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Letting Go Of Attachment: The Key To Optimal Health, Well-Being, and Freedom May 18, 2011

So obviously when one decides to move countries, there is a letting go process that begins to happen. There is also a point at which I have become super aware to all the attachments I have to things, people, places, ideas, patterns, habits, etc, that I wasn’t even aware of!

As someone who is on a path, seeking freedom, abundance, optimal health and well-being, connection, love, and oneness, I am waking up to certain things along the way as a result. As I begin to allow my mind to expand, and I play with new ideas and step outside my comfort zone more and more, I get to find out that I am not so dependent on those “attachments” as I once thought I was. Instead, I am finding that it is really freeing to be able to let go of our attachments and find true freedom within instead.

True freedom comes when we can love who we are, feel connected, have a sense of inner peace and joy, know that we are provided for, that we are safe and secure, abundant, sexy, and living on purpose, no matter where we are, who we are with, and no matter what is going on around us.

When we hang on too tightly to old ideas, things, and limited beliefs, these attachments can ultimately hold us back from living our best life as our best self.

Here’s a video I did for you on this exact topic. I hope you dig it! 🙂

Sending you light, love, and blessings!




Holistic Thursday- “Be Where You Are, Without Judgement” June 25, 2009

"Being is Not Suffering" - Buddha

"Being is Not Suffering" - Buddha

One of the first things I introduce to my clients, is the sabotaging effects of self judgement. Just like life, getting physically fit is a process and it takes time to figure out the most effective, efficient, and natural way of accomplishing our goals. Everyone is different, therefore we all have a different journey to experience and obstacles to overcome when manifesting the best version of ourselves. To do something in a way that lasts forever takes longer than taking action for immediate results. However, while taking time to manifest good habits from the inside out may take longer to get you to your fitness goal, it will also never go away. You will create healthy, well balanced habits, that come naturally to you, so being fit comes easily forever. Taking action that produces immediate results, while getting you what you want NOW, will also bring you what you DON”T WANT later….right back where you started and locked in to the diet roller-coaster until you find a way off!!! 

BE WHERE YOU ARE. What I mean by this is that it is very important to your success that you never judge yourself  for just being in the place you happen to be in each and every moment. Some days you will feel strong, energetic, clear, and light on your feet. Other days you may experience fatigue, a heavier step, and not as much motivation to workout or be active. So What!!!!! None of this matters. What matters is you LISTEN to your body and DO WHAT IT TELLS YOU!!! There is a big difference between what your head or EGO tries to say you “should do” vs. what your body tells you is best for you because it feels good. What I mean by feels good, is that one vs. the other creates a good feeling deep inside and seems to resonate with your souls purpose for you. It will feel in alignment with you more so, than to push the other way. Sorry to sound airy fairy, but this is the honest truth. I have been in this industry for 15 years, and I have learned the hard way many times before I figured out the secret to success, LOL. I use to live my life beaten up by my own judgement…NO FUN 😦  So don’t do it…it’s a waste of energy and therefore counterproductive to your progress. Just BE WHERE YOU ARE and trust your process. TRUST that if you just listen to your body that is saying “REST,” you will wake up tomorrow or next week, and feel like superman/woman because you listened to and gave your body what it needed. It will balance itself out for the down time you took, I promise you.

Also, sometimes, you feel like “If I can’t have an awesome yoga class than why even go.” OR “I really don’t wanna run, should I try or not?” Here’s my advice. First of all, no one can tell you what is best for you. There is a fine line between doing and not doing something when you are feeling resistant to it. Either, rest and surrender to the decision, or go and surrender to it. The worst that can happen if you go is, you will walk in to the gym, check in, take one look at the treadmill or dumbbells, say ABSOLUTELY NOT, and turn around and go home. Or if you get your running shoes on and walk out the door, you may go 10 steps and just go NOPE, or again, you may end up having a nice walk or a slow jog? Sometimes, getting there is the hardest part and if you just get there you find the energy to get a workout in. A fit lifestyle is all about just doing your best in every moment:) Even the little stuff adds up!

What are some of the things you judge yourself for??? Do you feel guilty when you have a “BAD” workout? Do you tend to have trouble just getting to the gym or your running shoes on and out the door?? I’d love to hear from you! Please leave questions and comments for me here on the blog!!! Here’s To Your Health!!!


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