learn to eat the foods that are right for their Bio-Individuality. She believes that every body is different and therefore require different amounts and types of nutrients. Erin also works with emotional eating and food addiction. As a result of healing her own relationship with food, Erin has learned methods and techniques that help her clients:

1) Reach optimal health and well-being

2) Improve their relationship with food and feel empowered around food

3) Heal other areas of their lives that may be effecting their ability to make healthy choices and stick to healthy routines consistently

4) Gain energy and vitality

5) Achieve more overall peace, happiness, and well-being in their lives.

-6 Stretching Sessions- Enjoy 60 minutes of therapeutic full body stretching and massage techniques. Your body will recover faster and let go of all the tension and stress it carries around each day. You will feel your muscles letting go and relaxing, and you will begin to take in deeper breaths. You will leave feeling like you are floating on clouds.

*Cost of E.L.M. Package: $2250 ( You SAVE $750)

*Single Session Rates:

-Single Personal Training Session (60 minutes): $125

-Single Health Coaching Session (60 minutes): $125

-Single Stretching Session (60 minutes): $125

*Single Service Packages:

-Personal Training Package: 10 Sessions. Cost: $1000

-Health Coaching Package: 12 Sessions of nutrition and well-being coaching. Cost: $1200

-Stretching Package: 10 sessions. Cost $1000

*Extra Services:

*You can add on any of the following services to any package above for $50, or pay regular price for each individual service. on its own.

-Kitchen Clean-Out-Erin will come to your house, go through your cupboards and fridge and educate you on what has to go and what can stay and why. She will help prepare your kitchen to be the sacred space it needs to be for your healthy transformation. 60 minutes- $100

-Grocery Store Tour-Erin will go shopping with you to teach you about how to fill your grocery cart with all the most important foods to have around to support your goals. Learn how to read food labels, and what ingredients you DON’T want you or your family to be eating. She can also help you find healthy snacks and treats for the kids! 90 minutes- $150

-Myofascial Release- Experience the use of sports therapy techniques that help the body maintain healthy fascia, healthy joints, and healthy muscle tissue. These techniques help break up fatty areas, help detoxify the body, they create healthy posture, proper use of the body, proper alignment, and they help prepare the body for exercise so each workout is more effective. 45 minutes- $100

***Custom Packages Available Upon Request***


*Any coaching and training fees paid in advance are non-refundable, and all sessions must be used within 6 months of purchase.


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